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Replace damaged fairing with stock or aftermarket?

Extreme Fairings fairing

If you’ve ever low-sided your motorcycle you have most likely damaged at least one fairing.

If it’s just a minor scratch you can order some touch-up paint from the manufacturer.

However, if the fairing is broken or snapped, it needs to be replaced. writer Stephen Warde has supplied us with his views on original stock fairings versus aftermarket ABS plastic fairings:

Original fairing

The original fairings are made at the motorcycle manufacturer’s factory.

Since they have been making motorcycles for some time they should know a thing or two about fairings, especially durability.

While the exact components of their plastics are a secret (like Monster Energy ingredients) it’s safe to say it’s plastic and dozens of other materials.

While a bike that crashes with original fairings may only suffer scratches, a bike fitted with aftermarket ABS plastic fairings that has a similar crash could suffer cracked or shattered fairings.

It comes down to the materials used.Extreme Fairings fairing

ABS plastic

ABS plastic is the main type of material used in aftermarket motorcycle fairings. It’s not as durable as OEM but it “does the job”.

The second biggest difference is fitment.

OEM will always be a perfect fit while aftermarket fairings are usually a few millimetres off.

Most times you will have to trim the edges of the plastic with a sharp knife.

The third biggest difference is price. With OEM you have to buy through a dealership or online retailer such as PartZilla who add their handling fees.Extreme Fairings fairing

A single-side fairing can cost from $US250 to $US500, plus postage.

A single-side aftermarket fairing may cost $75-$100 and a complete fairing kit from $599-$699.

Like so many other products, it’s a matter off cost versus quality.

Now, let’s hope you don’t have a long wait for your motorcycle parts to arrive.

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