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My top 12 Favorite Light-weight Face Masks by ZombieBangBang

ZombieBangBang on Instagram

ZombieBangBang carries a wide variety of light weight tube-style face masks that are used in many industries. As you can tell from there name, Zombiebangbang, killing the zombies is just one of there many uses. Check out there awesome Instagram feed for more creative ideas on what you need one of these masks for.

I like and wear them on the bike when it is HOT out. They are made from a thin, stretchable material that keeps me cool and the beating sun off the lower half of my face. I’ve also got stuck in the rain a bunch of times and having one of these on has helped reduced that “needle in the face” feeling that a little water can do at 70mph. Here are my favorite 10 designs: (there are many more than that).

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