Ohio: Harley-Davidson Is Hiring

A view of the Youngstown Harley-Davidson dealership in Ohio
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If you put up your slipper in the Buckeye state, Harley Davidson’s got some news for you – they’re hiring, and the report from WKBN states that the Youngstown-based dealership will be looking to fill positions in anything from servicing to sales, parts and secretarial duties. 

When the American motorcycle manufacturer came out with the about-face that was the five-year HardWire Strategy, many were intrigued. The Strategy, “grounded in enhancing the desirability of the brand and protecting the value of [H-D] iconic products,” would according to Wade here at wBW require major muscle to cut 30% of their bikes, distribute investment across products and, in general, change the way people see Harley – not because Harley’s image is bad, but because their image wasn’t as appealing to newer gens of riders. 

A view of the Youngstown Harley-Davidson dealership in Ohio

Under the instruction of Johann Zeitz, the ReWire Strategy has been successful and the HardWire Strategy, predicted for the years 2021-2025, is in full swing. Byproducts of the Strategy include the new spin-off brand that is LiveWire, from which has sprung H-D’s first electric motorcycle, “The One,” as well as top-notch leaps into other categories, the most notable being Harley’s Pan America, their first adventure bike

A view of the Youngstown Harley-Davidson dealership in Ohio

Suffice it to say that this brand still has an awful lot on their plate – so if you are keen to wear orange and blacks and be a part of everything Harley’s up to, consider heading over to Youngstown’s Harley-Davidson dealership for more details on the list of positions available. 

Stay tuned for updates, we’ll post as we hear news come down the pipeline, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*All Media sourced at Youngstown Harley-Davidson.com*