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REV’IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket Review

REV'IT! Poseidon Gore-Tex Jacket

REV’IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket
Poseidon GTX Jacket Review Summary
Review Summary

The REV’IT! Poseidon GTX jacket and pants are the company’s top-of-the-line product for the winter of 2013-2014. The Poseidon GTX combines the best features of theREV’IT! Everest GTX jacket (review) and the popularREV’IT! Defender GTX (review). The Everest GTX has been discontinued, but the Defender GTX outfit will remain in the REV’IT! lineup.

The Poseidon features the Gore-Tex three layer Pro Shell (report). The jacket shell is guaranteed waterproof and does not require a separate waterproof liner. The Poseidon jacket and pants also showcase an evolved REV’IT! “3D” VCS Aquadefence vent system. It now includes the new “FidLock” magnetic snap system to hold the vent cover open.

This makes it very easy to open and close the front vents with one hand whilst riding. The jacket also includes SuperFabric abrasion resistant panels and SAS-Tec elbow and shoulder protectors and an optional REV’IT! Seesoft back protector is available. And the Poseidon is also ready for the optional zip-in internal REV’IT! Challenger cooling vest and the REV’IT! Connector HV (high-visibility) external vest (review).

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket and Pants
REV’IT! Sand II jacket and pants outfit.


I first described the new REV’IT! Poseidon GTX jacket in my REV’IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket Previewduring a visit to the REV’IT! USA headquarters in September of 2013.

Soon after that visit, the Poseidon jacket and pants arrived.

I’ve been wearing the outfit (weather permitting) over the past several weeks as I try to break in the Suzuki GW250 (blog) and this is my report.

I will crib some of the introduction and background on the Poseidon from my September preview and then I’ll add my impressions and more details to this review.


The new Poseidon GTX introduces a new clothing naming convention for REV’IT!, borrowed from Greek, Etruscan and other Mediterranean mythologies.

Poseidon was (and maybe still is!) a pretty powerful dude in the overall scheme of things; he was one of the top gods on Mount Olympus, helping to partition the universe along with his brothers, Zeus and Hades.

Poseidon is popularly known as the “god of the sea” in Greek mythology, which makes this a fitting name for a new REV’IT! top-of-the-line waterproof jacket.

The REV’IT! Poseidon GTX jacket features the high-end Gore-Tex 3L (three layer) Pro for the outer shell. As an aside, apparently Neptune is also sometimes called a “god of the sea”, but in Roman/Etruscan mythology.

Neptune was cool with fresh or “sweet” water in addition to the salty bring, while Poseidon was strictly a salt water guy.

As with the Everest GTX, last year’s lead dog in the REV’IT! lineup, the Poseidon GTX (GTX = Gore-Tex) features the 3L Gore-Tex Pro nylon 600D (denier) shell. Note that this Gore-Tex product was known as the “Gore-Tex Pro Shell” but they dropped the “Shell” part of the name for 2013.

Details and Features

The Poseidon GTX jacket also has the Gore-Tex “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry” promise. The 3L Pro shell resists water at the outer shell, which means that no separate waterproof liner is required.

The large FidLock-equipped REV’IT! VCS Aquadefence vents on the front of the Poseidon GTX jacket (and pants) flow a lot of air and the system is the most effective ventilation system we’ve seen yet on a motorcycle jacket.

I mentioned in the preview that “The fabric used in the Gore-Tex shell on the Poseidon GTX feels even softer than the shell of the Everest GTX jacket”.

But after wearing the Poseidon GTX outfit over the past few weeks, I’ll take that back, if you don’t mind.

The Poseidon’s shell fabric does feel a bit stiffer or less flexible than the REV’IT! Sand II jacket (review). I noticed this immediately after going from the Sand II to the Poseidon outfit in consecutive reviews over the last few months.

This means that the Poseidon outfit doesn’t quite have the soft flexibility of the Sand II outfit.

But there’s a worthwhile tradeoff here, as the Poseidon has the Gore-Tex Pro waterproof feature that the Sand II does not (the Sand II uses a waterproof Hydratex liner).

