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Petition against bike discrimination

A petition is being prepared for the informal meeting of recreational motorbike riders against police harassment at Canungra this Saturday morning.
Hundreds and possibly thousands of riders are expected to swamp the local cafes with coffee and brekky orders before the meeting which starts about 9am.
Meanwhile, Brisbane solicitor and avid BMW GS rider Jim Feehely is preparing a petition to the Queensland Government calling for a halt on extending police powers to stop and detain motorcycle riders traveling in groups of three or more.
A draft will appear on this site in the next day for comment. It hasn’t yet been decided whether to pass around sheets of paper to sign, use an online petition service or both.
The issues surfaced after outlaw gang violence escalated on the Gold Coast over the past month including an officer shot in the face.
While that incident involved an armed robbery not a bikie gang, Premier Campbell Newman responded with this statement: “Every (bikie) gang member will be assumed to be a criminal and treated as such until this is over.”
Early this week the State Government escalated their crackdown on bikies with a misguided announcement that they would bypass normal parliamentary procedure and give police the power to stop and detain riders in groups of three or more.
This attracted a backlash of concern that we were returning to a police state and the dark days of Bjelke-Petersen.
The government apologised if innocent bikers were intercepted, but later backpedalled saying that police would only target bikies and an assurance that innocent riders would not be targetted.
In the latest news, about 50 Black Uhlans bikies have been intercepted on their way to a rally at Scone.
However, recreational riders are concerned that they will be incorrectly detained simply because they are wearing leathers or riding a cruiser motorcycle.
There is also concern that legitimate charity runs will be disturbed as happened last weekend.
But at the heart of the problem is that most recreational bike riders would agree there is already a level of discriminatory harassment of them by police that has nothing to do with this bikie crackdown.
Ask yourself this: How often have you been pulled over for a licence check and general bike roadworthy scrutiny when you are riding your bike?
Now ask yourself this: How many times have you been pulled over for the same checks when driving your car?
I have lost count of how may times I’ve been pulled over when out riding. I have never been pulled over when driving.
A friend told me he was stopped three times in one day recently while riding his Ducati – so obviously he wasn’t mistaken for a bikie – yet he did not observe one car being pulled over.
If we already have this level of police harassment and discrimination against bike riders, how worse will it be if the police get extra powers? 
Surely they will be emboldened by the support of government to use a heavy hand on all riders.
The other major concern is that the vitriolic rhetoric directed at bikies will further drive a wedge between recreational bike riders and other road users who can’t distinguish between the two.
It is feared that this could lead to misguided road rage.
Bike riders have been forced off the road before by drivers and it could happen again if a paranoid driver feels they are being harassed by a large group of bikes on the road.
This increasing divide between riders and the rest of society comes despite a host of good works done by the motorcycle community.
The Black Dog Ride, alone, has raised more than $1 million in the past four years.
Many more millions have been raised on motorcycle charity runs and other functions for disadvantaged children, health issues, hospitals, local communities and more. Will riders stop attending charity runs if they are concerned they will be discriminated against by police “random” licence checks?
Motorcycle riders are also helping a lot of rural communities survive by visiting, eating and sleeping in their small towns.
Earlier this year the border town of Texas became the first motorcycle friendly town in mainland Australia and now Goondwindi Shire Council is planning to extend that to Inglewood and Goondiwindi.
Member for Parliament Lawrence Springborg said at the official ceremony in Texas that bike-riding tourists inject $125 a day into local communities. Will riders stop visiting these towns in fear they will again be detained by police for licence checks?
So rather then bike riders becoming pariahs as a result of this scatter-gun approach to outlaw gang violence, we should be lauded for our good works.
Rather than being further harassed and discriminated against, we should be encouraged to ride our bikes more often with rego concessions, free tolls, footpath parking and legalised filtering.
If you’re a recreational rider and you value what freedoms you have left, we’ll see you on Saturday morning for a calm and peaceful meeting.

  1. Any chance of advising riders of the Motorcycle Australia Party petition which I’ll be bringing copies of to Canungra? It might be useful to inform riders that if they want to change the laws, then they need a voice in Parliament.

  2. Your statement: “The government apologised if innocent bikers were intercepted, but later backpedalled saying that police would only target bikies and an assurance that innocent riders would not be targeted.” IS WRONG
    I had a mate pulled over at 11.15am yesterday.
    The police said to them (2 of riding cruisers): “You know why you have been stopped? We have been told to stop all bikies.”
    My mate replied, “We are motorcylists, NOT bikies.”
    Police reply was, “There is no difference.”
    He has it all on helmet cam.
    Unsure if he will share it though, unless it was for a really good cause.

    Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2013 21:39:00 +0000

    1. I would be happy to post the transcript of the helmet cam if you can send it to me! I think it’s important for our case. People need to realise that no matter how much the politicians promise, it is up to the police to enact the laws. Our fear is that this law will incite police to increase their already discriminatory harassment of innocent bike riders.

  3. “We are motorcyclists, not bikies”. Really? So to you, a motorcycle is just a form of transport? Just two wheels as opposed to four? Bull! We ride bikes because it’s in our blood! We ride bikes not because we can, but because we must! We are different to anyone else. We ARE bikies!

