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REV’IT! Marryl Pants

Rev'it! Marryl Women's Motorcycle Pants Review

REV’IT! Marryl Pants
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Marryl Pants Review Summary
Review Summary

Classic styling, ProLife women’s CE-approved knee armor and integrated stretch panels make this a great pair of leather riding pants. Designed with a women’s specific fit, the Rev’it Marryl pants are also available in three different lengths and a perfect match for the Rev’it Ignition jacket (review).

In my fashion design classes I had to do a body analysis and learned that for my height, I am proportionally short-waisted and long-legged.  I’m somewhat tall at 5’8″ (172 cm) and have almost a 32″ (81 cm) inseam, so it has always been a challenge to find pants that fit me correctly.

When shopping for jeans, I literally try on twenty pairs before I find one that fits. I’m fairly slender but still curvy, and if pants fit my hips, they are often too big in the waist.  Thus low-rise jeans have been wonderful because they sit below the waist.

When I finally find pants that fit my hips and waist, they are usually too short, so I have to buy long lengths. Therefore, I knew that shopping for a pair of motorcycle riding pants would present a challenge.

Most motorcycle gear manufacturers do not offer long lengths for women — or short lengths if you have the opposite challenge. I have tried on many pairs of riding pants that were several inches too short and way too big in the waist.

Much to my delight, REV’IT! offers several pairs of women’s riding pants and many of them come in standard, short, and long lengths. They are paying attention to what women want. Thank you, REV’IT!

Rev'it Marryl Pants


Rev’it! Marryl Pants – Sizing and Fit

REV’IT! constructs all their women’s motorcycle clothing with a woman-specific fit, tailored and shaped for our curves.  My opinion is that the REV’IT! Marryl pants fit true to size based on the REV’IT! measurement charts and my waist, hip, and inseam measurements.

The Marryl pants are available in standard, short, and long lengths; the size 38 Long fits me perfectly. They are high-waisted with a 12″ (30.5 cm) rise in front that reaches to the belly button.

Because of my track record with sizing jeans, I feared the waist on the Marryl pants would be too big on me. However, they fit like a glove and there is only room for a thin legging under the riding pants.

The finished inseam is 33″ (83.8 cm) long on this boot-cut pant. For tall ladies, the longer length also helps the knee armor to be positioned in the right place when riding.

Protection and Visibility

According to the label, the REV’IT! Marryl pants are made from 81% “Monaco Performance cowhide” and 19% water resistant stretch material. The stretch textile supports the body and provides a better fit along with increased comfort along the thighs, inner leg, and behind the knee.

Both the ProLife ladies’ CE protection knee armor (yes, even the armor is ladies’ specific) and Temperfoam hip padding are removable. Temperfoam is not CE-approved, but still offers impact resistance and conforms to the body in areas where fit and mobility are needed.

Seams are weak points on motorcycle gear and can rip apart on impact. To prevent this, REV’IT! uses safety stitching — leather reinforcement strips sewn onto seams in high-impact areas.

A connection zipper at the back of the waist allows attachment to your favorite REV’IT! jacket, like the REV’IT! Ignition jacket reviewed as part of this series. This helps keep your back covered and protected in a slide.

The Marryl pants are nicely finished on the inside with a 100% polyester mesh lining. Pockets in the lining hold the knee armor and hip padding in place.

The Velcro on the knee armor pocket is at the bottom of the pocket below the knee where it cannot rub the rider’s legs. Other riding pants have the Velcro at the top of the knee pocket, which has actually rubbed my knees raw on long rides.

I’m obsessive about nighttime visibility, and I would have liked some reflective strips on the lower leg or calf to make the rider more visible at night.

Rev'it Marryl Pants Close-up


Construction Details

The Marryl pants have elastic at the waistband as well as Velcro straps for adjustability. A zipper and two REV’IT! logo snaps keep the waistband closed and help prevent the waist from popping open, like it might with a single snap.

Accordion stretch panels at the knee and lower back allow a greater range of motion. The knee is pre-curved which makes the riding position more comfortable without binding the rider.

I’m glad REV’IT! put a small slit pocket on the front of the Marryl pants. The pocket is 4.25 inches (10.8 cm) wide and 4.75 inches (12.1 cm) deep, so it’s the perfect size for a motorcycle key, lip balm, and cash.

Zippers at the calves open wide, making it easy to get into and out of boots. The “REV’IT! Engineered Skin” logo is embroidered on the left thigh in red and gray.

Rev'it Marryl Pants Rear View


When I got the REV’IT! Marryl pants, summer was over, so I’ve only been able to wear them in 62-78 degree weather (16-25 Celsius). I was comfortable at those temps; I think I could go another 7-10 degrees warmer without overheating and in colder weather with leggings underneath.

UPDATE:  I wore the Marryl Pants in 54 degree weather (12 Celsius) with thin long johns underneath and was a little chilled, but I get cold easily. I could feel airflow through the integrated stretch panels on the thighs.

I appreciate the stretch textile inside the legs and behind the knees. On my sportbike, my knees are quite bent in the riding position and the textile behind the knees is more comfortable and less bulky than full leather pants.

The textile on the pants also breathes well in areas that can tend to get sweaty, such as inside the thighs and behind the knees. I had a slight issue with the height of the waist but I think it’s more because of my body type and the bike I ride. Remember, I am short-waisted, so the Marryl pants rise a little higher on me than they might on others. Combine my short waist with a leaned-forward riding position and the waistband pushes into my bottom ribs at times.

If I straighten my back, it raises my rib cage to where it doesn’t bother me. On the other hand, a benefit of the high waist is the rider gets plenty of lower back coverage in a slide. There is also no worry of showing any skin to traffic behind you.

The REV’IT! USA/Canada website currently shows seven pairs of women’s riding pants and five of those are offered in standard, short, and long lengths. Most women should be able to find something there that accommodates their figure types. REV’IT! also offers several pairs of ladies’ jackets, gloves, and a pair of women’s boots to round out your collection.


The Marryl women’s leather pants come with ProLife CE-approved knee armor and Temperfoam hip padding. Integrated stretch panels, an adjustable waist, and different lengths give the rider the fit she wants.

Combine the REV’IT! Marryl pants with one of their armored, stylish jackets and a pair of gloves and you’re ready to hit the road. Hmmm…I meant that figuratively, but if it’s literal, then you’re well protected too!

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