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Motorcycle tracker technology improved

Lock theft stolen Lock Insurance theft motorcycles thief tracker

The Slovenian company that brought us the innovative Smart Turn System self-cancelling indicators is now working on a Smart Motorcycle Tracker that they claim will be better than any current tracker.

STS will test the prototype Smart Motorcycle Tracker in May with production to follow later this year.

The makers admit a motorcycle tracking device will not deter or stop thieves, but they say it will help track down your bike as they send an alert to the rider and the police to improve the response time in the event of theft.

“The response time is crucial,” they say.

“After the thieves steal your motorcycle, they can disassemble it very quickly. The way these crooks organise, it makes them very efficient. Your motorcycle can be lost forever once it is pulled apart.”

A motorcycle tracker improves response time, allowing the owner and police to take action sooner, they say. That’s if the police could be bothered to take action!Lock theft stolen Lock Insurance theft motorcycles thief

Tracker technology improved

Where this tracker differs from others is that it is smaller, has a back-up battery, differentiates theft from accidental movement, is jam-proof, has an SOS function and is much more accurate.

They say the unit will be so small, you can tuck it away discreetly inside the bike where no thief would know it is located.

If they do find it and cut the power wires, it has a back-up battery so it continues to transmit a signal to a cloud service. It will also receive information from the service and cannot be jammed.

Smart Motorcycle Tracker is also claimed to be able to differentiate human intrusion from naturally caused movements such as the wind moving the bike. However, they don’t say how.

SOS function

It will include an SOS or eCall function that sends an alert to family members and/or emergency services if you crash.

Europe has now mandated eCall systems in all new model cars from April this year and is expected to expand it to motorcycles.

BMW has pre-empted this with the K 1600 which is the first bike to fit an SOS button either as as an ex-factory or aftermarket option.

BMW Motorrad SOS alert button tracker
BMW’s SOS button

However, the Smart Motorcycle Tracker will be an aftermarket system, capable of being added to any motorcycle.

“Our device will contact your family members and inform them about the location of the accident,” STS says.

“It will also send the location to local rescue services. Even more important, the rescue service will know from which direction you came, so they will know on which side of the highway they can approach you.”

More accurate tracker

Also, the Smart Motorcycle Tracker signal is claimed to be more accurate than current trackers using geo-fencing technology.

“We will make a step further in this segment as well. We will increase the accuracy from current 20-30 meters to 2-3 meters,” they say.

The unit is still in development and STS have opened a website where interested customers can register for updates on the progress.

STS indicators

Smart Turn System Self-cancelling indicator may save your life
Smart Turn System Self-cancelling indicator may save your life. BUY NOW!

STS already make one of the smartest self-cancelling turn signal systems for motorcycles.

We love it and think it’s a great safety device for riders on bikes without self-cancelling indicators.

After all, how many times have you been on a group ride and found riders in your pack forget to turn off their indicators?

It’s not safe. Other motorists could think they are about to turn and drive out in front of them.

Read more about it here.

Click here to buy the Start Turn self-cancelling indicators.

STS has also developed a Smart Brake Module that indicates deceleration on your brake light when you are engine braking and downshifting.

The brake light that may save your life tracker