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Motorcycle app drives future riding

Ducati Link App touring apps
Ducati Link

Ducati is the latest motorcycle manufacturer to develop an app that records your ride and allows riders to share their experience.

The Italian company first developed the app for their Multistrada back in 2015 and there are similar sorts of systems developed or being developed for brands such as Aprilia, BMW, KTM and MV Agusta.

The new Ducati Link app extends to all their models and allows riders to see bike data on their phone including speed, lean angle, acceleration and even change some of the settings on their bike such as traction control or ABS.

It also uses the GPS in your phone to record your routes and integrate photos and comments.

Ducati Link has been developed with e-Novia, and is now available for iOS and Android from their respective online stores.

Incrimination concernsBMW phone cradle app

A major concern with this sort of data collection is that it could become incriminating evidence against you should the police know you have the app on your phone.

Police have the ability to confiscate your phone if they believe a crime has been committed and it could contain evidence.

Certainly I’d think twice before sharing any of the information on social media or with other riders.

This sort of technology would be more useful if it linked to your bike’s computer so you could fix fault codes and do your own servicing!

Another concern is that the display of info such as acceleration and lean angle could be a major distraction while you are riding.

Motorcycle app

This development of motorcycle apps could eventually see the replacement of motorcycle instruments with your phone.

In fact, phones and tablets have already been included on several electric and custom bike projects as the instrument panel.

They are particularly useful for electric vehicles and have been employed in many, including the Tesla and the AppScooter, where they monitor battery life and help you organise charging.

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