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Preventing Motorcycle Theft With Modern Technology

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(Contributed post on preventing motorcycle theft)

It’s not groundbreaking news to say that motorcycles get stolen from time to time, and part of the problem is the lack of care that owners take in preventing it from happening to them. Even if by some miracle your stolen motorcycle is recovered, I think it’s safe to say that you would rather not go through the ordeal to begin with.

That’s why that old adage about prevention being better than a cure exists. If you take the extra measures necessary to secure your motorcycle, you can do a lot to discourage would-be thiefs and prevent it from ever happening.

So, what exactly are those extra measures?

Use or Install:

Motorcycle Starter Kill Switch

Most modern motorcycles come with a kill switch already installed, but if yours doesn’t you might want to get one. Kill switches are one of the most effective ways of preventing theft. Here’s how they work:

When a key is turned in the ignition, electricity begins to flow from the battery to the engine. This starts a circuit that will eventually cause the motor to engage, thus allowing fuel and air to ignite.

A starter kill switch interrupts this process by preventing electricity from reaching the spark plugs.

Installing a hidden kill switch on your bike ensures that your bike doesn’t start unless the kill switch is disabled. Make sure to shut your bike off with the kill switch because this engages the kill switch.

Disc Brake Lock

Brake locks preventing the wheels from turning will stop thieves rolling with your bike. And while it’s an effective deterrent, it takes up significant storage space and it can be quite inconvenient to install and remove, making it not as popular as an anti-theft device. People who do use them generally only do so when they’re going to be away for a long time.

Anti-Theft Alarm

While this measure is nothing new, it’s one that has proven to be effective at keeping thieves away and alerting people to the thieves that aren’t discouraged by it. Just make sure to have the alarm sensitivity tuned properly.


Park Within FOV of Security Cameras

It’s standard procedure for thieves to scout an area for security cameras before they attempt to steal anything. Parking within the field of view of security cameras helps you identify thieves if they aren’t outright discouraged.

Park Near Other Motorcycles

There are two main benefits of parking near other motorcycles. The first is that your bike is less likely to be singled out. And even if that fails, more bikes means that there’s going to be more people around the area. Riders usually look out for each other and this is often more than enough to prevent theft.

If All Else Fails: GPS Locator

While having a GPS locator installed in your motorcycle might not be much of a deterrent, you’d be happy to have it when you need it. It helps the authorities find your bike much quicker. At which point, you can recover your motorbike either by heading to where it is, of having it transported to you through motorcycle shipping if you’re overseas.