      1. yes, there is a difference… a “biker” rides a bike.. a “bikie” loves to ride a bike…

  4. Please make your petition BOTH paper and online, so those of us who are unable to make it to Canungra can sign it too!

  5. I asked myself as you suggested how often I have been pulled over for a licence check and the fact is in the last thirty years I have been pulled over twice when I was on my P licence riding an old XT 500. I have been pulled over a number of times for speeding and appropriately booked. And there was once for a random breath test. Not bad for a million odd kilometres. I don’t have tattoos, I wear quality safety gear and I don’t ride a Harley. Wonder why you guys are getting so much attention?

    1. What have tattoos, Harleys and clothing got to do with anything? My daughter has many tattoos; does that make her any less a person? Is she a person that is a threat to society? She works hard and has no criminal record and even she thinks these proposed laws go too far. If you are going to judge the true character of a person by this criteria then you are the real threat to our freedom.

      1. I DO have tattoos, many tattoos. I DO ride a Harley. I DO wear a cut-off with my colours on it. I AM a bikie. I AM NOT a criminal. I DON’T have a criminal record. I DON’T drink or drug drive. I DON’T sell drugs or guns. I WORK for my money.
        Don’t discriminate based on what you assume!

  6. George, maaaaaaate, you are so wrong. The connotation attached to being a ‘bikie’ as opposed to being a ‘biker’ is completely antithetical. The imagery, the lifestyle and the reason for riding are different. I’ve been riding road bikes for 40 years and would never consider the mates I ride with as bikies.

  7. Can you do an online petition too. I do not live near anywhere , where I can sign.


  8. happy to sign if online. We who enjoy riding for the enjoyment without the need to engage in other antisocial behaviour that lends to the stereotypical ‘bikie’ term, are definitely motorcyclists or motorcycle enthusiasts. Saying that motorcycle enthusiasts are ‘bikies’ is exactly what the idiots who made this law and the media want to hear and couldn’t be further from the truth. It does not in any way help to resolve this issue. I have had more bikes than fingers and toes and have been enjoying them and time with my fellow motorcyclists for 20 years. Are all car enthusiasts hoons??? of course not….
    I have no need or want to promote anything other than the freedom to enjoy something of legal choice.

  9. I was disappointed to see the mention of the officer being shot in the face… some people will read this and that part will stick in their memory, while the sentence directly after, stating that bikies were not involved will be lost – This is the sort of thing the government/press use to subliminally imbed a poor perspective of bikies in the general public. It is similar to the news stories that say “it is not confirmed if bikies were involved” or even ” bikies were not believed to be involved”, in the future, people will simply remember something about bikies being mentioned, and therefore somehow responsible. The simple fact is – an officer was shot in the face, and the government did nothing… some punches got thrown by bikies, and the government uses it as an excuse to pretend to be doing something for the betterment of the community.
    The point that needs to be pushed is that IF they are breaking the law, there are laws in place to deal with it… and the simple fact is that they can’t be anywhere near as bad as they are made out to be. On one hand people are claiming that bikies are brainless, knuckle dragging thugs – then directly after, implying that these “knuckle draggers” are somehow capable of circumventing $millions of state of the art surveillance equipment, and the collective intelligence of the police force to ride around selling drugs to small children and shooting at each other’s clubhouses – despite the fact the police are well aware of who the members of these clubs are, where the clubhouses are, and where the members live and go.. I am hoping for the day someone can explain how they are simultaneously stupid and have a super-villian level IQ… The reason this point needs to be pushed is to ensure the general population is fully aware of the governments deception, and will ensure the government is incapable of turning the tide of public opinion against ANYONE on a bike.

    Keep up the good work – too many people have sat around for too long thinking “this doesn’t involve me, i’ll keep out of it”, now it involves everyone on a bike… It should never have been allowed to get to this point.

    1. two cops have unfortunately been shot in the face, both by junkies NOT bikies. Why isn’t Newman embarking on a junkie eradication program??

    2. Here here it is time Campbell Newman and his Smurf force are made accountable for the lies and deceit they have been spreading

  10. This whole Bikie/Biker BS bloody annoys me, more Seppo American BS we have imported. In the US they don’t have “Truckies’ they have ‘Truckers’…same with bikes. Aussies put ‘ie’ on the end, Yanks put ‘er’…I ride a bike and I am a bikie.

  11. David..YOU should be our voice of reason! Never heard it put so well…only thing that comes close is when Hydra ask us where we are going, who we’re meeting and we answer “we don’t know, you’re the only ones who think we’re ‘organised’ crime”!

  12. Anyone who believes what the media and government are pushing are fools. Police are after more power, they have been since they were formed and will not be happy until they have absolute power! The police have long been the visible mafia of this state: corruption, prostitution, protection, harassment, drugs etc. Remember the Fitzgerald Inquiry? What about all the police and their associates over the years? And the Premier swallows it hook, line and sinker to give them more powers despite the fact that most involved have been arrested and most even surrendered themselves. The law seems to work as it is. Why create more drama? Apparently $20 million is being spent on this instead of funding hospitals etc, and Newman is off courting Arabs to play tourist with! If you are going to clean up crime start with the police. Then the politicians, then when you are all above reproach you can lead by example! I am not a motorbike rider, I am a biker by choice, and live and breath motorcycles good weather or foul. If you’re an occasional rider or an enthusiast you have the right to enjoy riding unhindered! I do not have a criminal record (as of this time). If you want to take away my lifestyle then I will take away yours!

