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Rain plagues NSW-Qld border crossing

Rain plagues NSW-Qld border crossing Lions Rd detours closed

Lions Rd detours have been defended as heavy rain and roadworks on the Summerland Way are creating a dliemma for riders on the Queensland-NSW border.

The popular motorcycle road was closed most of 2017 and reopened in December 2017. However, there is now a dirt detour while the last three of seven wooden bridges are updated to modern two-lane concrete bridges. 

Kyogle Council had pledged there would be no more full closures on the Lions Rd for bridgework and detours will be road-bike friendly.

However, recent heavy rain has now closed the road with an opening date still up in the air.



28 MARCH 2018

Trihey Bridge

(formerly known as Boyles No.1 Bridge)

Gradys Creek Road

Demolition by contractor was commenced 19 March 2018. No impact on traffic flow

Bridge opened early March. Approaches sealed last week

Jack Hurley Bridge

(formerly known as Boyles No.2 Bridge)

Gradys Creek Road

Demolition by contractor was commenced 19 March 2018. No impact on traffic flow

Repairs to approaches and road surface of Brindle Creek Road will be carried out in April under traffic control. Only short delays expected

McIntoshes Bridge

Lions Road

Deck was installed Saturday, 24 March 2018

Approach slabs to be poured Thursday, 28 March 2018

Open to traffic by Friday, 6 April 2018 (weather permitting)


   Gradys Creek Road


Northernmost causeway closed due to persistent wet weather

Causeway replacement planned for August 2018

Lions Rd detours

Lions Rd bridge work delays 2018 TT closures rain
Lions Rd bridge work

Kyogle Council spokesman Tony Lickiss has defended the unsealed detours on the Lions Rd.

He says the road has had “an enormous volume of riders over the low road in the last month and we have received some complaints”.

“But when viewed over the number of riders accessing the road the percentage is diminishingly small,” he says.

“If people take a common sense approach to the crossing there is no issue and full-fledged road bikes are negotiating it without issues. If you take it as a stage in a TT then yes, you will have issues.

“Our anecdotal feedback from the vast majority is it’s a bit of an adventure and there is no problems.

“We will be touching up the crossings as soon as possible when and if the river ever goes down. Until then the Summerland Way is the primary route.”

Summerland Way roadworksmillions roadworks rain

Major roadworks on the alternative route between Rathdowney and Kyogle over the Summerland Way were due to be finished this week.

We suggest that if you plan riding in this region, first check the RMS Live Traffic website for updates and alerts on closures and delays.