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REV’IT! Sand Jacket Preview

wBW First Look: 2010 REV'IT! "Sand" Jacket

REV’IT! Sand Jacket
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Sand Jacke Review Summary
Review Summary

The REV’IT! Sand jacket is a replacement for the REV’IT! Off-Track jacket (review). That one was reviewed a couple of years ago and it slips in just under the top-of-the-line REV’IT! Cayenne Pro (review) jacket. The Off-Track was originally designed as more of a street version of the also-popular Cayenne Pro. The Off-Track didn’t have quite the same all-out spec as the Cayenne Pro.

But nevertheless, it became very popular with Adventure Touring riders, and many of them were beating the heck out of it off-road, in ways that were not envisioned by the REV’IT! designers. Here’s a photo of the REV’IT! Sand jacket:

REV'IT! Sand Jacket - Front View
The REV’IT! Sand jacket will be available in black, gray and a tan/olive color.

So the first thing REV’IT! did was to replace the coil zippers used on the Off-Track. The new REV’IT! Sand jacket uses molded, self-cleaning zippers that won’t jam when they become dirty.

Riders also wanted larger front pockets, so the lower patch pockets on the Sand jacket are huge, with big folding flaps that make for easy access.

REV'IT! Sand Jacket - Pockets
The Sand jacket has huge front pockets that are also easy to access.

The Sand jacket also features wide adjusters at the waist and on the arms, with plenty of range.

The adjusters are very robust and wide, which helps to distribute the stress while adding to the comfort by increasing the surface area under the adjuster:

REV'IT! Sand Jacket - Vents
Large reinforced adjusters spread the weight on the sides and arms.



Since the Off-Track and Cayenne Pro jackets take a lot of abuse off-road, REV’IT! added a large number of reinforcing bar tack stitches wherever a potential stress or leak point is encountered:

REV'IT! Sand Jacket Bartack Reinforcements
Bar tack stitches are used in many locations on the Sand jacket.

The Sand jacket has an entirely new type of front air vent. The darker gray flaps shown at the top of the vents are opened, which allows the vent zipper to be lowered, then when the flap is secured back down with hook-and-loop, the vent stays open.

Because of the shape of the vent and the rider’s chest, the vent acts as an air scoop, directing the air into the jacket.

The new REV’IT! 3D mesh, described in the REV’IT! 2010 overview, is also used in the Sand jacket.

The 3D mesh is raised and creates a lot of air passages between the rider’s body and the jacket shell. The combination of the simple yet effective design and the 3D mesh looks like it has the potential to provide excellent air flow in the Sand jacket.

Here’s a photo of the large front vents on the Sand jacket:

REV'IT! Sand Jacket - Front Vents
The REV’IT! Sand jacket features a new type of front vent system which should flow large volumes of air.

Off-Track owners also asked for an easier way to secure the sleeve cuff, access their gloves and also to reach the snaps to make it easier to remove and replace the waterproof membrane.

So REV’IT! designed a different type of sleeve end, which has a hook-and-loop fastener on one side and a dual zipper on the other.

The hook-and-loop only has to be adjusted once, then the two-way zipper is used to open the sleeve. Also, the upper zipper pull can be lowered once the jacket is on, which creates an sleeve vent.

You can see in the photo below that opening the zipper also allows access to the snaps that secure the sleeve ends of the liner, typically a difficult point to access:

Two-way zipper on the cuff of the REV'IT! Sand Jacket
Two-way zipper allows easy access to the liner and also acts as a vent.

The Sand jacket features one-piece accordion pleats in the shoulder. The material is a new type of coated Cordura fabric that also stretches.

REV'IT! Sand Jacket - Accordion elbows for flexibility
The Sand jacket features single-piece accordion shaped material on the elbows for flexibility.

The Sand jacket has additional vents in the rear and a large lower pocket that can be used to store the waterproof membrane and/or the insulating liner when they are removed.

The jacket also now has high-quality (and expensive) all metal Prym snaps made in Italy, rather than the plastic snaps used in the Off-Track jacket.

YKK zippers are used throughout. The special REV’IT! catch for the collar has also been reinforced.

Also, the sleek REV’IT! heat sealed and bonded reflectors are used in the front and back of the Sand jacket.

The Sand jacket will retail at a very aggressive price of $429.00!  Colors are gray and black, black and gray and a sort of sand/olive color.

REV’IT! Sand Jacket Specifications

  • Shell: Combination of 500, 750 and 1200 Denier fabric, 100% polyamide.
  • Insulation: Removable thermal liner
  • Waterproofing: Removable Hydratex liner, tested at 3L (5,000mm H2O)
  • Breathability: Removable Hydratex liner tested at 3L (7000g/m2/24hrs)
  • Thermal Liner: 100% polyamide (insulation 100%polyester)
  • Armor: Prolife CE-approved protection at shoulders and elbows.

Matching Pants for the Sand Jacket

The Sand jacket has a new pair of matching pants, which are an evolution of the REV’IT! Dakar Pants we reviewed with the Off-Track jacket.

The pants feature large thigh pockets with vents on the inside edge of the pocket.

REV’IT! created a new seaming system for the crotch with a diamond-shaped gusset. This also makes the legs and knees more flexible and comfortable.

The pants have a wider range of adjustments also and a new type of material on the inside of the legs which acts as both a reinforcement and a better surface for riding while sitting or standing on an Adventure Touring bike.

The pants will be available in black or gray to match the Sand jacket and will retail for approximately $299.00.

REV'IT! Sand Jacket - Matching pants
The Sand jacket will also have an optional matching pair of pants in black or gray.
REV'IT! Sand Jacket and Matching Pants.
REV’IT! Sand jacket and matching pants in black.

Publication Date: November 2009

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From “S.C.” (11/09):  “I have the Off-Track and REV’IT! has improved on the things that I dislike about it.

The larger pockets are great, the Off-Track (pockets) are worthless. I wish they would give up on the collar snap and just go with Velcro since you really cannot snap it with gloves on, never mind trying to adjust it while riding.

I’m still not sold on the waterproof liner. On one hand it does allow you to have all the liners out in hot weather and still be able to wear it. But when you get caught in a downpour the outer layer gets soaked and takes a while to dry out.

I guess I’m waiting for that waterproof jacket which vents well.”