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Nepal electric bike shows savings

Nepal Yatri electric motorcycle

A giant tablet-sized touchscreen on the first electric motorcycle from Nepal shows environmentally conscious riders how much fuel they are saving and their carbon offset.

The Project Zero from Yatri Motorcycles is expected to be released in March 2020, but there are no details on where it will be available.

There are also no details on how it calculates fuel savings and carbon offset without knowing the price of fuel and electricity as well as how power is generated in your region!

Made in Nepal

Surely this Nepal electric bike project won’t be called Zero as that name is already taken by the world’s leading electric motorcycle company!

Apart from fuel savings and carbon offset, the 17cm tablet instrument screen also shows Satnav and info such as top speed and average speed which could be self-incriminating if the police pull you over!

The other interesting aspect of the bike is that it can fully recharge in two hours from a normal mains outlet.

That’s still slow compared with fuelling a conventional bike, but it’s substantially faster than any other electric motorcycle.

Most other electric bikes require special DC fast-charger connections to charge only to 80% in about that time.Nepal Yatri electric motorcycle

Yatri Motorcycles don’t say how it is done, but they do say it will have 230km of range and 30kW of power.

They also haven’t specified if that range is city or highway or whether they have regenerative braking.

As we know, electric motorcycles have greater range in the city where braking helps recharge the battery.

There are also no tech specs such as weight, but it looks light and has lightweight carbon-fibre panels.