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NIU Offers Free Transportation to Healthcare Workers


The Electric Scooter Company Is Trying to Help

The electric scooter company NIU wants to help with the Coronavirus pandemic in the only way it knows how by providing scooters to healthcare workers. The company wants to offer free transportation to healthcare workers. NIU is strongest in China. It has 1050 stores in 181 cities according to RideApart. NIU isn’t just active in China, though. It operates worldwide. 

The company created the MoveSafely program, which provides free usage of its scooters for healthcare workers. To use the program, workers need to download NIU’s app to their phone and from there they can verify their identity and employment. Then they can access NIU’s scooters through various rideshare programs such as Revel in New York, Frank-E in Frankfurt, or Go-Volt in New York City.

The MoveSafely program doesn’t have an end date at this time. NIU just listed “until further notice” as to when the program will actually end. These scooters are a great way to get around congested cities and offer a good alternative to public transit or cars for getting to where you need to go. It’s a nice move by NIU, and I hope it continues long after the pandemic is done.