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New forks improve Harley tourers

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Harley tourers became the best handling family a few years ago when the company introduced a stiffer frame.

Now Swedish suspension company Ohlins has announced the FKC 101 cartridge-type aftermarket fork internals which should make them handle even better.

If there was any complaint about the handling of Harley’s Touring bikes it was with the flex in the front end that made them a little slow to turn and wallow through corners with bumps.

The new Ohlins products have been created specifically to fit Harley baggers and touring models.

However, having ridden the new 2014 “Rushmore” Touring bikes (pictured), the forks really don’t need updating.

Harley has gone from 41.3mm forks to 49mm with better damping and quicker reaction, which means they don’t have to be sprung as hard, so the ride is plusher while handling is improved.

It also increases the dynamic lean angle, even though the static lean angle is the same.

But if you own a current or older model FLH or FLT, the Ohlins accessories are good news, especially for heavier riders or those who ride two-up.

The FKC 101 cartridges have compression in the left fork and rebound in the right to minimise weight.

They have 8mm steel shafts, aluminium damper tubes, and 25mm pistons. They don’t come with external adjustors, but they are expected to be available down the track.

Prices and availability are yet to be confirmed.