  13. Use the qld govt templates get it sponsored then they cant argue its legitimacy according to you can do both just by filling out the forms….. they are free to download

  14. Would love to see some real positive stuff come from bike riders which leads the community and that’s not to say such things don’t already exist. Just worry that recent events will create a defensive mindset and lock everyone into a battle stations mentality. Where a few community minded events could provide opportunity to publicize just how unjust Police profiling of all riders is.

  15. I am sick and tired of the direction this country is heading with the likes of Newman and Abbott at the helm.
    It does not matter what angle you use to justify a breach of commonsense and common law! It’s still a breach!
    The ‘POLICE’ as they call themselves are nothing short of a criminal gang made up of social misfits exacting their own personal brand of ‘justice’ in a country founded by my forefathers!
    This country is INFECTED with injustice and managed by Jesuits and Freemasons!
    Where is my Queen? Were is my COMMON LAW! Where is my ANGLICAN judiciary?
    Where are MY RIGHTS and if I still have them why am I targeted by the scum that call themselves POLICE for defending them?
    This entire country is on the brink of revolt and I can assure you not a bullet will be fired.
    Some folk may eventually hang but I won’t loose any sleep over that.

  16. Hi guys, I would dearly love to attend the meeting on Saturday morning, but I unfortunately have a prior engagement to attend to, helping my parents out by doing some mechanical repairs to their car. Must be the motorcyclist in me, helping someone out.please use both a paper and electronic petition and please send me a link by email.
    Yours sincerely.
    Trevor Holmes.

  17. The guy organising the rally here posted this on our facebook pages..

    @1hr ago

    I just had a visit from the local police superintendent and an inspector trying to get me to stop the protest ride on Sunday. I told them it would go ahead. They agreed to it but stated if any 1% patches are there then we will be stoped and given the royal treatment. I also agreed that we will obey all road rules.


    Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2013 21:39:00 +0000

  18. I am a Biker not a Bikie it is in my blood to ride and my vest is as much apart of my everyday dress as are my jeans I do not belong to a so called out law club but I ride every day I pay rego and insurance I am a Biker

  19. And reading these comments makes it abundantly clear why a seat at the table of Government is vital. We can all sit around and whinge about intrusions into our freedom etc, but like other so called ‘interest’ groups nothing will change unless, as a collective, we do something about it. The last thing I wanted to be involved in was politics, but it’s time to draw a line in the sand. In Austraila, we don’t have a Constitution which guarantees freedom of speech, in fact there is precious little it provides us. We don’t even have a Bill of Rights. What is being demonstrated, unequivocally, with the threat of extreme legislation, designed to catch a few, but affect the many, are the dangers of a one party state.
    Time for everyone to think hard about what democracy actually means to them. If a bloke who got .05 of the vote, who had no policies can get elected and in concert with another party has the potential to hold the entire country to ransom, then something is seriously askew with the electoral process. Step up to the crease folks, put your names to paper and let’s be agents of positive change. If not, then we can hardly complain when more draconian legislation is passed and affects our lives in a negative manner.

  20. So if my partner, myself, 4 cousins and two uncles are going for a family ride on our Harleys, sporting our vest with our patches of places we have been, then we are no longer a family, but a gang. Please, my grandparents would be laughing their heads of and rolling in their graves.

  21. I had a bike and my friends have bikes. I also have family in a club. It makes me angry the way the police and government are targeting clubs. Not all bikers are alike. They have such diversity within clubs. Just because you wear a patch does not mean you are violent.

  22. I have ridden bikes for over 40 years, both by myself and in groups, both small and large. I have never been pulled up for anything but a breath test, which I have no problem with. I cannot help but think so much of what is said in this thread is so politically biased – see comments such as Jacob James – talk about nonsense and inflammatory. I for one want my children and grandchildren to grow up in an area free of the scourge of Bikie gangs. For goodness sake – use your commonsense, go through correct channels and leave the vitriol and mob mentality out of this discussion.

  23. Ken – Local Resident.
    Please remember Canungra is normally a very quiet township until all bikers come to town.
    I ride bikes also, so I understand your plight.
    Please keep the local townsfolk on your side by not roaring in and out of our town like a minority tend to do at times. Remember we choose to live here to be away from the cities.
    I encourage you all to respect and be courteous to the locals who you may take for granted!

    1. Ken, thanks for having us in your town on frequent occasions. Locals such as Andrew at the Outpost have been very supportive and we need to respect your town in return. Rally will be short-lived, then we plan to go for a ride. Please join us.

  24. I don’t live in Queensland, but I’m a bike rider, and wish you all the best for the fight against this police corruption. (That’s what I call it). They are doing nothing but trying to be Nazis, and make the world think they are tough. They are anything but tough, and a lot of them ride bikes themselves, which means, all police in groups of 3s should also be stopped and searched.

  25. I think the line has to be drawn in the sand and put into context,,,,,motorcyclist / bikie same bloody thing!!!!!! the issue is outlaw organised crime!!!!!! our media needs a good kick up the arse!! along with our communist corrupt government,,,,we can not let any of this pass!!! no back ward steps,, stand strong and fight!!! they have taken enough….wake up Australia.,,and yes kens comments should be taken on board,respect canungra and drum the right message into our brain dead media!!!!!!

