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New 1200cc Triumph Bonneville family

2016 Triumph Bonneville family recalled over fire risk assault
2016 Triumph Bonneville family


Triumph has startled everyone with a whole new Bonneville family of five models with two engine sizes – 900cc and 1200cc – each with liquid-cooling and a host of modern electronic rider aids for the retro fleet.

2016 Triumph Bonneville family
2016 Triumph Bonneville family



Triumph Australia says the estimated arrival dates and prices (plus on-road costs and subject to change) for the new models should be:

  • Bonneville Street Twin (900cc): $13,700, February
    Triumph Bonneville Street Twin Aluminium Silver Front Quarter
    Street Twin
  • Bonneville T120 (1200cc): $17,500, April
    Triumph Bonneville T120 Cranberry Red Aluminium Silver Fr Qtr
  • Bonneville T120 Black (1200cc): $17,500, April
    Triumph Bonneville T120 Black Jet Black Front Quarter
    T120 Black
  • Thruxton (1200cc): $18,700, May
    Triumph Bonneville Thruxton Competition Green Front Quarter
  • Thruxton R (1200cc): $21,100, April
    Triumph Bonneville Thruxton R Diablo Red Front Quarter
    Thruxton R

Current retail prices are: Bonneville $12,490 ($12,990 two-tone), T100 (13,490, T100 A2 $14,250 and T100 SE $14,990.

There is no mention of an updated Scrambler, however Triumph says they will have a scrambler “inspiration” kit of accessories (high pipe, brown ribbed bench seat, handgrips, compact LED indicators, sump guard and mudguard removal) to build your own.

Triumph says the new models are the result of a four-year “ground-up” project of “unprecedented scale of design, engineering and manufacturing skills”.

It includes a new chassis and suspension, six-speed transmission (up from five), plus two new liquid-cooled engines, as predicted.

Triumph Bonneville Thruxton


However, no one predicted Triumph would produce a 1200cc engine. Most predictions were one litre or 1100cc.

The 1200cc “high torque” engine comes in two tuning levels. The T120 and T120 Black get a 105Nm model which peaks at just 3100 revs. That’s 54% more than the current T100.

However, the Thruxton spec engine has 122Nm of torque at 4950 revs which is 62% more.

The Street Twin gets an eight-valve 900cc engine with 80Nm at 3200rpm, which is still up 18% on the 865cc air-cooled model it replaces.

Triumph says all models get new exhaust systems; upswept peashooters on the base model, upswept reverse megaphones on the Thruxton and the T120 has twin peashooters with a clean “straight-line run” achieved through “an ingenious twin-skin design that covers the pipe run through the cat box and out again”.

Triumph Bonneville Thruxton R
Thruxton R

We’re assured that the fruity sound of a deep and rich British twin has been retained.

No power figures are supplied for any of the models. Nor are fuel tank capacities mentioned, but we expect with the improved economy they have either retained the 16-litre tank or reduced it slightly to streamline the looks and still not reduce the range.

Thankfully, it looks like they have added lockable fuel caps on all models.

Triumph doesn’t list specifications such as weight or sizes, but they look about the same proportions. However, we can expect an increase in weight from the bigger engines.

Triumph Bonneville T120 and original 1959 model
T120 and original 1959 model


Triumph says the engine styling has been retained and given high-quality finishes. From the photos, it certainly looks pretty good, especially the brushed-aluminium engine cases with oh-so classy bronze details on the T120.

Triumph Bonneville T120

The new models include the revival of the T120 name which was the original super British superbike when it was released in 1959 and the Speed Twin originally produced in 1937 as a 500cc parallel twin.

Despite retaining much of the retro looks, except for upside suspension on the Thruxton and the large radiator between the two front frame tubes, there s a lot of modern technology packed in the iconic motorcycles.

Triumph Bonneville Street Twin
Street Twin


For a start they come with fly-by-wire throttle which not only increases fuel economy by 36% in the Street Twin, but also allows the addition of rider controls such as traction control on all five bikes and rider modes on the T120 and Thruxton models.

They also all come with a slip-assist clutch to prevent rear-wheel lock-ups on downshifts, ABS, LED rear lights, convenient USB charging socket on the headstock and an engine immobiliser with a transponder in the key fob. The T120 and Thruxton models also get LED daytime running lights and twin brake discs.

And even the base model Street Twin gets improved instruments (single pod on the Street Twin and dual in the other models) with more comprehensive information and access controls at your fingertips.

The T120 adds heated grips, centre stand and a passenger grab rail.

Meanwhile, the Thruxton gets clip-on bars, bar-end mirrors, single seat, fully adjustable suspension, 17-inch front wheel. The R model adds twin floating Brembo discs with racing monobloc callipers, gold Showa upside-down forks, Ohlins rear shock and Pirelli Rosso Corsa tyres.

It is difficult to see how Triumph has managed to introduce ABS without adding the tell-tale, ugly slotted reluctor ring on the disc. Maybe they’ve gone for a light sensor system like Harley-Davidson, or something equally as clever.

Triumph Bonneville Street Twin
Street Twin


Triumph has released the models with some 470 accessories including Vance & Hones exhausts, rather than Arrows. Other accessories include mudguard removal kits, bench seats, bullet indicators and more.

