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Police quash Queensland side of Lions TT

Lions TT Lions Rd - Sturgis

Queensland police have rejected a road closure application for next weekend’s Lions TT. However, the event will go ahead with the road closed to oncoming traffic only on the NSW side.

The Lions TT is a recreational ride – not a race – conducted on the picturesque Lions Rd that crosses the Queensland and New South Wales border.

Lions TT CEO Mark Luxford says he is “greatly saddened” by the “last-minute decision” by Queensland police and Main Roads to reject the road closure.

Lions Rd - Sturgis police
MotorbikeWriter pays his dues to Lions Rd

He says they have spent “thousands of dollars on traffic management planning and controllers and have received approval to close the NSW side of the Lions Rd”, so the event will go ahead next weekend (October 4-5) but with amendments.

  1. Oncoming traffic will be present on the Queensland side, but there will be no oncoming traffic on the NSW section of the Lions Rd to Ripples;
  2. There will be no interval spacing between riders, so riders will be welcome to ride with their friends as normal; and
  3. As there will be no road closure on the Queensland side, it is now be possible to enjoy three journeys on the Lions Rd as organisers are not permitted to control that section.

Mark says they are unable to erect any safety signage, install marshals or structure the ride with intervals between riders until you arrive at the NSW border.

Check-in and scrutineering will still be at the Rathdowney Hotel and riders will be called across 20 at a time. “Once at the NSW border, I will put a 30-second gap between each rider to minimise competitive behaviour and allow people to ride their own way,” he says.

Spectacular views on the Queensland approach to the Lions Rd - sturgis police
Spectacular views on the Queensland approach to the Lions Rd

The approved road closure for the NSW side of the Lions Rd from the border to Ripples on the Creek is from 10am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday. Riders who have checked-in and passed scrutineering will be called across in groups to avoid queuing at the border.

Riders who want to do the road again should leave Ripples by 2pm in time to get back to the border again via the Sumerland Way and Mt Lindesay Highway loop.

Riders will also be encouraged to continue on to Kyogle for the motorcycle festival which includes “an awesome display of power” between 3pm and 4pm with a 2300hp vehicles giving a live demonstration.

Entertainment will also include 10 hours of music kicking off noon with local bluegrass talents Watling and Bates. Several performers will follow, including the Cadillac Rockers from 4pm and ending with six-piece band, Shed Dogs, from 7 to 10pm.

Running Format:

  • 8:30am – Check-in desk, scrutineering and optional breath testing opens at Rathdowney Hotel.
  • 9:40am – First group of 20 riders called from Rathdowney Hotel to NSW border, followed by next group 20 mins later etc etc
  • 10am – First rider departs NSW Border towards Ripples on the Creek, followed by second rider 30 seconds later etc etc.
  • 3:40pm – At this time, no further riders will be permitted onto the Lions Rd as we must open the road at 4pm.
  1. Congrats on your effort to hold a very worthy event over the Lions Rd. As a young bloke born in Kyogle, it certainly echoes me. In one of your photos there is a photo of the brown and white Lions Rd sign, of which there is one at each end of the Lions Rd. My Dad carved them and I helped erect them. As a youngster in the 70s I was very much involved with the construct of the Lions Rd with all the blokes from the Kyogle Lions Club..a very formative part of my life, with great memories. Then later, I was responsible for the 1.8km section that was built by the RAE units from Brisbane. I arranged that. Enjoy the event and all the best.

  2. Mark. Obviously you personally did no research in relation to this story. Why don’t you ask the Lions TT committee exactly what date they submitted their road closure application. Might surprise you that no application was lodged because on the 19 th September 2014 most motorcycle clubs in the south east were contacted and informed that QLD Police would not be issuing a road closure permit. Ther was no last minute decision. The organisers did not adequately consult with police. If you have ever ridden the road you would very quickly realise this roadway is totally unsuitable for motorcycle riding and finally community consultation on the QLD side of the border was no existent . How about before writing another similar story you at least ring the QLD POLICE for their side of the story.

    1. “..totally unsuitable for motorcycle riding” You are kidding.. right? Oh dear.. I have been riding motorcycles along the Lion’s Road since 1972. If I had of been aware of this then I would have…. done nothing different. Obviously you don’t ride a bike as it is a magic place to ride a motorcycle …

      Well it has been for me for 42 years.

    2. Andrew,

      I don’t now what type of motorcycle you ride but to say the Lions road is “totally unsuitable for motorcycle riding” beggars belief. I’ve been riding the Lions Road since the 80’s on a variety of motorcycles (old and new, single and two-up) and find it one of the most scenic and enjoyable rides around south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales.

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