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A Look at the Full Quin Design Helmets Lineup for 2020

quin design helmets

A Good Group of Smart Helmets

When the Web Bike World team went to AIMExpo in 2019, we had a chance to chat with Quin Design Helmets‘ CEO and check out a few of the helmets they had on display. The company’s claim to fame is the IntelliQuin Smart Technology System. It’s an integrated Crash Detection and SOS Beacon. It’s unobtrusive and provides a unique system that helps get you the help you need when you need it.

Quin’s system is a major plus, but it’s no good if the company puts it in junky helmets. Luckily, it seems they have some good lids for you to choose from. Here’s a look at the 2020 lineup

Quin McQ

quin design helmets

Looking for a good open face helmet? The McQ is your answer. It’s a 3/4 open-face design that’s DOT certified and comes in a wide variety of colors and color combos. The helmet has a polycarbonate shell, an integrated Bluetooth communication system, and the IntelliQuin system. The helmet also an internal drop-down sun shield. MSRP is $299.

Quin Spitfire

Quinn Spit Fire

The Spitfire is the company’s full-face helmet. It has a polycarbonate shell, is ECE and DOT certified, offers a drop-down sun visor, integrated Bluetooth system, and the IntelliQuin system. It comes in a few colorways. the helmet has an MSRP of $399.

Quin Ghost

Quin Designs Helmets

The big news for Quin Design Helmets is its new addition for 2020. It’s the Quin Ghost full-face carbon-fiber helmet. Quin benchmarked the top racing helmets for this new lid. The helmet gets a light overall weight of 2.88 pounds, good aerodynamics, internal sun shield, Bluetooth communication unit, the IntelliQuin system, and ECE and DOT certified. The helmet also meets or exceeds racing specifications of FIM, AMA, CMRC, and RACE. The MSRP is $639.

What’s Ahead

The company also says it’s coming out with a modular helmet for riders. That helmet will have a carbon fiber shell and be styled for adventure riding. The company says it will “set a new standard for this category of helmets.” We will see, and I’ll keep an eye out for more information.

Note: A previous version of this article said the helmets were FIM certified. While they are built to FIM specifications, they have not yet been certified and Quin is working towards the process of new certifications. See the comments below for clarification from an employee of the company.

  1. I think there’s some misleading marketing going on here. Their website says it “Meets or exceeds” the FIM standards. Actual certification requires testing by approved independent labs that I’m assuming wasn’t done.

    The Ghost is not FIM certified. You can see the list of actually certified helmets at the FIM Racing Homologation Programme’s website. They have a ‘Testing Pending’ list, QUIN isn’t on that list either.

    Certified helmets come with a serialized hologram sticker that you can check on FIM’s website. The images on their website show a knock-off sticker with the FIM logo. That is deceptive and IMO, unethical. Given that questionable marketing, I’m not inclined to believe their untested claims about it meeting the standards either.

    1. Really interesting point. Hopefully, at some point we’ll be able to do an interview with the owner (we met him at AIMExpo last year) and really dig into this and some other questions I have about the helmets.

  2. Hi all – I work with Quin so I can provide some clarity here. Valid points above – the Quin Ghost helmet model is DOT and ECE certified and meets or exceeds racing specifications of FIM, AMA, CMRC, and RACE. These are not certifications. The model was developed and initially released in 2018, just prior to the launch of the new FIM certification. The helmet is compliant with the specifications that pre-date the certification and Quin is working towards the process of new certifications. We apologize if this was miscommunicated at any time. We have just notified Web Bike World of this error, and requested an edit to this article. Please feel free to get in touch at any time with questions and thank you to the Web Bike World team for always asking good questions.

    1. Hannah, I really appreciate the comment, and I have updated the article to be accurate. It really speaks to Quin’s commitment that you reached out. Glad to hear you’re working towards certification, and I can’t wait to see the results and get my hands on a Quin helmet.

  3. You said that the Ghost has an internal sun shield, and I believe that’s incorrect. The Spitfire and McQ do have them, but not the Ghost. An internal sun shield would cause it to not be able to meet racing specs.

  4. Very nice looking helmet BUT BIG PROBLEMS

    Very nice looking helmet with great tech features. HOWEVER!!! in all caps and 3 exclamation points; be aware of their not so usual return exchange policy! They may ship it free BUT IF you return it for any reason even if didn’t fit using Quin’s own size chart you must pay the return shipping which for me using UPS was $47.00. Further, if you want a refund you will be charged for the original free shipping to you as well, a $45.00 fee. So to just try the helmet on and it doesn’t fit your head it will cost you $90.00+ not including your time and hoop jumping. Unheard of policy in this industry! It’s giving would be Quin Helmet owners trouble as well as Quintessential Designs the owner of the made in China, not Texas, Quin Helmet. Beware! They do not point this out prior to sale. China made and nasty penalty for returns and exchanges.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Dman.

      I’ve just received the new Quin Quest adventure modular helmet to review this summer. I tried it on and it’s a wee bit tight, but that’s not unexpected because my head size sits right between M and L as it almost always does with any helmet. Quin offered to send me a thinner crown liner to ensure I have a perfect fit.
      I’ll be sure to ask them about their policy for the review and include it in the details to help potential buyers know what they’re getting into.

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