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Harley-Davidson: Modded LiveWire One™ Fleet Debuts at Autopia 2099

A view of the three electric motorcycles held at Autopia 2099: SMCO's flat-tracker-inspired LiveWire Ones

Every once and a while, it’s worthwhile to travel somewhere new, walk toward a fresh set of ideas, and reset the old grey stuff upstairs. 

For many in the Powersports industry, that reset came in the form of LA’s Autopia 2099 – “a new and dedicated EV event held at Optimist Studios in Los Angeles designed to showcase electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and other mobility solutions,” according to the press release.

This year was the show’s first, with coverage from TheDrive exalting that “Attendees can bring their modern EVs, modded out Teslas, swapped classics, home-built projects, or just about anything else in the realm of mobility. In fact, anything packing a hybrid, hydrogen, or battery-powered powertrain can register for the show. So bring your car, e-bike, or Power Wheels—bring something, just so as long as it actually has wheels.”

A view of the LIVEWIRE COFFEE POP-UP at Autopia 2099 in Los Angeles

It’s the cool kids’ corner for EV riders – which is why Harley-Davidson stole the show with their display of the LiveWire One™’s customization potential. 

The three custom LiveWire One™ machines at Autopia 2099 – registered along with over 80 other electric vehicles – presented the “first fully customized LiveWire One™ motorcycles, both of which originated in Los Angeles, a city rapidly becoming LiveWire’s most successful market.”

“The custom bikes showcased at Autopia make a big statement on behalf of LiveWire,” says Ryan Morrissey, Chief Electric Vehicle Officer, in the press release. 

“Personalization has always been an element of motorcycle culture, and this weekend SMCO and Earle Motors demonstrated the customization potential of LiveWire One™. These custom bikes and components are early indicators of our intent to incorporate limited edition builds and accessories into the digital bike builder on”

Let’s take a look at each bike and the gents behind the masterpieces. 

A view fo the three electric motorcycles held at Autopia 2099: SMCO's flat-tracker-inspired LiveWire Ones

SMCO: LiveWire One™ Hooligan Racer

Brothers Aaron and Shaun Guardado started up SMCO in 2010, spending their days selling merch and building custom competition machines in Long Beach “to back up the brand and feed their appetite for racing and performance.” 

“When we got our hands on the LiveWire One™, we immediately wanted to race it,” says Aaron Guardado.

The end result? Two EVs sporting flat-track-inspired tags at the head of the machines, with the chassis wrapped in carbon fiber bodywork, carbon wheels for new digs, and a new set of rear foot controls to “put us in a more aggressive posture for road racing the bike.”


“This project really pushed us into some new technology,” finishes Aaron. 

“We learned to use CAD and a 3D printer to create the rear sets, for example.”

(Here’s the full homage on the Hooligan Racer)

A view fo the three electric motorcycles held at Autopia 2099 - Earle Motors: E/MULHOLLAND CUSTOM


Alex Earle is the brains behind Earle Motors, and he’s a huge fan of H-D’s first EV.  

“Initially, this bike was intimidating because it’s electric,” said Earle. 

“I had two goals in mind – to consolidate the design and adjust the ergonomics for my own comfort. I want it to fit like a tailored suit.”

Earle decked this particular machine out in composite from a 3D printer, with a neat coat of ‘Synthetic Haze’ – “a gray-to-blue fade developed during World War II to help airplanes appear less visible in the sky, which lowers the profile of the entire bike.”

Other perks of the bike include a lower casing to increase the aerodynamic potential and a tail section that’s been replaced with welded steel. 

“I’m hoping this project gets on Instagram and some 17-year-old in Portugal sees it and gets a spark of inspiration,” finishes Earle.

“That will be the future of customization.”

(Here’s the full run-down, along with a sweet photo gallery)

For more information on these three beauties, be sure to check out Autopia 2099’s official website, drop a comment below, letting us know what you think, and as always – stay safe on the twisties. 

*All media sourced from Autopia’s official website*