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Moto Guzzi 2007 Motorcycles

Moto Guzzi released information on their 2007 motorcycle line at the November 2006 EICMA show in Milan.

Following is a translation of the detail and technical information, edited from the Moto Guzzi press releases along with photographs of the 2007 motorcycles.

Moto Guzzi 2007
Ambassador of the best of Italy.  As a blend of comfort, elegance and leading edge technology, the 2007 Moto Guzzis simply ooze the dynamism behind this legendary name.

The machines offer what is best in modern sophisticated style.  We aim to create machines that meet riders’ needs and, along with tourism models that are the very life and soul of Moto Guzzi, create new concepts in both style and personality.

With this in mind, we are proud to present our two new models in the 2007 Moto Guzzi range – The Griso 8V and the 940 Custom.  Both with brand new engines like the powerful 4 valve 1200cc and the exhilarating 940cc, these new models express Italian style and superb engineering in the clearest of manners.

The Griso 8 V takes the original stroke of brilliance seen in the Griso 1100 and 850 and goes that step forward with its overall sports appearance.  This new look is easily seen in the new streamlined multi-valve engine and in the exclusive exhaust system featuring twin coiled pipes.

From the looks point of view, the Griso 8 V has undergone Customizing that includes particular stylistic details like the new saddle and streamlined side panels as well as equipment of the highest possible level.

Other details include the new Brembo brake system made up of P4/34 radial calipers that act on floating 320mm diameter wave discs.  Sitting astride the bike, the rider can immediately sense the sports riding position that the new setup between handlebars, saddle and footpegs provides.

These are all new components and were specially designed to make the rider feel completely in control.  With the 940 Custom, Moto Guzzi has created a new market segment that was previously dominated by the California models.  They have taken a more sports oriented line that perfectly conveys a message of individuality and freedom with elegance and class.

The combination of a shorter wheelbase and redistribution of weight over the rear axle makes the bike less bulky from the side and creates a classy but aggressive look.  The bike seems to be glued to the ground yet is more than ready to take off with all the power generated by the 940 cc engine.

The aggressive appearance is further enhanced by the twin chromed exhaust pipes that hint at the exceptional performance that the 940 Custom is capable of.  Other details like spoked wheels, chrome decorations on the tank and the retro styled instrumentation all convey a sense of elegance and beauty that go so well with the otherwise muscular design.

The 940 Custom and the Griso 8V blend feature looks with an elegance that recalls Moto Guzzi traditions of a rich heritage of know-how and expertise dating back to 1921.  It is this unmistakable identity and personality that differentiates Moto Guzzis from all other motorcycles.

This is very much the case with the Norge that marked the return of Moto Guzzi to its rightful place as leader in the “Gran Turismo” sector.  A “raid” was arranged as a mark of this return and it followed the route taken in 1928 by Giuseppe “Naco” Guzzi on board an early GT 500 “Norge”.  For 2007, the 1200 cc flagship will be flanked by an 850 cc version that will be available in red as well as black and silver colour schemes (may not be available in the U.S.A.).

Among the “Gran Turismo” models, the Moto Guzzi range will feature the California Vintage as an elegant cruiser with a legendary past.  There can be no doubt that Custom machines are well represented by the Nevada Classic and California Classic as superb examples of Moto Guzzi at its best, however it is the “naked” that has won Moto Guzzi so much recent public acclaim and success.

The “naked” range consists of three families, touring (Breva), fashion (Griso) and sport (1200 Sport) with their 750 to 1200 cc engines.  The most popular touring versions are the sturdy, versatile 750 cc Breva and the sophisticated, elegant 850 and 1100.

These bikes are now fitted with the Moto Guzzi’s revolutionary reactive shaft drive system.  Both are available with ABS and are fitted with new electric switches as well as new saddle covering not to
mention the suave new mother-of-pearl colour scheme.

The term “fashion naked” is perfect for the Griso range and these machines are the perfect setting for the new colour schemes with satin orange bodywork on the 1100 and yellow on the 850.  Apart from the aggressive racing exhaust, other special carbon-fiber components are available as after-sales options.