In addition, the Poseidon’s shell material also somehow feels stronger than the softer fabric used in the Sand II, even though the fabric density is the same.

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket Front Side Views


The styling is modern adventure-touring and the length is nearly 3/4, or 5/8 I’d say. So it goes without saying that you’d have to be a fan of this style and cut to like the Poseidon GTX jacket.

I am, but after wearing the outfit for a while, I came to the realization that the same styling and colors with a short jacket — sort of a sport-touring version — would be pretty cool.

REV’IT! has been skirting the fine line between adventure-touring and street wear or plain ol’ touring togs for some time with their outfits.

Those include the Everest GTX (touring), Defender GTX (sort of adventure-touring) and Sand II (ditto and compatible with the Leatt Brace (review) system).

I wonder why the Netherlands-based company doesn’t make an all-out, no compromises rugged competitor to something like the Klim Badlands Pro (review), a focused dual-sport outfit?

I think a REV’IT! version of a true off-road outfit would sell in this age of the GS.

The cut/fit or tailoring of the Poseidon is also different. The Sand II has a more “American” (or should I say “North American”) fit, with plenty of room inside.

The Poseidon GTX jacket and pants, both in size large, have a trimmer fit that I prefer and which I think is “safer” because it helps to keep the SAS-Tech protectors more closely fitted to your body in case of a crash.

So that, in a nutshell, is the Poseidon GTX jacket and I’m way ahead of myself here in describing it. But, let’s take a look at some of the features in more detail.

Poseidon GTX Water Resistance

LLet’s start with what to some owners will be the most important feature of the Poseidon GTX jacket: water resistance.

It’s the motorcyclist’s conundrum: a waterproof shell or not?

Generally speaking, if you want a jacket that repels water at the outermost layer, it’s going to cost you.

I’m not sure why having a waterproof shell is such an obsession with some riders because, as we’ve mentioned before, if you’re really going to ride in that much rain that often, then you should probably buy a decent waterproof rain suit for maximum rain protection.

But for those who want it all, there’s nothing better at this point in time than the Gore-Tex Pro system. In fact, it’s “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry”.

Poseidon GTX Features
Be sure to read the detailed information on the Poseidon GTX hang tags.

OOther Poseidon GTX Features

The “GTX” designation is the REV’IT! acronym for Gore-Tex, signifying their high-end products. REV’IT! GTX gear also has the striped reflective panels, a subtle signature of the best REV’IT! has to offer.

You’ll also find some other higher-end touches in the REV’IT! GTX products, such as SAS-Tec knee and shoulder protectors.

The Poseidon can be fitted with the optional REV’IT! Seesoft CE Level 2 back protector. It’s a $50.00 item that, I’d argue, should be included with the Poseidon GTX jacket, which has a list price of $899.99.

Some SuperFabric abrasion-resistant panels are bonded on to the elbows and upper arms of the Poseidon jacket, although the amount of SuperFabric surface area seems to have decreased from previous REV’IT! jackets and the narrow strip on the upper arms appears to be more for show than go.

SuperFabric has evolved since we first described it in the REV’IT! Cayenne Pro review. The ceramic-based material is thinner and more flexible than ever, but apparently just as strong and resistant to abrasion and cuts.

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket Side Rear Views

FidLock Magnetic Snap

The Poseidon jacket and pants also introduce another new feature: the FidLock magnetic snap.FidLock is a German company that makes various types of high-tech clothing fastener systems.

The FidLock snap is a two-part device, with a U-shaped receiver and a T-shaped post. On the Poseidon GTX jacket, the FidLock system is used to hold the large front chest vents open.

This makes it very easy to open or close a vent with one hand whilst riding — simply unzip the single vertical zipper, pull open the flap (held by hook-and-loop) and attach the FidLock snap in the upper corner.

Note that FidLock warns that the magnetic snap system should not be used by anyone with a pacemaker.

Ventilation and the REV’IT! VCS Aquadefence System

This combination of the FidLock system and the REV’IT! VCS (Variable Climate System) Aquadefence “3D” vents basically nicely solves the age-old front vent configuration problem.