  26. I just want to know how long before other states take on these laws or police just take it on themselves to just do it! I’m in NSW and I get pulled over all the time, breath test and licence, even Rapper do it to me. Been riding from the age of 8. This used to be the lucky country! How far down will we fall?

  27. The name “BIKIE” gets me going. We ride, it doesn’t matter if it’s a cruiser, scooter, road or trail bike, we are riders. The issue is unlawful activities. It has nothing to do with the mode of transport! if I was going to do a robbery, I would use a transit (you can take friends and carry more), the bike is like a badge. Let’s get the attitude changed. We are becoming a Communist state! We are being stripped of our freedom more every day. We need to stand together and stand tall. Never give in!

  28. Haven’t we been through this before? Does anyone else remember prior to the Fitzgerald Inquiry? Once again the Qld Government has launched discrimination onto one group of people, in fact the same group. I remember being told not to walk more than 3 abreast in the mall or we would be “demonstrating”. Now the story is not to ride more than three as a group or you are guilty. I also remember how this stupudity was stopped then.

  29. Hi, this is my latest letter, I’m pulling this law apart piece by piece and I’ve only just begun. Feel free to share where ever you wish.
    Mr Campbell Newman
    Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill 2013

    (1) The objects of the Act are to –
    (a) Disestablish associations that encourage, foster or support persons who commit serious offences; and
    Sir, I would like a DEFINITION of the above statement.
    • What is meant by ‘encourage, foster or support’.
    • Does that mean for instance that if a ‘person’ who has a criminal record from the past is now a member of a club, organisation, association or corporation – I’ll just use the word ‘club’ for purposes of expediency – if that club per se, is a sports club and it supports this member, by raising money for his/her disabled or injured child – is then, all members and indeed the club as a whole, now subject to the above 1a as is written in VLAD bill?
    • Does that now mean that the club as a whole can be forced to disband?
    • Or is it that the club will be forced to evict the said person from their membership?
    • Does it also mean that any friends and/or supporters will now be subject to police scrutiny?
    • Does this mean they will, if they wish to avoid such scrutiny, be obliged to sever all ties with this person?
    • If they do not, will they then be classed as an associate criminal and be subject to questioning, searching , photographing and their details taken and put on a database because they did not want to end the friendship or support?
    • Even though they themselves have never committed an illegal act?
    • Will that be taken into consideration?
    • Or will their details still be put on a list somewhere?
    • Where are all these details that are being taken down by police being stored?
    • Are they subject to the Privacy Laws?
    • Or are they able to be accessed by other Government Agencies or indeed the private sector?
    • What precisely, is classed as a serious offence?
    • Can you or someone list for me the definition of a serious offence?
    • Is this legislation/law retrospective?
    • Does this law only apply to future offences?

    Dear Mr Newman,


    Mr Newman, you replied to my letter, but as I look at it, I see it is a letter written for the majority and not a letter in answer to my queries. You have even got one of your helpers, to date stamp the letter, with an old fashioned ink date stamp. If your letter to me was just for me, the date would appear as part of the body of the letter, you see Mr Newman, I too have typed out thousands of ‘mass mailing letters’ in the same manner. There is a big difference in replying to a letter or a ‘mass mail out’ for propaganda purposes as your letter is.

    In paragraph 1 of your letter, you applaud about ‘our crackdown on criminal motorcycle gangs’ – the inference is that I support this ‘crackdown’ and I do not. You did not address my letter Mr Newman.

    In paragraph 2 you state ‘I am outraged that these criminals think that they can run amok and do whatever they like with absolutely no regard for the law or the safety of Queenslanders’. Well, I agree, I am outraged too, I am outraged that you and your parliament can pass a law in the middle of the night without due process. I am outraged that this law has been devised at all. I am outraged at the HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS, you have taken from ALL Queenslanders with this new law with as you put it, in your own words ‘no regard for the law or the safety of Queenslanders’. I too am as outraged as you are, but not at the 26 clubs you’ve named, one of which doesn’t even exist, I am outraged that you passed this law and took away our rights. Yes, I understand your outrage Mr Newman, can you possibly, even try to understand mine?

    In Paragraph 3 of your letter to me, you state that ‘the Queensland Government is serious about bringing these criminals and thugs to account for their actions’. Well, all criminals, regardless of whether they are a member of a bikie gang, police officer or a member of parliament should be brought to account for their actions. But, you are not interested in anything at the moment, except bikie gangs, but I would ask, who will you target next sir? Will your own Party be scrutinised as much? Will you investigate and use this law against your own Police Force and the corruption that is rife there? Who will you actually target next Mr Newman? Which club, organisation, association or corporation will be next on your agenda Mr Newman? The A L P, perhaps, or maybe the Greens will get your attention in the future? One does wonder, who will next be in your sights Mr Newman.