The latest appearance is the 1200 Sport, the elegant sports model designed for riders wanting a motorbike to suit all occasions.  The 1200 boasts generous performance that can be
boosted by a racing kit or the bike can be converted to a sports tourer with 36 liter pannier

As for the racing sector and its proud traditions, there is still a lot in store for enthusiasts.  The star in absolute is the MGS-01 Corsa. This machine brought victory to Moto Guzzi in both the “Battle of twins” in Daytona and the “Supertwins” championship.  It has not been technically altered and is manufactured on request as should any machine made for those that collect dreams.

2007 Moto Guzzi Griso 8V
The power of the eagle.  The Griso 8 V is the outcome of some of the most challenging work carried out by Moto Guzzi for its new generation machines.  With its graceful lines, the Griso 8 V has opened the way to a new, absolute sense of “sports” that is created by the power and technology of the innovative engine.

Although designed along traditional lines, the new engine is a celebration of the logic behind the 90 degree V concept.  It features a single overhead camshaft that operates the four valves on each cylinder with noiseless timing chains.  This is quite an evolution to the already tuned 1200 cc engine that now puts out 110 CV at 9,500 rpm with maximum torque of 11 kgm.

2007 Moto Guzzi Griso 8V

The power delivery is silky smooth and on the open road the bike’s true sports character shines along with the countless technical innovations and the new sense of style.  Although the exclusive exhaust system with twin coiled pipes has been seen before, it now truly reflects the greater power of these machines.

From the looks point of view, the Griso 8 V has undergone customizing that includes particular stylistic details like the new saddle and streamlined side panels as well as equipment levels of the highest possible level.  Even the most discerning of palates will appreciate the front end with its Brembo P4/34 radial caliper brakes that act on wave floating discs measuring 320mm.  They will also be able to count on Showa upside-down forks that have had 43 layers of carbon nitride treatment.

Sitting astride the bike, the rider can immediately sense the sports riding position that the new setup between handlebars, saddle and footpegs provides.  These are all new components and were specially designed to make the rider feel completely in control.  The two-seater saddle creates a wonderful backwards view and there seems to be a tail like on a single seater.  In fact there is in fact more than enough room for a passenger to sit in great comfort.

Powerful, elegant and exclusive, the Griso 8V will beyond doubt become a cult item among true enthusiasts of elite motorbikes.

Norge 850
The legendary Norse in the 850 class.  Even in the city you can rediscover the pleasure of riding in total comfort. All you need is a perfectly balanced motorbike like the Norge 850.

Right from the start you will appreciate the complete control offered by the riding position where you are held snug in a comfortable saddle that feels more like an armchair.  The legendary low down torque ensures fabulous acceleration even from the low speeds that are typical of city traffic.  It doesn’t matter if your journey is short as the protection offered by the fairing is truly excellent.

Thanks to the high level of comfort, the Norge 850 means you can travel no matter the season.  The 1200 T version comes with the same equipment.  The manually controlled adjustable screen is worth a separate mention.  It can quickly be regulated to offer the maximum protection against the elements or to provide a better aerodynamic efficiency with less drag.

The ABS that is fitted as standard further enhances safety.  Other little items like the 12 volt socket mean you need never again be without a power supply.  After you have used the Norge 850 every day for going to work and back and the weekend or holiday period approaches, the bike becomes a reliable, tireless traveling companion that doesn’t even notice any difference in the weight of baggage and an extra passenger.

“Naked” Bikes: The Breva 750, Breva 850 (ABS), Griso 850, Breva 1100 (ABS), Griso 1100, 1200 Sport, Breva 750
Excellent forecast for all roads.  It is no accident that this machine bears the name of a wind that sweeps away clouds and is another way of describing good weather.  The design is contemporary and exhilarating from the first moment.  It is however the unmistakable Moto Guzzi look.

Even down to the smallest detail like the soft flowing lines of the tank, the touch of class in the three-spoked wheels and the outlines of the fairing leave nothing to the imagination.  But appearances aren’t everything.

The Breva 750 is easy to ride, instinctive and creates a feeling of confidence right from the first time you climb aboard.  The manageable size and excellent riding position are extremely useful in city traffic but the Breva 750 is also great fun to ride over mixed journeys whether you are alone or with a friend.

2007 Moto Guzzi Breva 750 2007 Moto Guzzi Breva 750 in Black.

This is due to the short wheelbase and the high resistance cradle frame as well as to the steering geometry that was specially designed to facilitate picking your line into curves and fast changes of direction.