The system is waterproof with the “flaps” closed, yet it’s easy to use, the vents can be quickly opened with one hand when you’re riding and the vents flow a huge amount of air.

On the Poseidon GTX jacket, the VCS Aquadefence vents are large parallelogram-shapes, surrounded by thick rubber channel bonded over the shell material.

The inside of the vent is lined with a thick “foam” type mesh with an outer mesh layer of large hexagonal holes.

The idea of the 3D mesh is to keep the perforations a certain distance from the body to allow better air movement and to allow the air to flow past the vent opening and into the jacket. The air flows out the back through the full-width zippered rear exhaust vent.

On vents that use a flat piece of perforated fabric, the material will be pushed against the rider’s chest, along with the surrounding vent opening, which may not allow as much air to flow past the vent itself and into the jacket.

The VCS Aquadefence vents and the FidLock snaps are among the premium features that differentiate the Poseidon GTX from other REV’IT! (and other brands of) jackets.

Just to summarize, the features you’re paying for include the Gore-Tex Pro shell, the SAS-Tec protectors, the SuperFabric and the VCS Aquadefence vent system with the FidLock snaps.

Here are some photos of the front vents on the Poseidon GTX jacket. We didn’t notice the “wings” effect until we looked at the photos. It isn’t noticeable in reality.

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket Front Vents Closed
REV'IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket Front Vents Open
REV'IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket Front Vent Close-up
Close-up of FidLock Magnetic Snap
The “FidLock” magnetic snap on the Poseidon GTX jacket and trousers


JJacket Sizing

The Poseidon GTX jacket and pants for this review are both labeled as size large. The sizing is accurate and the fit is slightly more tailored than the Sand II outfit.

That means that the Poseidon jacket and pants fit like they’re supposed to and not oversize or baggy like too many motorcycle clothes are today.

I’m 5’10” (177.8 cm) with a size 43″ chest, 35″ waist and about a 31″ street pants inseam and the Poseidon outfit fits me perfectly.

The jacket fits slightly tight in the chest when the insulating liner is installed, but otherwise, I’d have to say that the Poseidon jacket and pants fit me about as perfectly as any motorcycle outfit I’ve worn.

Compared to the REV’IT! Sand II jacket we reviewed recently, the Poseidon GTX jacket fits about a 1/2 size smaller overall. The Sand II jacket in size large may be equivalent to a Poseidon GTX jacket in XL.

For some reason, the retailers’ websites list what I think is an incorrect size for REV’IT! products, or at least I don’t agree with it.

The Poseidon in size large is listed by several retailers as fitting a 39″-41″ chest, but I think this is way off.

I have a 43″ chest and the size large fits me fine and Joey, who is shown posing for the photos in this review (and also the Sand II jacket review) takes a size XL.

He’s a muscular guy who is an EMT and firefighter and he has a 44″ chest, yet he fits in the size large Poseidon GTX jacket as you can see in the photos. If the Poseidon in size large only fit a 39″ to 41″ chest, there’s no way either of us would fit — you can see for yourself.

So this size large Poseidon GTX jacket should ideally fit a 42″ to 43″ inch chest in my opinion.

Note that one of the benefits of using the Gore-Tex Pro shell is that no separate Hydratex or other type of waterproof liner is necessary.

This means that the fit can be made closer or more snug and there’s less of a difference in sizing when the single insulating liner is removed.

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket Waist Adjuster

Jacket Adjustments

The adjustment system on the Poseidon GTX jacket has been updated also. The waist adjustment system on either side consists of the horizontal “V” shaped banding shown in the photo above.

The belt threads through a large plastic piece at the rear and it’s stitched to the jacket on the bottom, under the pocket and feeds through a plastic loop at the top.

Adjustments are simple: pull the red ring back and forth to tighten or loosen the belt. The system is a bit stiff at first but loosens up a little over time.

The arms have dual adjusters, with one at the bicep and one at the forearm.

They use a similar type of system by pulling the square ring to tighten or loosen the belt. Both the waist and arm adjusters work well and provide infinite adjustment through their range without having to use snaps.

