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Motorcycle theft trend finally drops

motorcycle theft stolen motorcycles

Has motorcycle theft finally turned the corner?

While all motor vehicle theft has been decreasing in the past few years thanks to a unified nationwide attack on rebirthing crime, motorcycle theft has continued to rise. But now it appears to be trending down, according to the second-quarter figures released this week by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council.

There were 1946 motorcycles stolen in the second quarter, which is down 14.8% on the previous quarter. Although winter motorcycle theft is always down, it decreased 3.7% on the same quarter last year and joyriding or short-term theft was down 9% from the previous year.

While joyriders seem to be on the wane, profit-motivated motorcycle theft by “professional” thieves is only down marginally and still represents more than a quarter of all vehicles stolen and not recovered.

Worst state or motorcycle theft remains Western Australia where off-road bikes and scooters are the biggest targets. However, the situation is improving thanks to an initiative by the theft council and WA police to supply alarms to scooter owners in high-risk suburbs. In the second quarter, 517 bikes were stolen in WA which was down 13.3%.

Queensland was next with 368 (down 10%), Victoria 441 (up 6.8%), NSW 355 (no change), SA 120 (-16.7%), NT 72 (56.5%) Tasmania 43 (4.9%) and ACT 30 (76.5%). Most were stolen in the South East Queensland region.

The most popular brands stolen were, of course, the biggest sellers, which are the Japanese brands. While bikes between 200cc and 500cc were more commonly targeted, scooter brands are always big targets for thieves because they are lighter and easier to steal.

Where they were stolen

(2014 Q2 compared with 2013 Q2)

Brisbane City, 73, -31.8%

Cockburn, WA, 57, 96.6%

Gold Coast, 56, 47.4%

Moreton Bay region, 38, -20.8%

Melbourne City, 38, 171.4%

Stirling, WA, 38, -9.5%

Gosnells, WA, 36, 24.1%

Darebin, Victoria, 34, 30.8%

Sydney City, 31, -8.8%

Greater ACT, 30, 76.5%

What was stolen

Yamaha 377

Honda 367

Suzuki 165

Kawasaki 149

KTM 130

Harley-Davidson 43

SYM 40

Longjia 39

Kymco 37

Triumph 35

Vmoto 35

Bolwell 34

Piaggio 33

Hyosung 27

TGB 26

Vespa 22

Husqvarna 21

Polaris 17

CFMoto 16

Aprilia 13