The sheer pleasure of riding is further enhanced by the electronic fuel injection system that provides smooth but progressive power delivery.  More new items include the colour and graphic schemes that create a model that will be much appreciated by women.

A special lower saddle is now an option along with a vast range of accessories designed to make your Moto Guzzi even more attractive.  The liveries reflect the two types of spirit that dwell inside Moto Guzzis.  We have the traditional Guzzi Black and Racing Red alongside the trendy black/silver that is new for 2007.

Breva 850
A modern classic.  Some people use logic to choose a motorbike.  This is like a mathematical exercise – an exercise involving a certain amount of a measurable quality leading to an intelligent solution.

Others use their hearts.  They look for that indefinable something that simply says “this is it”.  It is something they know the instant they sit in the saddle for the first time.  The Breva 850 falls into both these categories.

The modern sharp lines of the “naked” make it seem ready for any challenge.  The specially designed frame makes it agile, manageable and easy to ride while the engine that has the entire history of Moto Guzzi behind it provides the power.

2007 Moto Guzzi Breva 750 Silver 2007 Moto Guzzi Breva 850 in Silver.

2007 Moto Guzzi Breva White 2007 Moto Guzzi Breva 850 in White.

It is only the unmistakable 90 degree gap between the cylinders that makes it recognizable.  It was with this 90 degree V engine that the California models of the 70’s made their name.  The rest of the engine has evolved considerably.  It is technologically very advanced offering perfect balance but yet provides startling acceleration.  The virtually vibration-free performance only adds to the pleasure of riding.

All these factors add to the enjoyment even if you don’t need to lie sprawled flat out on the tank.  The Breva 850 is ideally suited to fast, comfortable commuting but is also just the answer for avoiding stress.

The Breva 850 makes you stand out from the crowd with its sophisticated chrome engine and transmission, its grey paintwork contrasting against the black frame, its new rocker box covers and its decisive high-tech look.

There are also countless ways to Customize your machine with a vast range of accessories and dedicated clothing or you can improve safety by opting for the ABS version.  A modern classic could do no less than carry the Racing Red or the legendary Guzzi Black colour scheme or the elegant light silver that is the new colour of 2007.

Griso 850
Balanced aggression.  How could you not be seduced by the Griso that is so far removed from all the others and the dream of every rider? It’s not often that you can feel the heartbeat of a big twin engine even when the engine isn’t running – with the Griso you can.

Moto Guzzis have such extraordinary personalities that they attract enormous followings and so Moto Guzzi decided to make a model that would allow more access to an already legendary machine.  This machine would be fitted with an 850 engine that enthusiasts know well.

Obviously the only thing that belongs to the past is the size of the engine.  All you have to do is twist the throttle to realize that under the aggressive appearance a new heart beats.

The new engine is technologically very advanced and offers sports-like performance especially when the road starts to climb or becomes a series of wonderful twists and curves.

From first appearances, there is nothing to show that this is the “little sister” of the Griso 1100.  If you look closely you may notice that there is no oil cooler on the right hand side, you may notice the black frame or the grey transmission and wheels.  All in all it is a bike with a determined, exuberant character and its strength lies in its charm.

For this very treason, Moto Guzzi has created a wide range of accessories and clothing designed and manufactured to the highest standards for those looking for both quality and something that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Just to complete the picture we have three colour schemes ranging from racing red to sober black or the more extrovert yellow that is new for 2007.

Breva 1100 (ABS)
A “naked” for the 21st century.  The Breva 1100 is a comfortable “naked” whether you are alone or have a passenger.  Like all Moto Guzzis it is rock solid and seems like a 21st century version of an idea by Carlo Guzzi: To build a motorbike for all, using technology to ensure comfort, ease of riding, reliability and a long life.

All of this would of course have to lie beneath an attractive exterior with clean lines that form an unmistakable style.  The beauty of the Breva 1100 doesn’t hide but enhances its high-tech soul.

The jutting cylinder heads and the bulk of the Moto Guzzi patented shaft drive system only add to its beauty.  They sit perfectly in the overall design where weight is distributed with dynamically efficient balance and underlines the sporting character of a bike that is all substance.  The engine and frame confirm what the look suggests.

