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NSW is ‘the Scrooge State’ says MCCNSW

NSW motorcycle police - scrooge deaths pursuits

NSW is now officially the Scrooge State after police swooped on a Sydney toy run today (December 17, 2017), says Motorcycle Club of NSW secretary Steve Pearce.

The incident happened at the Kings Cross Bikers Social and Recreation Club toy run held annually for more than 30 years.

The run is a short ride from the centre of Kings Cross to St Vincent’s Hospital where adults and kids on long-term palliative care are given Christmas presents donated by generous individuals and corporates.

Scrooge act

“Today, for the first time in over 30 years, the police decided to do a Scrooge act, moving on almost 100 bikes at the assembly point on Darlinghurst Road,” says Steve.

Scrooge act at toy runThe bikes were parked in a No Standing zone, at 8am on a quiet Sunday morning, waiting to receive the gifts to be taken to St Vincent’s and given out, he says.

“Rude, arrogant, unapologetic was the attitude from the Police, forcing the organisers to get underway before gifts had been handed out to Bikers.

“The Police took details and photos of all the bikes, and no doubt an extra Xmas present awaits some of the riders.”

UPDATE: NSW police took three days to respond to our request for comment. Here is what a “NSW Police spokesperson” had to say:

Officers attended and detected a number of offences, however, used their discretion not to issue infringements for parking and other offences. Anyone with concerns about the event is urged to contact the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 or their local police.

Steve Pearce says the toy run was still a success, despite the police incident.

“St Vincent’s were still glad to receive the group, providing food and drink for the Bikers, and the smiles on the faces of patients as always is priceless.

“It seems NSW has turned into the Scrooge State.”

Steve Pearce siege highway combined braking ombudsman scrooge
Steve Pearce


  1. We were there today and I thought how lovely it was that we were getting a police escort. How wrong was I. We arrived early from the Central Coast so luckily we had legal parking but the police still filmed us leaving. It was blantant harassment and NSW Police you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. It is unfortunate that Andrew Scipione is no longer Commissioner. He quietly cut motorcyclists as much slack as he could within the confines of his position.

  3. I know some police don’t like motorcycles but a little bit of common sense would go a long way, these “policemen” really need counselling as it isn’t a good look harassing people trying to help those less fortunate in the community. Just maybe these people aren’t really suitable material to be in a police force which, after all is a “Public Service” and we the citizens of NSW do pay their salaries via our taxes. Instances like this should be brought to the attention of the media and the local politicians, including the Police Minister AND the Minister of Transport.

  4. seems the Police motto of ” who cares if they hate, so long as they fear'” is working.

  5. “No Standing” signs are put in place for a good reason. So are bus-stops, and I get sick of people parking at bus-stops when I’m trying to pick up or drop off school students. Yes, these people were doing a good turn, but signs such as “No Standing” and “No Stopping” aren’t put up just for fun. If I were involved, I would have simply refused to park in a “No Standing” area to begin with. Don’t blame the police, blame the people who ignored the traffic signs.

  6. The police are instructed carry out the orders of the day, they’re doing what they get paid to do, some authority has decided to make an inconvenience for you, could be a different situation if it was a gay and lesbian function .

  7. We were involved with a 350 motor bike toy ride yesterday in Toowoomba and the police wouldn’t help with road traffic control. What is wrong with them 🙁

  8. I am faily sure the local police had prior knowledge of when and where this TOY RUN of 30 yrs history was going to happen.
    Someone in the department might have even given an ok to be at this location.
    Then well who knows what the local police decided to do this change of heart. Sad to see a historically good TOY RUN get push on by police like this.

  9. There is no respect for Police when this sort of rubbish occurs, or any of the other interactions we all seem to endure with regular monotony, and it’s getting worse and worse.

    Soon it won’t be worth riding in groups, or for events such as this story covered. The only people who will suffer and be impacted are the people we are trying to help.

    The Police are really failing to see the bigger picture.

    But what’s wrong with letting people be people; if we aren’t hurting anyone? They just love to throw their ‘power’ around and because the Police think we are all scum and a problem, they treat us all as second-class citizens.

  10. the bikers wont forget when the wall2wall comes around next year , its a two way street ya know

  11. All right alll right settle down, this mornings raid will be the Xmas toy run, we’v Been waiting all year for this opportunity and nows our chance, so I want this to go down smooth and by the numbers. Any questions?

    Can we expect them to be armed?

    I have it on good authority that water pistols are a distinct possibility so don’t take any chances, I want you all to come back and enjoy Xmas with your families.. be safe out there, go get um!

  12. The residents of Darlinghurst can sleep soundly tonight knowing that crime in their area has been eliminated. Oh wait, it hasn’t?
    Well, those santa-suited bikies with their tinsel-covered bikes need to be shown who’s boss. That’s another potential Hollister averted.

  13. The Newcastle Bikers for Kids Toy Run 40 Th Anniversary ride .Of 10,500 Motorcycles on 4/12/17 has had the N.S,W. Police And Roads and Maritime Escorting our Run for 28 Years AND THEY HAVE BEEN BLOODY FANTASTIC . . We Assemble at a park and Ride to a Park . and not one of our 10,500 riders have had a bad word to say about the Police .
    Big John Young C.M. & O.A.M.
    Bikers for Kids Incorporated Association Charity.

  14. Google ‘dinosaur case nsw police’ to get an idea of the state of things in NSW at the moment Bashing innocent people gets you promoted in the nsw police force apparently

  15. No one reading this is actually surprised – are they? The badge, gun and feeling of invincible, unquestionable power goes to the heads of these sort of police. They could have handled that so much better: “guys, we support what you are doing, but let us lead you to a more suitable meeting point than a No Standing zone. Follow us.” No need for the bully boy antics. Yet another reason to support why I really prefer riding on my own!

  16. No surprises here. You have to have some serious mental and antisocial dysfunction going on to want to be in the police in the first place. Not to mention bullying, arrogance, and hitler like tendencies.

  17. Always three sides to a story…
    The organisers’ bad oversight to arrange a meeting venue
    in a ‘No Standing’ zone on Darlinghurst Road…
    For 100 bikes…
    (This would have been no place to meet even for two bikers, let alone for a hundred!)

  18. Here in Bordeaux FRANCE, we had about 1500 bikes and over 2200 presents. The run was arranged with a police Motorcycle escort to stop the courtege being split up and to be able to cross major junctions.
    Thanks to the City and the Police and the oranizers TRIKE N BIKES , St Savin , France also all the bikers and passengers with out your presents the kids would have a little Xmas.

  19. This sort of behaviour would have been ordered, whilst some cops may have enjoyed this most I am sure hated carrying out their orders.
    In Canberra we met at Old Parliament house and many parked in no parking/standing areas and the Police response was to escort ua on the run. They are no longer permitted to stop traffic for dirty bikies sorry unless of course you are queer then then will stop traffic, don a tutu and dance beside you.

  20. A Qld policeman booked a bloke on roller skates & wearing a tutu on New Years Eve for drink driving – yes drink DRIVING. Police love doing this stuff.

  21. Policeman in top photo has part of his bike – midpoint of front wheel – projecting past white stop line. Fortunately his number plate is clearly identifiable. 🙂

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