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What to do If You’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident

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No one ever plans to get into an accident, but unfortunately, accidents do happen and it pays to be prepared. We can’t plan on when or where an accident will occur, so it’s always wise to have an idea of what the next steps should be.

Depending on how you look at it, motorcycles are safer than cars. While motorcycles are less responsible for accidents every year, serious or fatal instances are more common than with cars.

So, what should your first and next steps be? Keep reading below to find out.

Check Yourself for Injuries

This step seems so obvious it’s almost not worth putting, but it can be a good reminder to check over yourself before you try and run after your bike or if you see your wallet thrown across the road. It’s also true if you were riding with someone else.

Remember that one time you paid attention to the airline safety video roughly five years ago? They always recommend you put the oxygen mask on you first before putting it on someone else. The same rule applies here.

Do a quick rundown and check to see if anything is broken or if you have any serious bleeding. If you don’t feel like you can walk, don’t try to walk, you may just end of hurting yourself more. Hopefully, you’ve just suffered some scratches and bruises so you can go check on a potential passenger or move onto the next steps.

Record the Scene

Eventually, you’re going to have to call your insurance company and recount what just happened. For you to get the best claim and the fairest outcome, they need to see the accident like it just happened. If you’ve got your cellphone on you, whip it out and start taking pictures.

Try to get as many pictures as you can, including a wider shot of the accident as a whole, the other vehicle, any license plate numbers before moving onto smaller areas like scratches or dents on your motorcycle. It’s better to meet with an insurance agent and have too much information instead of too little. This is especially helpful if you’re involved in some kind of hit-and-run. Don’t worry, your camera can hold thousands of pictures.

Move to Safety

If you’ve had your accident in the middle of the road, chances are lots of other cars have come to a halt because of the accident and, well, you may be blocking the road. After you’re finishing taking pictures of the scene, get your bike off the road.

It’s also important to remember that you should stay off the road. If you’re waiting on the police to investigate the scene or a family member to come to get you help, don’t try and flag them down by stepping onto the road. Just be as detailed as possible about your location and they’ll come to find you. There’s no point in risking your life again by stepping out onto the road.

Consider Getting a Lawyer

When it comes to pursuing legal action, it’s best to talk to an expert. After all, you’ve never taken your motorcycle to a mechanic who doesn’t know what they’re doing so why risk a potential case?

In this case, you’re going to want to find a lawyer that deals with personal injury. What exactly is a personal injury? The broadest term is “unintentional injury”, a physical or mental injury to an individual. The most common areas of personal injury are traffic accidents, work accidents or medical accidents.

If you were out riding by yourself, you likely won’t be able to file a lawsuit and shouldn’t contact a lawyer. If you were struck by another driver, then you’re more likely to fall into the personal injury category. This is because the other driver had a “definable duty” of safe driving they did not adhere to and caused injury to you.

Where can you go to find the right lawyer? You can always start by asking friends or family if they have had any similar experiences. If no one has, check with your state’s bar association to see a list.

It’s beneficial to find someone who has dealt with similar cases before or who, at the very least, is familiar with motorcycles. There are many different types of law, so you’ll want to make sure you’re finding someone who you know will represent you well.