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Rent a Chief With Expansion of Indian Motorcycle’s Rental Program

two riders enjoying the Indian Motorcycles rental program

America’s first motorcycle company has just expanded their Rental Program – and they’re putting their best foot forward with this one. 

Indian Motorcycles will be offering this rental program to 14 new affiliates, available in Canada and the United States – providing a total of 25 locations, including San Diego, Sturgis, Austin, Nashville, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Panama City Beach, Vancouver, and more.

Each will provide a fleet of the newest and best Indian Motorcycles to riders wishing to temporarily try out a bike -whether for a simple 4 hours or the week.

The Rental Program will include damage coverage, along with the obligatory requirements of a motorcycle endorsement and proper gear with close-toed shoes and a DOT-approved helmet – although renters can also acquire a loaner-helmet with the Program if needed.

an Indian Motorcycle rider enjoying a sunrise/sunset

The fleet will be updated every 12-18 months, guaranteeing a ride experience on the newest of the new – and yes, this will also include the ability to rent the Indian Chief and 2022 FTR lineup.

Aaron Jax, Vice President, Indian Motorcycles, has said in a statement:

“As stay-at-home restrictions from the past year contributed to a surge within motorcycling, we’re excited to offer more ways for riders to experience what Indian Motorcycle has to offer. Whether in need of a bike for commuting, for an upcoming ride, or simply for an extended demo experience, Indian Motorcycle Rentals provide a premium experience for locals and visitors alike.”

Head over to Indian Motorcycles Rentals, Flash your full license, reserve your favorite Indian Motorcycle, suit up, and enjoy the ride. 

For more information on Indian Motorcycle Rentals, head over to their website.