The latest generation 90 degree V twin is a modern engine with low down torque to spare but offers smooth delivery thanks to the fuel injection system.  Uptake is fluid and emissions meet Euro 3 standards.

The engine finds a perfect mate in the frame and specially designed suspension.  The end result is superb performance along with impeccable handling and road holding.  In simple terms this means great fun on the busier roads where the massive 45mm forks guarantee excellent cornering characteristics and, on exiting curves, the single adjustable shock absorber keeps you glued to the road.

Braking is more than looked after by powerful twin floating 320 mm front discs and a 282mm disc at the rear.  The new version of the Breva 1100 ABS increases safety margins on difficult or slippery surfaces.

Both models share the same colour schemes – Racing Red, the legendary Guzzi Black or the new mother-of-pearl mica finish Other items worth mentioning for 2007 are the new electric controls that are shared with the Norge flagship model.

Griso 1100
Distinguishing marks – beautiful.  The sinuous tubes of the frame wrap around the tank – the sides are like forearms pointing straight ahead – the exhaust manifolds coil round the engine.  Everything about the Griso is a little strange, a little unsettling maybe – not normal…It is however very like the bike we all imagine or even dream of having.

The Griso is a masterpiece on wheels.  A dynamic work of art that demonstrates sheer Italian creativity crowned by the Moto Guzzi eagle that puts it way beyond any classification.

The feelings aroused by its aggressive raw lines get stronger when you climb aboard.  The riding position offered by the saddle and wide handlebars mean maximum control and fast changes of direction whether in heavy traffic or on the open road.

Thanks to the long wheelbase, the bike is very stable but surprisingly agile due to its wonderful frame.  The steel frame is both rigid and reactive.  The adjustable suspension adapts to all surfaces and changes in loads.

Constant full-bodied power is supplied by a 90 degree V twin of the latest generation that has been completely updated and meets Euro 3 emission standards.  The torque produced by the engine is delivered to the wheels via a silky smooth reactive shaft drive transmission system patented by Moto Guzzi.

The sound made by this machine has no comparison.  It is a deep throbbing note that comes first out of twin manifolds then on to stainless steel silencers.  No matter how many miles flick by on the futuristic mile-o-meter display on the onboard computer, your Griso will never go unnoticed.  Its elegant Guzzi Black, Racing Red or new satin Orange colour schemes make it both elegant and hard to miss.

Touring:  The Norge 1200 T – TL, Norge 1200 GT, Norge 1200 GTL

(Note:  See the wBW Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 page for more information.)

Every journey is unique – like every rider.  The TL version is a clear demonstration that Moto Guzzi pays great attention to a rider’s needs.  The “Norge Project” aims at offering every rider the opportunity of choosing between equipment that has apparently small but significant differences.

This project takes in even the tiniest detail.  The personality of the Norge 1200 is the central theme with its elegant, dynamic design, the superb layout of the controls and riding position.  Rider and passenger comfort is fundamental as is the superb handling provided by the shortened wheelbase.

The Norge 1200 TL offers riders excellent protection from the elements with its wrap-around fairing.   The versatility of the bike is simply underlined by the electrically adjustable screen (manual on the T version).  All you have to do is press a button and you change the degree of protection and adopt the protection best suited to any conditions.

Although touring does not always involve long distances, the fact that ABS is fitted as standard means you always have wide safety margins even on slippery surfaces.

The Norge 1200 TL has everything it needs to transport you in comfort no matter where.  The vast range of accessories means you can easily increase the distances you wish to travel and still do so in complete comfort.

Download a 1024×768 version of this photo (.zip format)

Norge 1200 GT
Born to travel.  You can see right from the start that this machine was designed to eat up the miles.  The fairing for instance is an integral part of the machine and seems like a natural extension of the bike itself.  But it is not alone; each component on the 1200 GT has been designed to offer complete protection.

The integrated fairing also protects the legs and reduces spray at the rear meaning excellent overall protection regardless of the weather.  The heated handlebar grips can be adjusted to different temperatures to suit even the worst of conditions.

The manually adjustable screen protects the rider’s upper half from the wind and can be set to suit differing riding conditions.  The powerful headlight unit with four poly-helicoidal lamps offers superb visibility even under the poorest of lighting conditions as well as adding charisma to the machine with an aggressive, feline look.  This design once again enhances the blend between form and function.