The official Triumph release mentions “inspiration” kits which will be valued-added accessory packs to turn your bike into a scrambler, “brat tracker”, track racer, cafe racer and, for the Thruxton R, an off-road race performance kit for track days and racing with more power and torque and lower weight.

There is a wide variety of colour choices as well.

  • Street Twin: Cranberry Red, with tank and wheel strips;  Aluminium Silver with tank and wheel strips; Matt Black; Jet Black and Phantom Black.
  • T120: Cranberry Red and Aluminium Silver, with hand-painted coach lines;  Jet Black and Pure White, with hand-painted coach lines; Jet Black; and Cinder Red.
  • T120 Black: Jet Black and Matt Graphite.
  • Thruxton: Jet Black, Pure White, with a black tank stripe and Competition Green, with a metallic gold tank stripe.
  • Thruxton R: Diablo Red and Silver Ice.
    Triumph Bonneville Thruxton R
    Thruxton R

  1. Something you can commute on, take on a weekend ride with enough grunt
    for 2 up touring, good seating position, Pretty similar to the universal japanese motorcycles
    of old ,by rights they should sell heaps

  2. to many electronics if it dies your in trouble—makes me happy I got a older one–100.000 kms never layed a spanner on it

  3. as long as it doesn’t have the meek whistling engine and ironing board seat of the old one I’ll be happy. I had that Bonneville only 8 months. Wanted to like it but couldn’t bond.
    Good to see some real torque and ABS bringing it into 21st century

  4. I like things about 900 and 1200 each styling wise and wonder about any lesser weight for the 900. If the Street twin were a little lighter and could come with polished aluminum I might consider it but the spokes and twin disc on front would be clincher for the 1200. Also greater gobs of torque sound nice.

    I agree with comment above on kickstarter, always handy for contingency and not just looks. I had 1973 750 Tiger that I rode cross country that was a great bike and never let me down 80k miles until stolen; and then new 1979 Bonnie with engine not put together right, then traded on new R80ST I had 25 yrs. I like light twins. Good to see modern competitive upgrades on this line. I now have Vstrom that is good bike without sex appeal and bit taller than I like. Would be interesting to see weight and handling on this line and has my interest for a test ride.

  5. Heads up…..I just got told the Thruxton R will retail for around the 26k mark. What. The. Fcuk!!!!

    The standard Bonnies will be retailing around 20k.

    Here I was dreaming of owning one as it’s the perfect bike for me. These prices are from a Triumph dealer and if true basically makes these bikes waaay too expensive. I know it’s chalk and cheese but the Thruxton R is allegedly in the same league as a bunch of premium boutique Italian bikes.

    I’m not in the habit of being raped and pillaged, so I’ll be looking for value elsewhere.

    We have a free trade agreement with Thailand…..why are these bikes so expensive?
    Does Triumph think they are Harley Davidson?
    I wanted to buy a Speed Twin but once a rang my dealer I have switched to buy the MT-09…a much better deal !

    1. These prices are all wrong as far as the US goes our prices are at least three or 4000 less than what you published in this article and I have gone over to order one and the price of a fully loaded Bonneville us leave about 10 1/2 thousand dollars

  7. Never will I pay that much! Il wait and buy a used one! My 10 Vintage ones will have to do! And one 07 Scrambler!

  8. Way too expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can buy Ducati Diavel and have some change for another decent second hand bike. This is shameful from Triumph, really would make more money selling more bikes cheaper. Greedy!!!! Shame on all of you

  9. As a lifetime biker I was looking for an emphasis on the SOUND of the new bikes in your video rather than the usual music – colour me abit disappointed. Bikes are great, then again they always were.

  10. Triumph will not be doing themselves any favors if those prices are close to accurate.
    Harley, Victory and Indian offer competitive motorcycles at far more attractive pricing. I hate to say goodby to US Triumph, but…
    One local used bike dealer near me has been buying 2013-2014 Thunderbird LT’s and Commanders at auction in Atlanta still on MCO’s. These he is selling for a profit at under $10k. So how is this new pricing going to help sell bikes?

  11. Just came from the dealership. Your prices are about 50% higher that what I was quoted.

  12. Just took the 1200 Bonneville for a test ride. Dealer was kind enough to bring one up in the back of a ute, travelled 200klm to give a few of us a ride on the demo. It only had 30klm on it when I took it out for about 45minutes and I clocked up 40klm on it. The engine was tight as one would expect but the tall gearing and torque work well together. I enjoyed the ride very much and am looking forward to a test ride on the Thruxton, 20 hp and more torque, cant wait!

  13. Havn,t ridden new 900 as sell quicker than can supply ,1200 was ok , leaked coolant from head, after a mild ride, but after riding thruxtan would be hard to match and would give it top score except price.

    1. Harley ripoff?? Maybe you aren’t aware that the original Sportster was designed to compete with the Triumph T120.

  14. Almost finished de-modernising my thruxton R now. No electronic hipster shite, no abs, no traction controls and all that(made in china) crap. Made a Pamco ignition to fit and a set of 40mm mikuni flatslide carbs on it. Single Koso tach. O, and aluminium tank and fastback tail. Now it’s a real Caferacer!

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