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New French Helmet Maker KSH’s Smart Helmet Calls for Help


Get the Help You Need After a Crash

The French startup Kosmos Smart Helmets (KSH) is manufacturing helmets that will call for help in the event of an accident. The helmet pairs to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Then once it detects a crash, the helmet will ask if the rider can make the emergency call themselves. If it doesn’t get a response it will call for emergency services.

You can add up to five emergency contacts into the app, ensuring that at least one of your loved ones will receive a notification of the accident. This is a smart solution, but it’s not totally new. Quin Helmets has a very similar system and its helmets have been out for a while now. This sounds like another option if you want to have a helmet like this. 

The KSH helmet also comes with lighting. These lights are on either side of the helmet as well as a brake light at the rear of the helmet. This is another technology that we have seen before and will likely see more of in the future. So while KSH isn’t ahead of the curve with any of its technology, it is combining a lot of the technologies out there that are on the cutting edge. The helmet will come available in 2021.