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Pirelli’s New Angel GT II Tires

Pirelli Angel GT II
Image from Pirelli

Some New High-Quality Rubber From Pirelli

The Pirelli Angel GT tires were excellent by many accounts, but now Pirelli has the next level. Meet the Angel GT II tires. Pirelli took what worked with the Angel GT tires and improved on the compound of the tire and created a new tread pattern in an effort to make the Angel GT II an even better sport touring tire than its predecessor. 

Pirelli claims improved grip and performance in both dry and wet road conditions. The company says it focused on what Gran Turismo (GT) actually means when thinking of how to change the tire. The goal was to make a tire that allows you to travel great distances at speed and in safety and comfort while still providing plenty of grip for some twisty-road fun. 

Through the design of the new Angel GT II tires, Pirelli wanted to make tires that could provide excellent traction no matter the road conditions or lean angle, improve performance for riders who push the limit, increase tire life, and maximize the effectiveness of electronic rider aids, like traction control and ABS. 

Pirelli says the tires can work great for touring riders, commuters, and weekend warriors. I believe it. Any sport touring tire will get the duties of commuting and weekend riding done with ease. I can’t speak to whether or not the tires are actually better than their predecessors without testing them, but Pirelli doesn’t fake it, so I would assume their claims ring true. I would love to find out for sure, though, in a side by side comparison of the new and the old tires.