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Motorcycle council slams anti-bikie laws

Recreational riders are already caught up in the Queensland government’s crackdown on outlaw motorcycle clubs, despite new laws passed by the Queensland Parliament naming only a set list of 26 so-called ‘criminal motorcycle gangs’.
That’s according to the Shaun Lennard, head of the country’s peak motorcycle rider organisation, the Australian Motorcycle Council, who explains some of the council’s concerns that could impact on any rider.
“There are reports all over social media of riders being stopped from one end of Queensland to the other, with police telling them it’s all part of an information-gathering campaign,” Lennard said.

"Get out and ride"
“Get out and ride”

Lennard’s comments come on top of confirmation that a Queensland LNP parliamentarian has been told by Premier Campbell Newman that he’s not to attend a motorcycle show taking place as part of this weekend’s Karunda Festival, near Cairns. Michael Trout is the Member for Barron River, elected to parliament last year in the Newman government’s landslide win.
It was confirmed by Mr Trout’s office on Friday afternoon that he had been given a ‘directive’ from the premier’s office not to attend.
“The organisers and locals in Karunda are very upset that their local member of parliament has let them down at the last moment; on the eve of the festival.
“It’s a motorcycle show at a community festival for crying out loud. This is extraordinary! Everything we feared about the appalling laws approved this week through the ‘rubber stamp’ process with no scrutiny seems to be true.”

"Get out and ride"
“Get out and ride”

“People going about their everyday business are being stopped and asked questions about who they might know. And now a government MP can’t talk to motorcyclists at a bike show? Because of the ‘associate’ part of the legislation? This is one of the aspects we’re most concerned about, and one that could have far-reaching implications.”
“With over 160,000 registered motorcycles in Queensland, how long do they intend for this charade going to continue? A year? Two years?”
“The AMC is on record as repeatedly saying we support reasonable police action targeting criminal activities. That position remains unchanged, but the laws enacted this week aren’t reasonable in anyone’s language.”

"Get out and ride"
“Get out and ride”

“I haven’t heard of a single legal officer other than the Queensland Attorney-General saying these are good laws. These are bad laws and the Queensland Government knows it.”
“These laws target people simply because they ride, and already we’re seeing the impact on community festivals.”
“Last time I checked it wasn’t illegal to have tattoos, wear an open-face crash helmet, or ride a Harley-Davidson. Well, not before this week.”
The AMC is also concerned that police and media focus on a fraction of the riding community reinforces bygone stereotypes of riders.
“According to Queensland Police, there’s value in speaking to any rider simply because they’re on a bike.”
“The number of people riding motorcycles in Australia has almost doubled in the past 10 years. There are many more women riding these days too, so the stereotype being dragged out again is way off the mark.”

"Get out and ride"
“Get out and ride”

“Is there something else at play here? Is this a measure actually aimed at discouraging motorcycling? Are they trying to end community motorcycle shows too?”
“Our statement is not about the AMC defending people involved in criminal activity; not for a second. But these moves attack motorcycling, and we’ll claim the right of all licensed riders to ride registered motorcycles and scooters on public streets every day of the week. That’s at the heart of our constitution,” he continued.
“We saw something similar a few years ago when the previous Queensland government increased the motorcycle learner age to 18. It wasn’t about road safety; it was about discouraging people from taking up motorcycling.”
“The AMC will never support an ‘anti-motorcycling’ campaign dressed-up as road safety, and we’ll never support an ‘anti-motorcycling’ campaign dressed-up as getting tough on crime.”
So the AMC’s advice to riders?
“Get out there and ride. Ride this weekend. Ride next week. Ride on your own. Ride with your friends. Participate in motorcycling because it’s fun, it’s great for regional tourism and is perfectly legal,” Lennard suggested.
“I particularly hope the Karunda motorcycle show on Saturday is the best one ever. I’d love to be there. So would Mr Trout.”

  1. This is the thin edge of the wedge, which group will be targetted next? Kids with hoodies? Housewives with curlers?

  2. I have actually just been by one of the Townsville addresses listed on the Police blog… Yep, they’re waiting on the other side of the road from the premises… It’s pretty serious.

  3. I have just ridden the Mount Tamborine – Cunungra circuit in company with three & do on a regular basis & this is the first time ever have seen cars parked where you would normally see at least fifty + bikes around the Outpost Cafe, five bikes in total & also the first time encountering road rage when a driver objected to riding to the front of the lane at the lights on the Lower Beechmont section where I need to stop to avoid an accident & he was then in front of me driving across the double lines & anywhere he thought I may overtake him. I think we can expect this sort of behavior more in the future with drivers thinking the police will side with them first before any one on a bike. What I don’t understand is why riders are not getting out there to ride & not be intimidated.

  4. I’m not a biker, but I can understand the frustration and concern of recreational bikeriders at this threat to their freedom of movement rights.

  5. I am a rider in the UK and chat with guys from Queensland and other places around the world. It is a total disgrace what these power made MP’s are doing to you guys and ladies that just want to be able to ride and enjoy the friendship and enjoyment that comes with riding in groups and with friends and like minded people. You should all contact your MP telling them that they will be looking for your vote in the future and if they are going to sit back and allow these types of laws to be steamrollered through you will not be voting them back in next time. The biker vote is not an insignificant number and could be the difference between these MPs getting elected again in the future. Keep up the good work as you are keeping the hole world informed of these injustices.

  6. Any day is a good day for a ride! I was at Canungra today at the Outpost and yes, bikes were thin on the ground. What was more depressing is the lack of signatures on both Mark’s petition and mine. It’s no use whinging folks if you’re not prepared to back it up with support and a minimal contribution to fight back. Apathy is not an option unless you’re content to live in a police state. As Edmund Burke said ‘evil triumphs when good men (and women) do nothing.’

  7. the sad thing is that 1% clubs keep all us bikers safe on the road from the idiot in his car, fear works if it wasn’t for them more bikers would be in hospital

  8. From what I have seen and heard there are cases for discrimation .There may be also a very big breach of the australian constution….Did you know that Australia signed a treaty with the UN..about discrimination…..we could lose our seat in the UN if the LNP has made laws that can be proven to discriminate.

  9. Hey Tatts, copies of the MAP petition are at The Outpost, on the wall where Mark’s is, Maiala, Shark Leathers and the Pitstop.

  10. At the end of the day if u know what attracts the attenion of the police just simply dont do it easy fixed u can ride a harley no problem and not get pulled over its other things just dont do them ive been riding for many years never been pulled over despite crossing the path of thousands of cops

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