    In this paragraph, you speak of ‘harsher penalties that you’ve introduced over the last 18 months’, one has to ask then, why was it necessary to bring out this new legislation, this new law? We already had a law, in the Criminal Code Act of 2009, that could have been invoked against any criminal organisation by the Police Commissioner, if he so chose to do so, but of course, he would have had to have had EVIDENCE supporting such a claim before the law or courts could have issued the order. Of course, under your new laws, no actual evidence is needed and the onus of proof is upon the person arrested and charged isn’t it? It seems you’ve changed our Judicial system in one fell swoop Mr Newman, the presumption of innocent until proven guilty, no longer exists, with this new law, you are guilty until you can prove your innocence and in the meantime you will lock them up without bail and in pink jumpsuits so you can wack off to, being the good little sub Twinkie you are! Justice is surely blind at the moment Mr Newman, she stands there with her scales of justice and I’m sure now, after reading your laws, they are tilted on your side Mr Newman. I’m quite sure she weeps for the loss of justice, for the loss of our freedoms, for the loss of our democracy, just as I do.

    In Paragraph 4, you state ‘But clearly they haven’t got the message yet. I want to make it very clear that ‘enough is enough. I am determined to do whatever we need to do to shut these criminal motorcycle gangs down’. You have made it very clear you are against Motorcycle Clubs, ALL Motorcycle Clubs including the recreational and ‘non outlaw’ kind. It seems Mr Newman, you and the police force have no idea how to tell the difference, well, I at least hope that’s what it is, for to target the likes of the Vietnam Veterans Association Motorcycle Club, knowing full well they are not one of the 26 clubs named would be discrimination now wouldn’t it? Of course, then there are the recreational riders who have been pulled over by the police, questioned, searched, tattoos photographed and documented and their persons photographed and details taken down, all without their permission, well, I guess that’s just ‘collateral damage’ isn’t it Mr Newman? Innocent people are often in that position during a war aren’t they? Are we at war, Mr Newman? Do we need to ‘take sides’ now? Should we be preparing ourselves for your war? I would just like to know, you see, I have to decide which side to take, the right or the wrong side. Or perhaps, just leave this country I was born in, move to a place where mine and my family’s human and civil rights are protected perhaps? Because it’s very, very, obvious they aren’t protected here in our beautiful Queensland state anymore.

    Soon to be known as SHITSVILLE !

    In paragraph 5 you state that ‘you recently announced an extra $20 million in resources for the Queensland Police Service (QPS) over the next nine months. iPad mini’s and night vision ? Is that so all the government employed Peadophiles can watch our beautiful OUTLAW KIDS and watch porn on the iPads while they are not in view? I would say perhaps that a couple of million dollars be set aside for another Fitzgerald Enquiry, after all, we who are old enough to remember, know that when you have a Police Service with the ‘unlimited’ power you have given them, it leads to corruption and abuse of that power. History has shown us that quite clearly. You do remember don’t you? Perhaps you are a little young to know, but back in the day, we had a similar situation to the one you have created now. Joh Bejlke Petersen was our Premier back then, he introduced similar laws that inhibit our basic human rights as you have done. Didn’t turn out too good for him though, perhaps you should consult your history books to see what happened.

    You also state that you are ‘taking Gold Coast streets back with some robust policing, targeting these criminal gangs and their clubhouses – there will be covert operations, raids, random drug and alcohol testing operations and we will hit them whenever they commit an offence or breach the law in any way. We have introduced new laws to ensure that they do not continue to get away with this abhorrent behaviour’. Well, quite a statement there Mr Newman. I have to ask though, why are ALL members of the clubs, sorry, gangs, being criminalised? What about those members or associates who HAVE NO CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t you believe that’s possible Mr Newman? That there are actual members of these, how did you put it, ‘Criminal Gangs’ who DO NOT and HAVE NOT committed a crime? Or as your law states, they are just guilty anyway, by ‘association’? Well, that leaves me in a ‘bit of a pickle’, Mr Newman, you see my mechanic mate, a complete magician with fixing cars AND he was the first mechanic I’d ever met that didn’t try to ‘rip off a woman’, was a member of one of the 26 named clubs, I guess I can’t get my car fixed now or I will have to go back to the shoddy guy, who ripped me off for thousands of dollars, because if I don’t I may be subject to arrest, for ‘associating’ with him?

    You also state that you are ‘taking the Gold Coast streets back’ well, sorry, but I have to ask, are you actually going to target the ‘street gangs’ and the, let’s just say, ‘normal’ criminals too? Or are bikies the only criminals on the Gold Coast? It is my understanding from police statistics that ‘criminal motorcycle gangs’ only make up 0.04% of ACTUAL crime on the Gold Coast, what about the ‘majority’? You speak of having the ‘majority’ of Queenslanders behind you on these laws, I have to ask what about the ‘majority’ of criminals, or do you think that only bikies are criminals or are all criminals bikies perhaps? One does have to wonder.

    In Paragraph 6 you, and I quote again, ‘ The Federal Government showed its support on 3 October 2013 by announcing a Queensland strike force as part of a national Anti-Gang Taskforce’ I just want some clarification here, are only Motorcycle Clubs ‘ gangs’ ? Or are you planning on naming more clubs, organisations, associations and corporations? You also state ‘The strike force will include officers from the Australian Federal Police, Australian Crime Commission!! Ohh yes the head of the crime commission Mark Stanton JAILED FOR THE BIGGEST IMPORTATION OF COCAINE IN AUSTRALIAN HISTORY.. YOU TOP CRIME FIGHTING WATCHDOG!! Your own !!! “Ouch” QPS and the Australian Tax Office.

