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Pillion riders double the fun

MBW and Mrs MBW go for a pillion ride
MBW and Mrs MBW go for a ride

There are those who say carrying pillion riders spoils the bike’s handling, retards the throttle, applies the brakes and halves the fun.

I don’t subscribe to that theory. I say a joy shared is a joy doubled.

The photo at the top is my favourite shot of me on a bike … because my wife is on the back.

It’s also because the Triumph Bonneville is a great pillion bike. That might seem strange because you would expect a Honda Gold Wing or Harley-Davidson Ultra would be the best pillion bike with all its creature comforts.

But a comfortable pillion bike is a subjective thing. Gold Wings and Ultras are too big for my reluctant pillion. She prefers something that is smaller so it isn’t intimidating.

With a sissy bar fitted to the rear of the Bonne, it is just the right size. Plus I like the fact that she can sit close to me and we can centre the weight and ride as one.

There can be nothing finer than having the love of your life put so much trust in you that she wraps her arms around you, leans her helmeted head on your shoulders and rides as one with you and your machine.

What do you think about carrying pillion riders? Good idea or bad idea? And what are your tips for carrying a passenger? Please click on “Leave a reply” below and … leave a reply!