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Motorcycle Helmet Sizes – Motorcycle Helmet Safety

Choosing Motorcycle Helmets:   Link to an older Motorcycle Consumer News article comparing helmets, some of which are older models  |  See the wBW Safety Page for a lot more info on helmet and motorcycle safety  |  Motorcycle News article comparing flip-up helmets  |  Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet by in Alberta, Canada  |  What You Should Know About Motorcycle Helmets – reprint of old Motorcyclist Magazine article is still relevant  |  List of Snell 2000 certified helmets available on the Snell website  |  Good basic information on the difference between Snell and DOT standards for motorcycle helmet testing  |  J.D. Power motorcycle helmet ratings

Modular Motorcycle Helmets (Flip-ups):  Motorcycle News has published its recent comparison of flip-front helmets online

Motorcycle Helmet Safety Data and Standards:  U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) list of sample helmets tested for compliance for the years 2000-2003; interesting list, check to see if your helmet has passed or failed! (Note: .pdf file; not all helmets are on this list, only the brands/models chosen at random for compliance testing  |   British Standards Institute (BSI)  |  The Helmet Harbor has a nice comparison of Snell, DOT, BSI and ECE helmet safety standards  |  NHTSA Helmet Compliance Test Data for the years 1994 through 20002; this is FMVSS 218  |  DOT Motorcycle Helmet Safety Standards, Section 571.218 Standard No. 218; this is a copy of the official legislation for the test that helmet manufacturers must go through to get their helmets approved to get a “DOT” sticker  |  The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Motorcycle Safety page  |  BSI 6658 Type A standard information  |  “Testing the Positional Stability of Motorcycle Helmets” and other motorcycle helmet safety articles, conducted by the Head Protection Research Laboratory  |  World Health Organization Helmet Initiative  |  Much more on the wBW Motorcycle Safety page  

Helmet Testing and Research:  Head Protection Research Lab (Los Angeles)  |  Head Protection Evaluations U.K.  |  Biokinetics Associates – a private, DOT certified company that conducts helmet testing  |   The Snell Memorial Foundation has information comparing Snell and DOT standards; helmet FAQ’s; testing requirements; lists of certified helmets and more  |  Southern Impact Research Center  |  SGS Testing

Noise Levels, Hearing and Motorcycles:  Please read the information on the wBW Earplugs and Hearing Protection page for more information about hearing, noise, motorcycles and earplugs   The NHTSA Helmet Study – This study assessed the effects of motorcycle helmets upon seeing and hearing by having 50 riders operate over a test route, changing lanes in response to an audible signal under three helmet conditions: none, partial coverage, and full coverage  |  An older article on motorcycle helmets and hearing by the Hope for Hearing Foundation  |  Read this summary of a study from a private consulting firm in England that describes the sources for motorcycle helmet noise

NHTSA and Other Motorcycle Helmet Safety Articles:  State Legislative Fact Sheet on helmet safety and helmet laws has some very compelling information on why you should wear a helmet and what states are doing about helmet laws  |  “Motorcycle Helmets: The Facts of Life” – read this interesting summary of the benefits of motorcycle helmets by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)  |  Also read “Without Motorcycle Helmets, We All Pay the Price”  |  The Goldstein Helmet Study – This study evaluates the effectiveness of motorcycle helmets in accident situations. It is concluded that (1) motorcycle helmets have no statistically significant effect on the probability of fatality; (2) helmets reduce the severity of head injuries; and (3) past a critical impact speed [13 MPH], helmets increase the severity of neck injuries  |  See thewBW Safety Page for a lot more info on helmet and motorcycle safety

User Reviews of Motorcycle Helmets:  See the wBW Review Index page for helmet, clothing and product reviews  |  Many helmet reviews are available on the helmet review page on the Motorcycle News website

Motorcycle Helmet Laws:  Motorcycle Helmet Use Laws from the Insurance  Institute for Highway Safety

Head Circumference
(Measure around widest part)

Hat Size Approx. Helmet Size
Inch Metric
19-5/8 to 20-1/8 50 – 51 6 to 6-3/8 XXS
20-1/4 to 20-7/8 52 – 53 6-1/2 to 6-5/8 XS
21 to 21-5/8 54 – 55 6-3/4 to 6-7/8 S
21-3/4 to 22-3/8 56 – 57 7 to 7-1/8 M
22-1/2 to 23-1/8 58 – 59 7-1/4 to 7-3/8 L
23-1/4 to 24 60 – 61 7-1/2 to 7-5/8 XL
24-1/8 to 24-7/8 62 – 63 7-3/4 to 7-7/8 XXL
25 to 25-5/8 64 – 65 8 to 8-1/8 XXXL
26-3/8 to 26-3/4 67 – 68 8-3/8 to 8-1/2 XXXXL
27 to 27-1/2 69 – 70 8-5/8 to 8-3/4 XXXXXL

NOTE:  All sizes approximate and will differ (sometimes dramatically) between brands.