    We welcome the input of the federal Government as these criminal motorcycle gangs operate across borders and can be national and even international.’ Firstly, I would like to ask, where these ‘ strike force officers’ are right now, are they the officers pulling over recreational riders at the moment, are we to expect officers from the Australian Taxation Office to be taking our details, or is this where the details are being sent that the QPS are collecting now? Can we expect a ‘knock on the door’ from officers from the ATO regarding our tax returns? Of course, we will be easily identified by the photographs taken by QPS of our person and our tattoos, so there won’t be any mistakes now will there? As for your statement about ‘international’, one has to wonder if you are planning an ‘invasion’ of another country with the above mentioned ‘officers’? Perhaps, you are going to go to New Zealand and tell them how to run their country next, or perhaps the USA, I hear they are having problems with Barrack Obama at the moment, you could give him some advice on how to deal with dissidents? Or are you going to try to force your new laws on some other country? Perhaps you should ‘enforce’ these laws you’ve passed on another government, I’m quite sure they would welcome you telling them what to do in their own country.

    In Paragraph 7 you state, ‘we are determined to stop this unacceptable behaviour and are looking for the support of all law-abiding Queenslanders’. I have to ask, if we do not support you, are we then no longer ‘ law-abiding citizens’ , are we then, subject to arrest for disagreeing with you? I am very worried about that statement in your letter to me Mr Newman. You see, I am law-abiding compared to you hitler , but I don’t agree with you, should I engage a Lawyer, perhaps pack a bag ready for jail, or should I comprise my own integrity, principles, morals, values and honour and agree with you anyway because I am frightened I will be arrested, harassed by QPS, have my details put on a database somewhere and jailed if I don’t agree with you?

    You also state that and I quote, ‘I am sure that there must be Queenslanders out there who have information that we can use right now. No matter how small a piece of information seems, it all helps and could be the final piece of the puzzle for police. I urge people to phone Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 and let us know about activity so police can act.’ So, you want us to ‘snitch’ on our neighbours, friends, work colleagues etc? Well, let me see, I have this neighbour you see, he’s really annoying and he rides a motorcycle, he’s not one of the 1% or 26 clubs you named but he’s still a real pain and he has TATTOOS. Can I ring Crimestoppers and have him arrested? Then there’s an ex-friend that stabbed me in the back, gossiped and spread lies about me and I’d really like to get even, can I ‘ dob her in’ too? You are opening a real ‘can of worms’ with that statement fucknuckle!

    You also go on to say: ‘Don’t forget you can remain anonymous’. Well, now, that REALLY scares me. The last person who was ANONYMOUS got into all sorts of strife. Oh, but I guess, it must mean you can be ANONYMOUS only if you AGREE with you and your laws then, does it? As long as we ONLY agree with you then I guess being ANONYMOUS must be alright I guess.

    You also state: ‘We will provide rewards for information that leads to successful raids, arrest on serious offences, successful prosecutions or the shutdown of a criminal gang.’ Well, of course a financial incentive for who, criminals to ‘snitch’ on another criminal, or let’s see someone who has an ‘ axe to grind’ against another person? The QPS and Crimestoppers will be busy now, won’t they?

    You say ‘Together the community, police and justice system can put an end to the fear and intimidation and ensure these violent thugs and criminals will have nowhere to hide’. Well now, you see, I find that a real oxymoron, that statement of yours. You see Mr Newman, I do fear intimidation, I fear it from you Mr Newman, you’ve taken away my basic human rights, I fear intimidation from the QPS every time I ride my boyfat , even though I’m not a member or associate of one of your outlawed 26. I am still being targeted sir, so I do feel fear of intimidation from a thug and that thug is you and through you, the Queensland Police Force, the CMC and now all these other Federal and State officers that you have named in your letter. What can I do? Can you invoke your law on yourself Mr Newman? Can these new laws be invoked in the future against a political party that may oppose you?

    In paragraph 8 of your letter, you state “our tough new laws are part of the strategy to drive these criminal gangs out of Queensland. We’ve introduced a severe new penalty regime for members of criminal gangs that will break their morale and conspiracies of silence.” I have a question here, what about the ‘conspiracy of silence’ we have in our government? The well documented ‘conspiracy of silence’ in our police force? Does this new law apply to them as well? Or is it only for the ‘criminal gangs’ that you have decided and designated as ‘criminal’? I have to ask, what about the police officers on the Gold Coast, who were found to be associating with members of the ‘outlawed’ clubs, were they arrested without bail? Did they have their names, addresses, photographs put on a database? Were they sacked like members of the ‘outlawed’ clubs.

