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REV’IT! Worker Overshirt Hands-On Review


REV'IT! Worker Overshirt front view, hand in pocket
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REV’IT! Worker Overshirt Review Summary
Review Summary
The REV’IT! Worker Overshirt provides a minimalist, work-clothes-look with motorcycle gear levels of protection. However, it uses are limited due to the fact it’s too slim fit to layer underneath and too stuffy for hot weather. In the right conditions, it makes a lot of sense, but it’s not the only jacket you’ll need.
Feels sturdy and strong
plenty of pockets
Attractive and simple look
Fits as expected
Not many vents and hot on warm days
Slim fit means a limited opportunity to wear layers
A Good Buy

REV’IT! gear has generally received good marks from us (reviews here) and other motorcycle gear publications. The company’s wide range of products and styles means that it serves a large portion of the market.

REV'IT! Worker Overshirt left side view

Part of that market that’s been growing considerably lately is the segment of gear that blends street-clothes style with the protective elements found in quality motorcycle gear. These elements include thicker mesh and textile materials, CE approved armor, and a whole lot more.

We’ve reviewed jackets (such as the REAX Jackson & Trilobite Ace) that do a pretty good job of balancing this equation in the past, and the Worker Overshirt fits into this category perfectly. I was excited to be able to spend some time testing this jacket to see if it was really up to snuff.


The REV’IT! Worker Overshirt

The REV’IT! Worker Overshirt is one of the latest in the company’s collection of motorcycle gear that’s modeled after casual work wear. It’s the kind of jacket or outer layer you’re supposed to be able to comfortably wear on and off the bike.

REV'IT! Worker Overshirt front detail

When I pulled the Worker Overshirt out of the packaging, my first realization was that this was more heavy duty than I thought it would be. The name and pictures of the garment had me thinking it would feel lightweight and less substantial. It actually feels very sturdy.

The jacket has six pockets on the outside and one zippered inner pocket. The two chest exterior pockets feature a snap closure and the pockets closer to your waist offer two pockets in the same spot.

REV'IT! Worker Overshirt chest pocket

One is for your hands and is open all the time for easy access and the other has magnets holding the pockets closed. Those can be accessed at the top. In short, there’s plenty of places to put a wallet, phone, keys, etc. The interior pocket is zippered and on the left side.

The Worker Overshirt features a zipper and metal snaps up the front and a metal snap closure at the collar. There are also metal snaps at the cuffs with two different adjustments. The only vent is in the rear across the back of the shoulders.

REV'IT! Worker Overshirt rear view, hand in pocket

The jacket comes with SeeSmart CE Level-1 protection in the shoulders and elbows. These protectors are flexible and removable. There’s also a space for a SeeSmart CE Level-2 back protector if you’d like to add one. There are two loops inside that you can attach to belt loops on pants to keep the jacket from riding up while on your bike.

The Worker Overshirt fits slim. It’s supposed to look more like a heavy duty shirt than a real jacket. The sizing turned out the be pretty accurate. I have a 39-inch chest, and the sizing chart said to get a medium. I did and it turned out to fit about perfectly.


You might not expect much from a jacket that looks like this, but I was impressed with the way it’s made. The shell is 11 ounce Cordura canvas. If you’re not familiar with Cordura, it’s a special blend of nylon and cotton.

That shell material and triple-stitched seams make the Worker Overshirt feel tough and sturdy. I noticed no issues with the neatness or tightness of the stitching. The hardware feels just as tough, too. It gets a thick zipper and tough feeling metal snaps.

REV'IT Worker Overshirt Camo Interior

I have to note one of the snaps on the cuff of the jacket broke the first time I wore the Worker Overshirt. I reach out to our contact and explained the situation and was sent another jacket and assurance this wouldn’t happen with the new jacket. After using the second jacket for several weeks without issue, I feel confident saying the mishap with the first was a fluke.

The liner is non-removable mesh and extends throughout the whole jacket. The interior of the Worker Overshirt had a camouflage pattern.

Overall, I think the Worker Overshirt is a well-made product. If the issue with the snap proves to truly be a fluke, then I would feel comfortable saying this is a quality product that can help keep you comfortable and safe. Speaking of safety, let’s move on.


Protective Features

Protection in this jacket is up to the Cordura outer shell and the CE armor in the shoulders and elbows. The Cordura provides the abrasion resistance and the CE armor is supposed to help reduce the effects of any impacts.

The 11-ounce Cordura outer shell material is supposed to offer four times as much abrasion resistance as regular cotton denim. There’s better material out there, but the Cordura material would certainly provide decent abrasion resistance in the event of an accident.

