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The Motorcycle Museum of Vransko, Slovenia: Here’s a note from Janez Grom, the Director:”I have just seen your nice web page on the internet. I must say it is very nicely designed.

I have seen that you have a list of motorcycle museums with links. I kindly invite you to visit the website of our private museum.It holds the biggest collection of racing TOMOS 50cc bikes in the world dating from 1961 to 1982.

We have one of the largest European collections of Puch motorcycles before 1914.Because of our geographic position we have decided to make and present to the public a fusion of eastern and western motorcycle history.Therefore we have in our collection both American, Italian, English, French, German, as well as motorcycles from Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Litva, Estonia, USSR.All these machines are pre-WWII.

Here is a short list of the most important motorcycles that we have:


Indian 4 1937
Indian Prince OHV
Indian Scout 1924
H-D JD with sidecar 1929
Ner-a-Car 1924
Ariel 4V
Puch “N” 1912 (two existing)
Puch “D” 1906 (only one existing)
Puch Zweizylinder 1904 (the oldest two cylinder Puch still existing)
Majestic 1931 (7 existing) – the Bugatti of the motorcycles
Frera 1915
Frera two cylinder 1924
Motosacoche 350 1932
Gilera VTGSL
Triumph Bonneville T120 1960
Sokol 1000 1927 (polish copy of the H-D)
PMZ 1935 (Russian copy of the Indian engine installed in a copy of a steel pressed BMW frame)
ABC 1919


Velocette KTT 1928 (two existing)
MV Agusta 125 OHC 1953 (one of four in original conditions still existing)
Matchless G50
Yamaha TD3 1973
TOMOS D5 (works racer – 4 ever made)
TOMOS D6S (12 made)
TOMOS GP71 (prototype made for Gilberto Parlotti)
TOMOS GP72 (prototype made for Gilberto Parlotti)
TOMOS DM GP (European champion of 1982)


Zundapp KS750
Villiers Wellbike

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From “P.P.” (June 2012): “I was just looking through your “Museums” page and thought I should suggest another: The Glenn Curtiss Aviation Museum in Hammonsport, New York.

While the museum is more aviation oriented than motorcycles, there is a lot to see, including about fifteen antique bikes.

The collection runs from a 1903 Curtiss to a 1936 Indian with sidecar, with a 1924 Ner-A-Car and 1915 Williams Clady rotary engined machine.

The aviation displays are extensive and you can watch the craftsmen at work restoring various projects. Glenn Curtiss was one of the very early motorcycle and aircraft pioneers, competing with the Wright brothers and eventually being forced to collaborate with them in World War One, forming Curtiss-Wright Company.

Hammonsport (Bing Map) is located in the Finger Lakes district of upper New York State, a wonderful place to ride, and not far from the legendary Watkins Glen racetrack. Great roads, lots to see.”

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