    You go on in this paragraph to say: ‘We’ve also introduced new offences to stop these criminals from gathering together in groups and attending specific locations like their clubhouses’. Do you realise that you’ve also broken up families? Do you realise that a father or a mother, can no longer associate with their son’s publically, meet for a beer or a coffee? Did you know that a Uni Student studying to be a Lawyer has been told not to come back to her work experience job (which is a part of her studies) in the police prosecutor’s office because her father has been listed as an associate? He’s not a member of one of the named clubs, or indeed any club, has NO CRIMINAL RECORD, but has attended the charity runs and rides a motorbike, hence his name is now on a ‘list of associates’, his daughter is being punished, her studies in jeopardy and all because of these new laws YOU have instigated. Where’s the Justice there Mr Newman? What happened to our due process? What happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’, apparently, under your new laws Mr Newman we have no ‘innocents’ anymore, everyone is a criminal, just by association. Does that now mean that because I associate with a friend who is Catholic, I am now one also? Does that mean that because she associates with me she’s is not? Under these new laws, it seems to me that to be on the ‘safe side’ it’s best to stay locked in our homes for fear, NOT of the Motorcycle Clubs but of the police and you Mr Newman.

    You say also in this paragraph: ‘We’ve imposed minimum mandatory sentences for gang members who commit certain offences and ensure they are denied bail’ According to this statement you’ve made Mr Newman YOU are DISCRIMINATING against a MINORITY, I do believe that is AGAINST THE LAW. Well, it used to be before you became Premier, perhaps DISCRIMINATION is now LEGAL in Queensland Mr Premier? What constitutes discrimination in Queensland now Mr Premier? I would definitely like clarification on this from you.

    You say: ‘In addition, we’ve strengthened the powers of the Crime and Misconduct Commission and the QPS to ensure they can effectively target these groups’. So, in essence, you’ve purchased these entities? At the very least you are now, INFLUENCING supposedly INDEPENDENT BODIES? Well, from experience and what I’ve seen so far, neither of these, the CMC, nor the QPS are without their criminal or corrupt elements and you’ve just given them MORE POWER. One would have to ask, who is watching the watchdogs Mr Newman? Who is policing the police and who is policing the people supposed to be policing the police? You Mr Newman? Now, that would be quite frightening.

    In paragraph 9 you state: ‘We also introduced a new licensing regime that bans criminal motorcycle gang members from owning, operating and working in the tattoo industry. We know that these criminals have dominated this industry for too long and we are determined to change that’. Now, I note here that you state ‘criminal motorcycle gang members’ what about the NON CRIMINAL? I’ve had one of tattoo studios near me owned and operated by a member of the .,?!,,,?!, Motorcycle Club, he has NO CRIMINAL RECORD, has paid his taxes, supported his family and was an active member of the community, especially during the floods in the Lockyer Valley in 2011 and 2013, you remember them, don’t you Mr Premier? That’s when people died, lost their homes, livelihood and indeed the ENTIRE valley was affected in some way, well this man, the members of his Motorcycle Club, were ‘hands on’ AND they raised money for the locals and all LEGALLY. But he can’t work anymore because of your laws, he’s had to sell his business and has no income now. So, he’s going to have to access CENTRELINK now isn’t he? Well, if he and his family want to eat they will. So we have a tax payer, who paid his own way, was NO DRAIN on the tax payer and you’ve put him in the position of having to go onto Newstart allowance. I would have to say whoever drafted these new laws, either didn’t think it through enough, or was seriously mentally impaired to not foresee the LONG TERM ramifications of putting thousands of people OUT OF WORK. Did you know that people who have been paying their way and their taxes for years, have lost their jobs recently, BECAUSE OF THESE LAWS? I know of at least 2 truck drivers and 2 mining employees who’ve been sacked because their employer doesn’t want to be classed as an ‘ASSOCIATE’ or have the rest of his employees classed as ‘ASSOCIATES’ and some businesses have been told by the local police in their area to ‘sack’ their employees because they were members of one of the 26 clubs you’ve named. They haven’t done anything wrong Mr Newman, they’ve worked hard, paid their taxes, supported themselves and their families and all LEGALLY, but, YOU have now labelled them a criminal and they’ve lost their jobs.

    You also go on to say: ‘We’re currently looking to see if we can remove their influence from other industries too, so law-abiding Queenslanders who are just trying to make a living can be free of their intimidation and violence’. Exactly WHO is being intimidated? Was it perhaps the DEPUTY PREMIER and his family who were due at another restaurant, to the place where the fight from the Bandido’s happened? Can I expect you will be SACKING the Gold Coast Police Officers then? You know, the ones who were associating with KNOWN criminal members of these outlawed clubs OFF DUTY? I don’t know what industries you plan on naming next Mr Newman and I seriously don’t know where you have received your ‘intelligence’ ( I use that term loosely) from. My family have worked in many, many industries and NOT ONCE, NOT EVER, have any of us ever been intimidated or subject to violence from a member of a Motorcycle Club, HOWEVER, I have been subject to INTIMIDATION, THREATS AND BULLYING FROM A MEMBER OF THE POLICE FORCE AND I WAS THE VICTIM. I have also been, inadvertently, INTIMIDATED by the CMC as well when the details of my complaint to them, was passed onto the POLICE OFFICER WHO INTIMIDATED, BULLIED AND HARRASSED ME THEN CRIED FOR PROTECTION! This is who you’ve given MORE POWER TO Mr Newman. My family and I have been around bikes, trail and road bikes all our lives, some fifty (40+) years, we’ve NEVER received anything but courtesy and friendship from ANY CLUB, outlawed or otherwise. YOU, Mr Newman, in your speeches have spoken about the LEGAL FRATERNITY living in their IVORY TOWERS, I think sir, it’s time, that YOU COME DOWN FROM YOURS.

