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RHOK Gen3 Kevlar Jeans Review

RHOK "Gen3" Kevlar Jeans Review

RHOK Gen3 Kevlar Jeans
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RHOK Gen3 Kevlar Jeans Review Summary
Review Summary

The “Gen3” RHOK Kevlar jeans are soft and comfortable.

The “PEKEV” Kevlar lining is a special design that covers the seat down to just below the knee in the rear, along with a section at the hips.

The RHOK Gen3 jeans come with removable knee and hip protectors.

The knee armor is inserted from the outside and can be easily removed.

NOTE: Apparently RHOK is no longer licensed to use the PEKEV liner. See our Resurgence Gear jeans review for more information.

The RHOK Gen3 jeans are apparently in their third generation.

The special “PEKEV” lining is a type of Kevlar, made for RHOK in cooperation with Resurgence Gear, who are the trademark and patent owners for PEKEV and license it to RHOK.

RHOK Gen3 jeans are currently available in the one style shown here, in black or traditional denim blue with a loose fit.

Resurgence Gear the inventors and patent holders of PEKEV state that the abrasion resistance is exceptional and will soon release official testing results conducted by TÜV Rheinland.

RHOK said that the aramid fibers used in the PEKEV lining are “a significant improvement” over standard Kevlar and the lining is lighter and stronger. The jeans are triple-stitched at the impact areas and along the outer seam.

NOTE: Apparently RHOK is no longer licensed to use the PEKEV liner. See our Resurgence Gear jeans review for more information.

RHOK Jeans Front Side Views

RHOK Gen3 Kevlar Jeans Details

The RHOK Gen3 jeans are made from a 13-ounce stretch denim fabric with a washed denim blue or charcoal black color.

The fabric is indeed very “stretchy” and it feels soft and comfortable. Even with the armor inserted, it would be difficult to tell that these are motorcycle jeans.

A large panel section on the front of the jeans is located from mid-thigh to below the knee and it’s sewn separately using triple stitching.

The rear of the jeans have a vertical section on the inner thigh that ends below the knee in the rear, where it is also triple-stitched to the bottom section of the leg.

The hem is double-stitched and since the PEKEV lining ends just below the knees, it would be easy enough to hem the RHOK Gen3 jeans to size if necessary.

RHOK Jeans Side Rear Views


Construction and Protective Features

The RHOK Gen3 jeans are nicely made and the fabric feels perhaps about 50% thicker than standard street denim jeans but the Gen3 jeans don’t feel much heavier than you’d expect, perhaps due to the special PEKEV lining.

The branding includes a very subtle “RHOK” logo stamped on to the leather label at the upper rear part of the waistband and a small red label mid-thigh on the left leg.

Large “RHOK” letters are embroidered on the upper right pocket but I could do without it frankly, and perhaps they could be dyed black as a camouflage.

The PEKEV lining appears to be made from two pieces in the rear, heavily stitched with several rows and a type of loop stitch at the seam. The PEKEV fabric feels relatively soft with no noticeable chafing anywhere when riding or walking.

The included protectors are unlabeled and do not have a CE marking but RHOK says they are CE rated. It is a combination hard (but thin) backing on a fabric covered foam overlay.

The hip protectors are a bit small, covering just the hip bone.

The knee protectors are inserted through a zippered pocket on either leg and it fits comfortably and is located exactly right for my knees, which is a pleasant surprise because it usually doesn’t in most of the motorcycle pants I’ve worn.

I’d prefer a pair of the Gen3 jeans in a slightly trimmer fit to keep the protectors closer to my legs, but this is a matter of personal preference and there are many jeans that have an even looser fit.

And the Bohn Cool Air Bodyguard (review) full protective underwear fit nicely under the relaxed fit of the Gen3 jeans.

The fly zipper is a YKK brass type and the waist button is a brass and metal unbranded type.

We are showing the jeans without a belt for illustration so you can view the waist band, but it is recommended that a belt is worn with the jeans.

RHOK Jeans PKEV Liner

Sizing and Fit

The sizes listed on the RHOK website (here) are a bit confusing.

They are listed from a 28 to 42 waist and all of the waist sizes are listed as having a 33 inch inseam. But the jeans are actually available in waist sizes from 30 to 42 only.

The black jeans shown here have a label in the waist band showing a size 36 waist with a 32 inch inseam but we measured the inseam as 33″.

The size 36 jeans seem to run slightly large in the waist; it’s a comfortable fit though and it’s possible that they’ll shrink a bit when washed for the first time.

The fit is slightly loose, as you can see in the photos (model has a 36″ waist and 31″ inseam).

Don’t forget that you need an extra couple of inches of inseam length to provide coverage for the lower legs when riding, so motorcycle jeans tend to appear longer than normal when worn on the street, off the bike.

RHOK Jeans Waist



The RHOK Gen3 jeans have the standard five pockets that are traditionally placed on street jeans. These include the two curved front hand pockets with a change pocket in the right side.

The pockets are double-stitched with white thread and have a small brass rivet at each corner, a nice touch.

The pockets are lined with a classic striped “railroad” ticking fabric, another nice touch. The rear pockets are the traditional patch type, also with white double-stitching and some bar tacking at the corners.

Inside the jeans at the hips are fabric pockets to hold the hip protectors.

The only other pockets are at the knees to hold the knee protection; these open with a small unbranded zipper pull and the zippers have nylon teeth.

Riding With the RHOK Gen3 Jeans

The RHOK Gen3 jeans are comfortable for walking and general off-the-bike street wear and, in fact, they just don’t feel much different than that nice, old, broken-in and comfortable pair of jeans everyone has in their wardrobe.

The PEKEV Kevlar lining is virtually unnoticeable and the jeans have — as jeans will — plenty of air flow. In fact, RHOK could easily sell these without the Kevlar lining and the armor pockets as street jeans and please a lot of customers.

It’s always difficult to say how well a pair of motorcycle jeans will protect, even with Kevlar lining.

But I feel pretty confident with the Gen3 jeans and I’d guess they’re at least the equivalent of other types of textile mesh motorcycle-specific pants I’ve seen and probably better than some.

And my feeling is that they’re certainly better than any non-Kevlar lined motorcycle jeans or regular street jeans…plus you get the armor or padding, which is a bonus.

You can easily walk into a store or casual eating establishment wearing these jeans and you would not look out of place at all and, in fact, you’ll also look pretty stylish.


The RHOK Gen3 Kevlar jeans are nicely made but subtle, with better-than-expected protective features nicely hidden.

The jeans are very comfortable — comfortable enough that it’s hard to get out of the habit of wearing them.

It’s just so much easier to throw these on (along with proper boots, gloves, jacket and helmet) and go for a ride. And you’ll look much better when you get to your destination.

The stretch denim is a big contributor to the comfort factor and the PEKEV Kevlar and armor/padding is barely noticeable when its installed.

Note that as of September 2013, RHOK is no longer licensed to use the PEKEV liner. See our Resurgence Gear jeans review for more information.

I really don’t have any “cons” to the “pros” I’ve covered, other than my personal preference of wishing for a slightly trimmer cut instead of the loose “relaxed” fit.

Otherwise, I really like these jeans and I find myself wearing them on many rides now that summer has arrived.

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