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket Collar

Jacket Zippers

The main entry zipper of the Sand II jacket is a YKK “Vislon” type, which uses small teeth. It operates smoothly.

In a departure from previous REV’IT! practice in jackets like the Cayenne Pro, there are no extra front wind barriers under the main entry zipper.

This is probably due to the efficiency of the Gore-Tex Pro shell material, although the insulating liner has added material on either side to act as a wind barrier.

The flap that covers the main entry zipper on the Poseidon GTX jacket attaches with five sections of hook-and-loop only.

The collar is the standard REV’IT! adjustable type and it has a loop to hold it open on the left. The stand-up collar is lined with a type of micro-fleece fabric, which makes it very comfortable. It’s also not too thick, as some are.

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket Front Pockets

Pockets and Storage

The front pockets on the Poseidon GTX jacket are very nicely done, with fleece-lined hand-warmer pockets in back and a large double flap that secures the top of the pocket with hook-and-loop and a snap.

There are no zippers underneath the flaps, and the pockets are waterproof.

Inside the jacket, there are vertical pockets on both sides of the insulating liner, matched by horizontal pockets in the jacket shell, one on each side. Each of these pockets in the shell and liner has a zipper.

The rear of the jacket features a large full-width storage pocket with a double-over flap and hook-and-loop and two snaps. It can hold the insulating liner, gloves or other gear.

The removable insulating liner attaches with a full-length zipper that starts on the lower left and goes up around the neck and down the other side.

Although this provides a more secure attachment, the jacket has to be removed to zip in the liner, unless you’re more limber than I am. The liner sleeves attach above the cuffs with two snaps on each side.

Safety, Armor and Protection

As the top-of-the-line product in this year’s REV’IT! product lineup, the Poseidon GTX jacket includes SAS-Tec shoulder and arm/elbow protectors, rather than the ProLife inserts in the mid-range REV’IT! jackets.

The REV’IT! Seesoft back protectors, first described in the 2013 REV’IT! Spring and Summer Clothing Report, now come in various shapes and sizes to fit most REV’IT! jackets.

The Seesoft type RV protector is a $50.00 option for the Poseidon GTX jacket.

It’s too bad it isn’t included, but in any case, it’s cheap enough and it fits really nicely into the Poseidon. The Seesoft protectors are unique in that they have multiple soft layers that bend and move with each other for comfort in a motorcycle jacket.

The Sand II jacket is compatible with the Leatt brace (review) and Moveo neck brace systems, but the Poseidon GTX jacket is not, for some reason. The Poseidon is ready to fit the REV’IT! Challenger cooling vest and/or the REV’IT! Connector HV (high-visibility) external vest (review).

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket Lower Back

Sleeve Ventilation

The Poseidon GTX jacket also features a new type of ventilation system for the sleeves. There are two zippered vent openings; an intake vent on the outside of the lower sleeve and an exhaust vent in the rear.

I’m not sure how effective these will be in hot weather, however, because there’s really nothing to hold the vents open and, in fact, there’s a flap over the zipper on the intake vent, which seem to prevent air from entering.

It appears that the vents open directly into the jacket, so the cover flap is necessary to prevent water entry. The zippers are the waterproof type.

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX Sleeve Adjusters

Sleeve Cuffs

The Poseidon GTX uses the REV’IT! “UTA” or Ultra-Thin Adjustment tabs at the sleeve cuff. These are nice and thin, as the name implies, which makes the overall cuff profile slimmer and easier to stuff inside a glove gauntlet.

I’d prefer, however, that the tab ended on the inside, towards the rider, rather than on the outside, because I think that would make it easier to adjust when you’re wearing gloves.

There’s a 160 mm long zipper at the rear of the sleeve cuff that opens to add about an extra 10% to the cuff diameter. This is a really nice feature that allows the sleeve cuff to fit over a glove gauntlet if desired.

The zipper is backed by the Gore-Tex Pro shell fabric, so it remains waterproof even when it’s open.

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket Reflectivity


Poseidon Jacket Reflectivity

The Poseidon GTX jacket has a very nice array of laminated reflector strips placed at strategic locations.