    In paragraph 10 you state: ‘Importantly, we will ensure that new legislation will target only criminal motorcycle gang members. Other law-abiding motorbike riders will have nothing to worry about.’ I have to say, that statement, is the biggest LIE I’ve ever heard. WE HAVE BEEN AND ARE BEING targeted. We have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, SERIOUSLY, YOU do need to come out of that IVORY TOWER, we already are worrying. Why? If we are law-abiding citizens and riders should we worry? Because the police are stopping us, questioning us, searching us, photographing our tattoos and our persons and where will all this information go Mr Newman? On a police database? Our shiny, clean NOT CORRUPT police force? Oh please, how NAIVE do you really think we are? The police have ALREADY RAIDED the VIETNAM VETERANS MOTORCYCLE CLUB, do they have anything to worry about? NO? Well, let me ask you if you know how their PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is going after 20 police descended on them and their clubhouse? I have to say, out of all the things you said in your letter to me, this one paragraph is the most laughable but at the same time, the biggest misdirection I’ve heard in a long time.

    In paragraph 11 you state: ‘ We need to remember that this will not be quick, this will not be easy and there may be some incidents along the way but I assure you that we are in this for the long haul and we are determined to shut criminal motorcycle gangs down’. That statement, Mr Newman, is the scary part, that you are in it for the ‘long haul’, that it won’t be ‘quick and easy’, that THERE WILL BE some INCIDENTS along the way’, You frighten me Mr Newman, your belief in your ABSOLUTE POWER is frightening and I fear not only for myself and my family, I fear for this state, I fear what you are going to leave behind when you are gone and you will be gone one day. Your political party, indeed you, have taken a fair beating in the social and news media, except from your friend and supporter Mr Murdoch, but then HE DOESN’T COUNT to us Queenslanders, us Australians anymore, he gave up his citizenship of this, OUR country, so anything written in his papers is to be simply disregarded and ignored.

    But you sir, well, you remind me of a person, of a time, an era, if you like. I was very young then, I don’t know if your brain was any less developed than it seems now! Well this temporary nutter who held power tried to shut Queensland down, he turned this state into a police state, where the police had the power, power given to them by this man, given to do whatever they, the police, wanted, NOT to CRIMINALS but to ORDINARY citizens, ORDINARY QUEENSLANDERS, who DISAGREED with him and his laws and legislations. When our voices became louder, when our voices were joined by more and more people he tried to shut us down, take away OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH in the MEDIA and only allow SUPPORTERS to speak publically, just as you have done on your social media page Mr Newman. You’ve BLOCKED ANYONE WHO SPEAKS OUT AND DOESN’T AGREE WITH YOU.

    That man, back in that era, was Johannes Bjelke-Petersen and you remind me so much of him. He to, trampled our RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES, he too spoke of majority of support, but he too, stopped anyone from publically disagreeing with him, so the only voices heard were from his supporters and cronies. You Mr Newman, like Mr Bjelke-Petersen, aren’t listening, you are labelling, just like he did, anyone who disagrees as a criminal. You, like him, are ignoring our HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS, you are following in his footsteps so much I have to ask, was he your idol? Was he the man you sought to become? If so, congratulate yourself, you’ve achieved it.

    In your last paragraph of your letter to me, paragraph 12 you say: ‘Thank you for writing to me about this very serious matter. I hope this information was of some interest to you and better explains the Queensland Government’s position’. Well, Mr Newman, I doubt very much that YOU came within COOEE OF MY LETTER, just as I doubt you’ll personally see this one. But, I hope, whomever of your ‘minions’ reads this, also understands, as you wish me to understand. This letter better explains not only my position, but the position of tens of thousands of Queenslanders, voting Queenslanders. I just want you to understand, that YOUR position isn’t the ONLY POSITION and that you have now, a state, OUR QUEENSLAND that FEARS ITS GOVERNMENT, FEARS YOU, MR NEWMAN. Is that what you set out to achieve? You see, it’s NOT just Motorcycle Clubs and riders that are FEARFUL of YOU and YOUR GOVERNMENT, it’s ordinary Queenslanders who see their HUMAN RIGHTS AND CIVIL LIBERTIES TAKEN AWAY by YOU. It’s no longer JUST ABOUT THE GANGS, Mr Newman, IT’S ABOUT A GOVERNMENT WHO FEELS THEY CAN IMPOSE A LAW, A LEGISLATION IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, without due process or consultation with the people they, YOU are supposed to represent. It’s the FEAR that those of us who have SPOKEN OUT will and have received VISITS FROM THE POLICE because we have DISAGREED WITH YOU. I’m not talking about any threats, I don’t threaten people, that’s not my way. But, I do have a RIGHT TO AN OPINION Mr Newman, AN OPINION THAT IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF YOURS. I have the right to FREE SPEECH Mr Newman, just as you do, just as you have and I have the RIGHT to live in a state, to live in Queensland, WITHOUT FEARING MY GOVERNMENT, OR ANY PART OF MY GOVERNMENT.

    Mr Newman, I hope this information was of some interest to you and better explains the Queensland people’s position.

    Yours sincerely


  30. When Injustice becomes Law, Resistance Is Duty!!! p.s. Yeah, im a Bikie, & dam proud to be!!!

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