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Oxford Products AA Original Approved Leggings Review

Female rider wearing Oxford AA leggings
Oxford Products AA Original Approved Leggings Review Summary
Review Summary
Oxford Products launched the first single layer AA Approved motorcycle leggings which are lightweight and figure hugging. The Armourlite™ fabric offers a generous stretch to the leggings making them super comfortable to wear.
Build Quality
Class AA rated CE approved single layer leggings
Flexible CE level 2 knee protectors included as standard
CE Level 1 hip protectors included as standard
Value Pricing
Fabulous range of sizes
No pockets

Oxford AA Original Approved Leggings

I have been wearing the Oxford Products Super Leggings 2.0 for a while now which I am a huge fan of. They are super comfortable to wear both on and off the bike and they keep me really warm.

As the warmer weather was coming and I had a touring holiday coming up where the weather was expected to be very warm, I was looking for a lighter weight pair of leggings I could wear on the bike that would still give me the protection I crave when riding.

I was chatting with Paul at Oxford Products and he said that the AA Original Approved Leggings had just been launched and if I would like to try them. Absolutely, I would.

Front view of the Oxford AA leggings
Front of the leggings.

These are high waisted leggings which I really like for riding the bike as I find they stay in position and I am not constantly having to pull them up when I get off the bike. They are made from a super comfy soft stretch material and look like normal leggings.

They are smart enough to wear to work in the office. When I ride to work, I take my bike boots off, the armor in the knees out and pop on a pair of shoes. Perfect. You would not know they are a pair of protective motorcycle pants.

I find them so comfortable to wear, I can be in them all day and forget that I am actually wearing protective motorcycle pants with knee armor. If the weather is cooler, then I wear a set of their advanced base layers underneath to give me an extra layer of heat.

For the quality and protection these leggings give, I think they are excellent value for money. They come in a range of sizes (8-20), leg lengths (short, regular and long) so all shapes and sizes are catered for. I would say they are a true size fit.

I also have their connector belt which goes through the belt loops on the leggings so I can zip my bike jacket to the leggings which gives me that extra protection and comfort when riding. The connector belt costs about £17 / $20 USD / $26 CAD.

I am really pleased with these leggings, they are super comfortable and great value for money. I would say they are definitely a great purchase.

Rear view of the Oxford AA leggings
The back of the leggings.

About Oxford Products

Oxford Products first started nearly 50 years ago in the UK when the present owner and Chairman, Alec Hammond, started selling GRP motorcycle top boxes out of the back of his car before going upmarket and selling out of a transit van.

Their first warehouse with offices opened in 1977 in Oxford (hence the name).

Oxford Products progressed into the motor racing scene in 1976 with the formation of its own race team.

Over the years the range of products available has grown enormously as has the company which is now global.

Oxford AA Original Approved Leggings Features

Closeup of the belt loops on the Oxford AA leggings
Wide belt loops.

Key features include: 

  • AA rated CE approved single layer protection
  • Flexible CE Level 2 and Level 1 knee and hip protectors included as standard
  • Stirrup foot keeps leggings in place when riding
  • Wide belt loops so connector belt can be worn to secure leggings to jacket
  • Available in 21 sizes – 8 to 20 in short, regular and long!!

For a complete list of features, visit the AA Original Approved Leggings product page.

Oxford AA Original Approved Leggings First Impressions

Rider wearing the Oxford AA leggings on a Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC
The leggings are figure hugging and offer plenty of stretch.

My first impressions of the leggings were just how comfortable they felt straightaway.

I popped the leggings on and then got ready to go out on the Triumph Scrambler XC 1200. By the time I got on the bike I forgot that I was actually wearing a pair of motorcycle pants. Because of the 4 way stretch material, they mold to the shape of your body.

I really like the high waist on these leggings. When riding, obviously depending on the style of bike you are riding as to how far, your body is leaning forward. The leggings stay in place, I did not have to pull them up when I got off the bike like some pants.

The stirrups on the feet keep the leggings nicely tucked into your boots at all times so there is no bunching at the bottom or an uncomfortable feeling inside the boots.

Rider wearing the Oxford AA leggings on a Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC

Oxford AA Original Approved Leggings Construction

Outer Shell

The material used is Oxford Armourlite™ fabric which is made from an Aramid/polyamide blend fiber. Not only does this give you great abrasion resistance, but it also has 4-way stretch for a comfortable fit that hugs your figure nicely.

Oxford AA leggings materials and washing instructions

Label showing materials used and washing instructions – unfortunately this has faded in the wash but it does say: Outer Shell – 92% Polyamide; 8% Spandex; Protection Pockets – 92% Polyamide; 8% Elastane.


There are four protector pockets on the inside of the leggings, two for the hip protectors and two for the knee protectors.

Closeup of hip protector pockets
The hip protection pockets fit 2 protectors.

These pockets are made from a jersey type stretch fabric. Putting the armor in is very easy to do as the pockets stretch nicely allowing for the armor to slip in.

Closeup of the knee protector pockets
Two more pockets for the knee protectors!


