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3 of The Best Motorbike Tires You Should Look for Your Cruiser


(Contributed post for our North American readers)

The thrill of riding a motorbike is unmatched by any other riding experience. There is something about driving your bike on the asphalt for long stretches with the wind in your hair. There is sort of a freedom in it. 

It is as close to flying you can get while being on the ground. The feeling of taking your cruiser motorbike out on the highway for a cross country ride is one of the best things you can do. But for that, you need your bike to be perfectly adept to handle all road conditions. One of the major aspects of this is to have good tires.

Making sure your bike tires have optimum pressure. Along with that check the bike tire size and guarantee other aspects of it so that your bike can perform at its best. You should also try keeping a spare tire and spare tire bike rack for emergencies for those long trips on the highway. 

If you need to find discount tires for your motorbike you can simply search the term “motorbike tires near me” to get suggestions. Now I know what you are thinking, that is only half the story, right? 

You want to know what are the best motorbike tires. Well, the following passages are made up of the best road bike tires available on the market so check it out:

Dunlop D404

Dunlop is one of the most renowned tire brands in the world. They are known the world over for their world-class tires for trucks, cars, and bikes. And it is no surprise that a Dunlop tire has made it in this list. The tire we are going to look at is the Dunlop 404. 

It has become a phenomenon due to its consistent performance and class. Something we expect from a Dunlop tire. These come with intricately designed treads that allow for greater traction across all surfaces. However, its performance is amazing on wet surfaces. 

It has amazing versatility that is rarely seen in the tire industry for motorbikes. It comes in a one size fits all format which makes it a viable option for your cruiser bike regardless of its model and manufacturer. 

While these tires do offer ample mileage it is a bit less than a few of its major competitors. Even though it was specially designed and marketed as a touring bike tire. Along with this, another let down is the fact that it is priced high but does not offer the mileage is often a deterrent for the average buyer.

Pirelli Diablo Rosso II

Pirelli needs no introductions. It has been a premier tire company for as long as it has been around. And its innovative designs and products have kept it relevant even to this day. Diablo Rosso II is one of those tires. 

These were designed as racing tires which is why they provide amazing grip on the track and road. So whenever you drive you will see that aspect showing through on every type of road condition. Because of this grip, the bike feels more balanced and it was designed in a way so that it does not slip when taking tight corners. Tires

This tire has been consistently performing in the market for a number of years and its track record is what made me add to this list of the best motorbike tire list. However, one thing that I don’t like about this is the longevity of the tires but it may be because it receives a higher dose of abuse than regular tires. 

Another thing is that the tire just takes a long time to warm up but other than these minor problems overall the tires are amazing.

Continental ContiMotion

One of the most obvious candidates when talking about best motorbike tires is the Continental ContiMotion. There are no tires available in the industry that comes close to its performance in regards to price.

This you can say is the best value for your money motorbike tire you can find. Continental has one of the best traction control systems in the market. This is why it is considered as one of the best motorbike tires for your cruiser.

Their performance is admirable in both dry and wet conditions. And will last you thousands of miles before even showing the slightest sign of wear and tear. However, once they start deteriorating they deteriorate really fast.

Another thing that you may find hard to deal with is when they are new they don’t perform well enough. But once they are used a little bit they will outperform almost all other motorbike tires in its class.

Cruising with The Best Tires

So there you go; these are the 3 best motorbike tires in my opinion for cruisers. I myself am using the Continental ContiMotion and I am loving the performance I get out of it. But there are plenty of other great tires you can look at. There are plenty of online auto parts stores that sell car and motorbike parts who also have motorbike tires.

Try going to your local motorbike tire store to find the one that is the perfect fit for you. Take great care into finding the right tire so that you get the best out of your cruiser the next time you hit the road.