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Gloves worn under or over the cuff?

Admiral Under-Cuff Gauntlet motorcycle gloves

Do you wear your gauntlet gloves under or over your jacket cuff?

While most gauntlet gloves are made to be worn over the cuff, some riders like a tight gauntlet so they can pull the cuff over the top of the glove.

Harley-Davidson has now released a special all-weather glove that can be worn under the cuff.

It’s called the Admiral Under-Cuff Gauntlet (98226-18VM) and retails for $126 and comes in sizes small to 3XL.

We’ve been successfully trialling the glove in varied weather conditions, from 41C dry heat in the Los Angeles to single-digit temperatures back here on a cool Queensland spring morning.

We also copped a light shower of rain and stayed dry.

Fitting under cuff

They feature a “power-stretch” gauntlet cuff that wraps tightly around any size wrist thanks to an adjustable wrist strap and zipper closure.

It slips under the jacket cuff to obstruct wind and cold.

We have tried it with several jackets and find it works quite well.

However, it is a bit difficult to shove under the cuffs of a jacket with snap-lock buttons. It’s easy to fit the first glove with your ungloved hand, but difficult to snap the buttons with the other gloved hand.Admiral Under-Cuff Gauntlet motorcycle gloves

Summer/winter gloves

The gloves are made of ultra-soft distressed sheepskin leather with pinhole perforations in the fingertips.

These holes allow a nice flow of air without allowing light rain to permeate.

In summer, you can leave your sleeves a little loose so the wind can rush up your arms.

The gloves are also insulated with a heat-reflective lining that doesn’t come out when you pull your hand out.

I also found that in the furnace-like dry LA heat we didn’t get sweaty hands.

They are not extra-thick for use in polar conditions, but they seem ok for mild cool conditions and keep the wind from rushing up your sleeves.

Protection and comfort

Like most Harley gear, they are designed more for comfort than for protection so there are no hard knuckle protectors.

However, they are extremely comfortable with 30-degree pre-curved padded fingers and what they call “envelope knuckles” which is an elasticised panel across the knuckles.

The palms are padded to protect against the jackhammer effect, but still thin enough for maximum feel.

There are also anti-slip grip pads in the palms and the seams don’t have irritating hard interior stitching.

Unfortunately, they don’t have touch-sensitive fingertips for use with touchscreens.

They come in black and feature subtle, embossed Harley and skull graphics.Admiral Under-Cuff Gauntlet motorcycle gloves

  1. Dealers r wondering why nobody likes them. None sell what we want such as decent winter gauntlets which easily fit over a jacket cuff.

  2. I have worn my gloves under the cuff for years and at last someone has made a glove that fits under the cuff. The price is a bit, but I will be down to my Harley dealer asap to buy a pair. As for touch sensitive fingers for the GPS, should not be adjusting on the run anyway. Up until a few years ago I wore my gloves over the cuffs until I saw someone who wore his under the cuff. When I asked him why he told me that by wearing them under the cuff the rain running down the jacket does not fill the glove, you can wear the gloves tighter around the wrist (hopefully stopping them coming of in a crash) and it also stops that cold wind going up your sleeve, he was right on all accounts.

  3. Seems like a bit of a sneaky way to advertise a product.
    I am all for a bit of advertising to pay the costs etc but this is really just clickbait.

    this is a great site which i am a regular at and am happy with some ads just be transaprent about it please.

    otherwise keep up the great work this is an awesome site 🙂

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Forgive me for trying to make a review interesting reading, rather than yet another boring review.
      If you want that, try reading some of the magazines and websites that only publish reviews when the companies advertise with them.
      This is not advertising, but a genuine review. We have not received any payment for this article.

  4. Gloves only ever seem to come in one size fits no one.
    I have large hands that require a xxl or xxxl size glove depending on the make but when you get a glove that size they seem to have fingers that are as long as shoelaces. I know there are probably a few basketball players that would complain about them being too short but just taking the average doesn’t work
    these are a safety item not a fashion item !

  5. Under or over there are pros and cons for both, under the wind blows up your sleeves over the rain fills your gloves.
    Some gloves have a double cuff that fits under the sleeve then you wrap a kind of gater over the top. They’re great in cold wet places like Melbourne or London but every where else they’re too hot.
    When I know it’s going to be cold and wet I wear two jackets a warm armoured one and a thin water proof one over the top that can be put on with gloves on so the cuffs cover the gloves.
    One thing you really need to protect your self from is bees and wasps, I’ve had one down my neck and one blown up my arm that stung me both times being mildly allergic I had to seek medical help, so now even in hot weather I try to cover my neck and wrists.

  6. Depends on the weather for me. On my bike my arms angle down towards the handlebars, so when it rains my gloves definitely get tucked in so the rain don’t fill ’em!

    If I had a set of Ape-Hangers, I’d probably be doing the opposite.

    Like a couple of the previous commenters, I wear my Aldi gloves all the time, the most comfortable I’ve ever owned and good for all seasons.

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