Unfortunately, there are no pockets on these leggings either inside or out. I would have liked at least one pocket, preferably on the outside just for somewhere to stash my phone or keys when parked up on the bike.

Ladies will lament this design decision (or lack thereof) as we love when there are pockets (functional pockets are even better).


Oxford branding on waist band
Subtle branding on the waist band.

There is branding on the right left front just under the belt loop on the waistband which just says Original Approved. It is small and very discreet and there is no other branding on the leggings.


There are no zippers at all on these leggings which is what, I think, makes them super comfortable. Normally when you are riding your bike, you are leaning forward (to what degree, depends of course on what bike you are riding) and with a pair of pants that have a zipper function on the crutch, you can often find this digs into you after a while.

With no zip at all and because of the nature of the material of these leggings, they mold to the size and shape of your body.

Closeup showing no zippers
No zips on the leggings make them comfortable and smooth on the skin!

Stirrup Foot

I have never worn a pair of pants or leggings with stirrups on the feet but I have to say these are very comfortable and keep the leggings in place when riding. You would not know they were there.

Closeup of foot stirrups on Oxford AA leggings
The foot stirrups are a nice design to help prevent the leggings from riding up.


These leggings are only available in Black at the moment. The Super Leggings 2.0 come in a range of colours so I am hoping these leggings will be following suit in colour selection shortly.

Oxford AA Original Approved Leggings Build Quality


The Leggings come in an amazing range of 21 sizes: Short length – 8 to 20; Regular length – 8 to 20 and Long length – 8 to 20.

I would say they are true to size for fit and even with the base layer underneath, the stretch in the material accommodates and remains comfortable when the weather is cooler.

I would suggest using the chart function on the website to help determine sizing.


I found the leggings to be extremely comfortable to wear. I can be in them all day, as indeed I have been on a long ride out or when touring and I honestly forget that I am wearing motorcycle protective leggings after a while.

The material not only allows for flexibility when riding but also because they are single layer, they keep you cool too.


The leggings have loops so you can either wear a belt or Oxford’s own belt connector to allow you to secure the pants to your jacket with the belt.

Closeup of belt loops on Oxford AA leggings
Belt loops.

Oxford AA Original Approved Leggings Functionality

Due to the very nature of the leggings, they are obviously not a waterproof garment and are not designed as such.

If you do get caught out in the rain and the leggings get wet, because they are single layer, they do dry out very quickly.

I have a pair of waterproof pants that I pop on over the leggings if I know that I will be riding in the rain.


I wore these leggings whilst touring in Europe earlier this year with temperatures of mid to late thirties and because they are a single layer leggings, I not only stayed cool whilst riding allowing me to stay on the bike longer, but when I was parked up they were comfortable to be wearing even in the heat.

Side view of a rider wearing leggings
Touring Europe in high temperatures, the leggings were cool to wear.

When the temperatures are cooler, I wear a pair of their thermal layers underneath and I find this added thermal layer stops the cold penetrating through the single layer thus preventing my legs from getting cold.

I am often heading out early in the evening to bike nights and will more often than not put a pair of thermals on underneath.


AA rating tag on the Oxford AA leggings
The label showing the AA rating.
  • CE approved Class AA garment under the CE standard EN17092-3-2020
CE level 2 knee protectors
Knee Armor
  • Flexible CE level 2 knee protectors included as standard
CE level 1 hip protectors
Hip armor
  • Flexible CE level 1 hip protectors included as standard

Care Instructions

I love that you can just take the armor out of the leggings and pop them into the wash to keep them clean and smelling fresh. I find the best way to wash the leggings to help prevent the colour from fading, is to wash them inside out.

To dry the leggings, I just turn the legs the right way and pop them on the back of a chair. Once dry I then put the armor back in. The label clearly states not to put the leggings into the tumble dryer.

Here are the attached instructions on the leggings.

Care instructions
Care instructions label – apologies for the colour, it has faded with washing but it says: wash inside out; wash with similar colours, warm iron inside out; remove armor before washing; secure all velcro closures


Rider wearing a helmet on a Triumph motorcycle

I absolutely love these leggings. These are the most comfortable pair or motorcycle protective pants that I have.

I love the fact that I can ride to work in these leggings and they will double up as a smart pair of pants. After work I can then get on my bike and go hooning knowing that I am protected.

If space was limited when touring, you could just wear these leggings and they can double up as a smart pair of pants for the evening. They are so versatile, you wouldn’t actually need to take another pair of pants with you too.

I am really impressed with the quality of the fabric and how the leggings feels against my body when wearing them. Wearing the leggings is almost like wearing another layer of skin, you forget you are wearing a pair of motorcycle protective pants. There is no bulkiness to the leggings and it is easy to move about when riding and incredibly comfortable.

I think at £119 / $140 USD / $183 CAD these are great value for money and a brilliant addition to your motorbike wardrobe.


  • Manufacturer: Oxford
  • Price: (When Tested) £230 / $279 USD / $356 CA£119 / $140 USD / $183 CAD
  • Made In: Pakistan
  • Colors: Black
  • Sizes: Short Length: 8-20; Regular Length: 8-20; Long Length: 8-20
  • Review Period: May – June 2022

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