The reflective material isn’t branded but it is highly visible when energized by light, as you can see in the photos above. It’s also stylishly integrated into the overall design of the jacket.

Riding With the Poseidon GTX Jacket

The weather has been cold during the time I’ve been riding with the Poseidon GTX outfit, with a high of only 53 F (12 C) down to about 40 F (4 C). Colder than than and, I’m afraid, it’s a no-go for me.

I’m actually surprised at how comfortable I am when wearing the outfit however.

At the lower end of the range, I wear the old Comfort in Action underpants (review) and undershirt or the Firstgear TPG base layer top. No other layers are needed.

The Poseidon outfit does feel a bit stiff at first; it loosens up slightly over time but it’s not as soft and pliable as the Sand II outfit…yet. I’m not sure if it will get there or not.

I haven’t been able to judge the effectiveness of the vents, other than to say that if I open them up in these temperatures, it’s way too cold!

My feeling is that the Poseidon GTX jacket and pants, with the VCS Aquadefence vents and the FidLock system (there are a pair of vents on the pants also), will work very well in hot weather.

In the hottest summer riding, you’ll probably want something like the REV’IT! Levante mesh jacket (review) instead, but the Poseidon GTX outfit should serve very will in nearly all seasons — especially if your local conditions include frequent and/or unexpected rain.

The wBW Opinionator: REV’IT!  Poseidon GTX Jacket
Picks… …and Pans.
  • Very nice styling.

  • High-quality overall construction.

  • Gore-Tex Pro shell is guaranteed waterproof.

  • Excellent ventilation with unique VCS Aquadefence vents and FidLock system.

  • Near-perfect fit.

  • Can fit the Seesoft Level 2 back protector.

  • Very nice sleeve cuff system.

  • Would still like to have a placket wallet pocket.

  • Seesoft back protector should come standard?

  • How about a street sport version with a short jacket?


It’s hard to find fault with anything on the REV’IT! Poseidon GTX jacket, other than the price.

It checks all the boxes on the “want” list, including standout styling, high-quality construction and, of course, that Gore-Tex Pro “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry” shell that’s waterproof at the outer shell.

The Poseidon GTX jacket is definitively better than the previous flagship REV’IT! product, the REV’IT! Everest GTX jacket (review) which, by the way, is still on closeout at $539.99 here, featuring the Gore-Tex shell.

I wasn’t very fond of the Everest GTX and I think the Poseidon GTX bests it in many ways.

The Poseidon GTX jacket and pants are also an evolution of all previous REV’IT! products from the past, incorporating owner feedback wherever possible.

This is one of the things I really like about the jacket — it’s not simply a thrown-together attempt at making a next possible sales champ, but the latest evolution that incorporates leading-edge thinking and design.

The Poseidon GTX jacket fits me like it was custom made. It’s waterproof, windproof and warm and it has the outstanding front vent system. My feeling is that it’s the best jacket I’ve worn, probably ever, all things considered.

It beats the 50% more expensive Rukka Armas jacket (review) in a number of ways, in my opinion, including looks, build quality, protectors and certainly in the sleeve cuff design, and that’s quite an accomplishment.

In fact, I’ll give it the coveted webBikeWorld Five Star Rating.

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Manufacturer: REV’IT! List Price: $899.99 Jacket. $629.99 Pants.
Colors: Black or Light Grey/Black. Made In: Vietnam
Sizes: M-3XL Review Date: December 2013

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From “J.D.” (January 2014): “First off let me say your site is excellent. I purchased the Rukka Armas (review) partially based on your recommendations and have been extremely pleased with it. I read with interest that you preferred the Rev-it Poseidon over the Rukka.

With regards to the Rukka cuff , yes initially it seems awkward but once you get used to it I would not change it for a traditional zipper or Velcro closure.

Also interesting that you rated the build quality better than the Rukka, would have some concern with the zippered flaps on the Rev-it jacket keeping the water out.

The Rukka has proved to be absolutely waterproof in the most demanding conditions, 1000 km in driving rain. The one knock on the Rukka is the poor quality of the zippers used on the outlast liner.