The dedicated pannier bags match the bodywork and only enhance the flowing lines.  A 12 volt socket means you can recharge your mobile phone or use other electronic devices.  It is these little things that demonstrate the loving design, the care taken with even the smallest detail and transform even the most ordinary journey into a safe comfortable journey thanks also to the ABS.   A true Gran Turismo bike.

Norge 1200 GTL
Arrive anywhere, at your leisure.  We always dream or wish for something more.  We always want comfort and luxury.  This sensation is perhaps difficult to define but it is easy to feel.  There are those who want it all, even when they are out on the road and have no limits of time or space.

Moto Guzzi created the Norge 1200 GTL precisely for sophisticated riders like these.  The Gran Turismo in a luxury version with every extra.  The wonderful fairing covering the elegant mass of the engine protects the rider’s legs and reduces spray while side panels protect the frame.

The large electrically operated screen protects the rider from the elements.  The design allows for the best compromise between protection and aerodynamic efficiency.  When the weather is at its worst, heated handlebar grips will keep the rider comfortable.

For longer journeys, there are splendid rigid lockable pannier bags that are integrated into the overall design of the bike and are colour coded.  For travelers that need even more room, a large top box is available that considerably increases the carrying capacity.

You will never get lost on a Norge 1200 GTL thanks to the satellite navigation system (for countries covered by the service).  This too comes as standard.  You will make your journey in complete safety thanks to the ABS, the smoothness of ride provided by the reactive shaft drive system and the reliability offered by the increased capacity Moto Guzzi engine.  Even the longest journey will be just as you always imagined it.

Custom:  Nevada Classic 750, California Classic, California Vintage, Nevada Classic 750
The Custom bike for everyone.  Fantastic to see, easy to drive, easy to recognize with its retro look that is always popular, the Nevada Classic 750 is the Custom bike par excellence.  The philosophy of relaxing riding is represented excellently in this model whose design and technology has been constantly improved over the years.

Details such as the LCD display show that this motorbike has come a long way since it first appeared on the market.  One of its strong points is still how easy it is to ride, together with the extent of control at low speed, aided by the nearness of the saddle to the ground: just 760mm.  There are no problems, therefore, for city riding, where the motorcyclist’s balance makes him more agile.

The equipment on the motorbike is top-level, with the Marzocchi fork at the front and the dual, adjustable shock absorber on the rear axle.  The brake system is extremely safe, with its 320mm diameter front disk with a clamp with 4 opposed pistons, aided by a rear 260mm disk.

The engine’s positive characteristics are emphasized thanks to the precision of the electronic injection that has been remapped to reduce emissions.  The new catalyst converter, with its higher concentration of noble metals (from 70 to 140 g/ft3) also contributes to results.

The Nevada Classic 750 also has new upholstery, with new designs and new colors.  Racing Red; Guzzi Black, Sport Yellow and Pearly Blue/White.

California Classic
The secret of eternal youth.  If there is an elixir for long life, Moto Guzzi California knows all about it.  It has emerged unscathed from the changeover from one millennium to the next and brought a freer, more relaxed version of motorcycling to entire generations.  It is now ready for 2007 in top form, in the Classic version.

It has been totally renewed, starting from the inside.  The two-cylinder 90 degree V engine, the company’s symbol, has borrowed some of the heat exchange components from the Breva 1100 and thus acquired unheard of standards of reliability.

The engine components have been slimmed down to limit weight and to increase efficiency.  Piston rods and pistons have been made lighter, while the piston rod length/stroke ratio has been increased with the aim of reducing inertia and transforming it into motion and thus reduce vibrations.

Above and Below: Moto Guzzi California Custom

Traveling is a pleasure, thanks also to the changes made to the valves.  The sintered guides ensure constant play and the Nymonic exhaust valves increase heat and wear resistance for longer.  Timing gears are controlled by using reliable, tried and tested mechanical tappets.  The alternator is now more powerful and the flywheel has been modified.

The degree of comfort is the same as the Moto Guzzi comfort that has become famous worldwide.  A more efficient brake distribution system has been added and the design is an “evergreen” with a young engine inside.  There are other touches of class such as new protection for the throttle bodies and new cable sheathes between cylinders and tank.