REV'IT! Worker Overshirt CE Level-1 Protector

The CE Level-1 armor in the shoulders and elbows will provide some impact protection, too. However, a higher level of protection would be better. The pockets that hold the armor leave some room for them to move around a bit.

This can make putting on the jacket somewhat annoying. I found myself having to adjust the protectors each time I put it on. The slim fit of the jacket makes adjusting the armor a little tough, but the good news is the slimmer fit also helps the protectors stay in place once you really get them situated.

I also like the idea of being able to add a CE Level-2 back protector to this jacket. If I were to wear the Worker Overshirt often when I ride, I would invest in the back protector.

Fit & Comfort

As I stated above, the Worker Overshirt is true to the REV’IT! sizing chart. If you stick to that sizing chart then you should be able to get the correct size. However, there’s a caveat to this. If you’re a big guy or a guy who likes to work out or has large arms, then you may want to consider sizing up.

I’m not a musclebound man, and the Worker Overshirt fit me very well. If I’d had larger arms or shoulders, it would have been a seriously tight fit. I would have had to go up a size, and that would mean longer sleeves, which I didn’t need. There are not many adjustments to be made to this jacket either and Cordura material doesn’t stretch much, though it will break in over time.

REV'IT! Worker Overshirt side view

What I’m getting at is that this jacket will typically work better with slimmer guys. If you have large arms and shoulders, you may have a tough time getting this jacket on and off, especially with the CE armor in place.

With all that said, I will say I found the Worker Overshirt comfortable on and off the bike. The sleeves are long enough to protect you when reaching for the handlebars, and the length at the waist is long enough to cover your back even if you have a bike that requires you to lean forward.

Temperature Range & Weatherproofing

Warmer Climates

I found the Worker Overshirt most enjoyable when the temperature was between about 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (about 10 to 21 Celcius). The Cordura shell does a good job of blocking out most of the cold wind. The liner does a decent job of keeping you comfortable and providing just a little bit of warmth.

REV'IT! Worker Overshirt rear view

The jacket comes with a large vent at the back. It’s supposed to facilitate proper airflow. With that said, I found the Worker Overshirt a little too hot at and especially over 70 degrees. The jacket doesn’t have enough vents to be worn regularly in warm weather.

The fact that it is black (REV’IT! does sell a tan one) doesn’t help the warm weather case. In direct sunlight, I found it to be downright sweat-inducing at times, especially when the temperature climbed to around 73 degrees.

REV'IT! Worker Overshirt right side view

Colder Climates

On the flip side, if the temperature were to drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, I would want to be able to put on another layer under this jacket. However, with its slimmer fit, especially in the arms you might have trouble doing so. You could put on a vest of some kind, but getting long sleeves through the already somewhat tight sleeves of the Worker Overshirt is a pain. It’s doable with a slim hoody, but anything beyond that would be tough.

If you could layer underneath this jacket more easily, you could get more out of it in terms of cold weather riding. As it is, you have a relatively small temperature window where the Worker Overshirt works really well.

Heavier Weather

In terms of inclement weather, the Worker Overshirt would not be a jacket you want to wear in the rain. It’s not waterproof, and you’ll get good and wet if you wear it in the rain. Due to the thickness of the jacket, and it’s multiple layers with the Cordura and liner, it might take a little while for you to really feel it, but you will. If you want a jacket that will keep you dry, keep looking.


The Worker Overshirt is a good jacket if you want something that blends casual workwear style and some sturdy construction and Level-1 CE armor. It’s stylish, too. I had several people comment that it doesn’t look all that different from regular street clothes.

REV'IT! Worker Overshirt shoulder patch

The level of protection is pretty high for such a basic jacket. The fact that you can add a CE Level-2 back protector is another plus. It helps make the jacket even better at keeping you safe. I also like that you can upgrade the elbow and shoulder armor if you want. Both are removable.

The only downsides with the Worker Overshirt are that it lacks any waterproofing, can be a bit too hot on warm days, and it is a little too really layer up on cold days. In the right weather conditions, I had few complaints.

When you consider the reasonable price tag, this the Worker Overshirt becomes pretty attractive. It’s not perfect, but you can’t expect a perfect jacket for only $280. For that price, it delivers.


  • Feels sturdy and strong
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Attractive and simple look
  • Fits as expected


  • Not many vents and hot on warm days
  • Slim fit means a limited opportunity to wear layers


  • Manufacturer: REV’IT
  • Price (When Tested): $279.99
  • Alternative models & colors: Sand or Black
  • Sizes: S – M – LG – XL – 2XL
  • Review Date: May 2019


REV’IT Worker Overshirt Hands-On Review

REV'IT! Worker Overshirt rear view, hand in pocket