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NIU Launches the NQi GTS and UQi GT


Electric Scootin’

I’ve written about NIU before. The company has a lot of electric scooters around the world in various rideshare programs. Now it has launched some new electric scooters in Italy. The scooters are the NQi GTS and the UQi GT. They’re both small commuting scooters, and they provide good performance for urban environments.

The NQi GTS features a 3,100-watt rear hub motor from Bosch and either a 26Ah battery (Sport) or a 35Ah battery (Pro). The sport is good for 90 km (about 56 miles) for the Sport version and 125 km (about 78 miles) for the Pro version. The scooter can do about 43 mph for its top speed. 


When you turn to the UQi GT, you’re getting a shorter distance commuter. The bike has a 1,500-watt rear hub motor from Bosch. The battery is a similar range spread for the Sport and Pro models, though I’m seeing discrepancies between the battery spec numbers being reported. People seem to agree on the range, though. The Sport will go 55 km (about 34 miles) and the Pro will go about 70 km (about 43 miles) per charge. It can do about 27 mph as its top speed.