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REV’IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket Preview

Poseidon GTX Jacket
Poseidon GTX Jacket Review Summary
Review Summary

The Rev’it Poseidon GTX jacket takes over the top spot in the  Rev’it clothing lineup for 2014, replacing the Everest GTX jacket (review).

The Poseidon GTX is a hybrid of the Everest GTX and the popular Rev’it Defender GTX (review), which will remain in the lineup.

The Poseidon hits the mark with a nice blend of the adventure-touring look of the Defender GTX and the touring style of the Everest GTX.

The jacket has the full-on Gore-Tex three layer Pro Shell (report) that resists water at the outermost shell layers and does not require a separate waterproof liner.

The Poseidon also includes SuperFabric and SAS-Tec protectors. The Rev’it Seesoft back protector is optional (but should be standard).

Rev'it Poseidon Jacket Front
The Rev’it Poseidon GTX jacket.
Rev'it Poseidon Jacket Rear
Rev’it Poseidon jacket, rear view. SuperFabric and waist adjusters can be seen.



I was introduced to the Rev’it Fall 2013/Winter 2014 lineup recently during a special trip to Rev’it USA HQ in New York. This is a preview “Quick Look” and we’ll have the typical detailed webBikeWorld follow-up review as soon as we get the Poseidon and the other new Rev’it gear through the evaluation process.

The Poseidon jacket introduces a new clothing naming convention for Rev’it, borrowed from Greek, Etruscan and other Mediterranean mythologies. Poseidon was (and maybe still is!) a pretty powerful dude in the overall scheme of things; he was one of the top gods on Mount Olympus, helping to partition the universe along with his brothers, Zeus and Hades.

Poseidon is popularly known as the “god of the sea” in Greek mythology — a fitting name for the new Rev’it top-of-the-line waterproof jacket featuring the equally high-end Gore-Tex 3L (three layer) Pro for the outer shell (interestingly, Neptune is also a “god of the sea”, but in Roman/Etruscan mythology. Neptune was cool with non-salt water also, while Poseidon apparently wasn’t).

As with the Everest GTX, last year’s lead dog in the Rev’it lineup, the Poseidon GTX (GTX = Gore-Tex) features the 3L Gore-Tex Pro nylon 600D (denier) shell (note that this product was formerly known as the Gore-Tex Pro Shell but the name only was changed for 2013).

The Poseidon GTX also has the Gore-Tex “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry” promise. The 3L Pro shell halts water ingress at the outermost boundary layers of the shell; no separate waterproof liner is required.

The fabric used in the Gore-Tex shell on the Poseidon GTX feels even softer than the shell of the Everest GTX jacket (we compared both in the Rev’it showroom), so the movement away from stiff textile motorcycle jacket shells continues — a good thing and a bonus, because the protective qualities remain.

The Gore-Tex 3L Pro is the “holy grail” of motorcycle jackets and a feature desired by many. The absence of a separate waterproof liner also means that the Poseidon has a slimmer profile, is less complicated and it’s also lighter in weight. A detachable thermal liner is included.

This technology will, however, cost you. The Poseidon GTX is relatively expensive, but discerning riders will appreciate all of the many details that are included in this good-looking, high-performance jacket.

Rev'it VCS Vent System Evolution
The evolution of the Rev’it front vent system. L to R: Defender GTX “3D”; VCS Aquadefence (2013 Horizon jacket) and the most recent version with new, softer mesh, two-way opening and “FidLock” magnetic fastener.
Revised Rev'it VCS Vent System
Close-up look at the updated VCS Aquadefence vent. 3D fabric now replaces the perforated cover.
VCS Vent on Poseidon GTX Trousers
The VCS Aquadefence vent with FidLock magnetic snap on the Poseidon GTX trousers.
Rev'it Poseidon GTX Trousers Vents
VCS Aquadefence vents on the Poseidon GTX trousers.
Close-up of FidLock Magnetic Snap
The “FidLock” magnetic snap on the Poseidon GTX trousers.
Rev'it Poseidon Jacket Shoulder
Here the VCS Aquadefence cover is folded inwards to reveal the “FidLock” magnetic snap (inset, upper right).


New and Updated Features

The Poseidon GTX is all about evolution, and it’s easy to see the improvements that have been made, going all the way back through the Everest GTX and Defender GTX, the Cayenne Pro (review) and other Rev’it jackets all the way back to 2005 when the brand was first introduced to North American motorcyclists on

This deliberate evolution and incorporation of owner feedback is a Rev’it hallmark and one of the things I like best about the company. It’s also something that’s missing from many other brands, who just seem to throw a dart at a feature list each year and make changes for the sake of change.

For example…the Poseidon GTX now has the third generation of the revolutionary Rev’it VCS (Variable Climate System) Aquadefence vents. We showed you the first generation of “3D” vent when it was introduced in 2010 on the Rev’it Defender GTX (review). Next came the first VCS Aquadefence vent with the rubber backing, as shown on the Horizon jacket photo above.

The latest version of the VCS Aquadefence vent eliminates the stiff rubber backing and replaces it with an open-weave mesh. The new “FidLock” magnetic snap makes it easy to “one hand” the vent open or closed when riding — an excellent idea.

As the “flagship” Rev’it jacket, the Poseidon also gets the SuperFabric treatment, this time using the latest “soft” version of SuperFabric to prevent paint scratches. SAS-Tec protectors are also included in the shoulders and elbows and the new Rev’it SeeSoft Level 2 is available as an option.

Rev'it Poseidon Jacket Waist Adjuster
Close-up of the revised waist adjustment system on the Rev’it Poseidon GTX jacket.
Rev'it Poseidon Jacket Waist Adjuster and SuperFabric
Rev’it Poseidon GTX waist adjustment system and revised SuperFabric on the arms.

Poseidon GTX Features

Waist Adjustment System

More evolution can be found in the Poseidon GTX waist adjustment system, which is an improvement on the previous adjuster found in the Defender GTX and Everest GTX. This one is one-hand adjustable and easier to operate.

Colors, Pricing and Availability

The Rev’it Poseidon GTX jacket will be available in black or the silver shown here starting in October of 2013. It will have a list price of $899.99. The MSRP of the matching Poseidon GTX pants will be $629.99. The optional Seesoft Level 2 back protector has an MSRP of $49.99.


Many more subtle details and evolutionary changes have been incorporated into the Rev’it Poseidon GTX jacket and matching pants (which also have the new VCS vents) and we’ll cover that in the full webBikeWorld review.

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Publication Date: September 2013

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