The California Classic is now ready to travel through another century, in the classic Racing Red, Guzzi Black and White/Grey colors.

California Vintage
An Italian Custom for the American police force.  Thirty-five years have gone by, but Moto Guzzi still plays a leading role in the collective imagination of motorcyclists all over the world.

When the first model came out in 1971, the Custom market was divided between the original USA- lated models and imitations from the East.  Moto Guzzi introduced a motorbike with a strong personality, based on their tested frame used on the V7 Special and on the legendary 757cc, 90 degree V engine.  This was a winning pair that brought international success as it also offered a new way to ride a bike, countering the exasperated search for performance.

On the Guzzi California it was, and is, possible to travel in total relaxation.  The saddle which is as comfortable as an armchair allowed the rider to enjoy the landscape protected from the wind behind the large windscreen that was fitted as standard along with the pannier bags; both a clear sign of the bike’s vocation for trips.

Thanks to these very qualities, the V7 California was also a success across the ocean, and was adopted by the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) and later by other American States.  The rest is history.

The California can be seen in films and advertisements.  It has become a part of the list of industrial design objects that have marked our history.  Its legendary two wheels have never stopped and it has never stopped evolving.  Year after year, the design and technology have been updated, while maintaining its original character and spirit.

Thirty five years after its creation, Moto Guzzi has decided to pay a tribute to this extraordinary motorbike, creating an exclusive Vintage version that is dedicated to anyone who wants to carry on dreaming.

Technology and tradition have inspired the various changes that define the character of the California Vintage, which has become a cult object even before being launched.  The image of the past can be seen in its fantastic radial-spoked wheels, in the new-design steel mudguards, the new front Brembo calipers and the extra fog lights controlled by a switch on the right-hand side.

The model has been personalized to the tiniest of details.  The windscreen has been adorned with a stainless steel band.  The handlebars are exclusive to this model, as is the two-tone saddle.  The classic engine is protected by chrome-plated steel pipes.  The special panniers bags are waterproofed, permanently attached to the bike and protected by chrome-plated steel pipes.

The parcel rack is chrome-plated providing a luxurious tourist look.  The California Vintage is a precious object that has to be guarded carefully with due care and attention.  For this reason, Moto Guzzi has created a special motorbike cover, for this bike where luxury is standard.

Racing: MGS-01 Corsa
The motorbike manufacturing company that has chalked up 3329 victories in international competitions, including 14 world speed titles, 22 world records and 11 Tourist Trophies, has racing in its DNA.

This is why it gives full attention to the sports model market segment, in the heart and minds of entire generations of fans.  For this reason it has created a “style laboratory” where research can be carried out freely, looking for new ways to make enthusiasts dreams come true.

A new fully-developed motorbike, that has been admired since the first time it appeared in public, brings back all the heady emotions linked to those wins on racetracks around the world.

The MGS-01 Corsa is a winning motorbike for modern-day tracks, with all the personality of yesterday’s models, and with a lot more technology.  Moto Guzzi does not say so on paper, but proves it on the racetrack.

The “standard” MGS-01 Corsa has proved to be competitive since the first time it put rubber to track on March 6-7th 2006 when it won two consecutive races with Gianfranco Guareschi in the “Battle of Twins” during the Daytona International Speedway Bike Week in Florida – one of the USA’s most important motorbike events.

Moto Guzzi MGS01 and Guareschi then repeated this supremacy with another three victories and two second places, winning the national Supertwins title.  If there was any need for confirmation of Moto Guzzi’s return to the aristocracy of world motorcycle racing, it came straight from the racetrack.

It looks like it is moving even when it stands still.  It has a streamline, feisty profile, with its aerodynamic cockpit, and streamline, nimble tail.  The gold-colored forks aim towards the road, almost embracing the front disks where the powerful radial calipers stand out.  The impression of power and elegance is emphasized even more by its performance.

The air-cooled 1125 cc V 90 degree two-cylinder, four-stroke, four-valve engine pushes forward at all speeds.  All it takes is a look at the components to understand why.  The three-segment Cosworth pistons guarantee high compression, the chrome-plated cylinders reduce friction to a minimum; brass bearings are replaced by roller bearings.

Control comes together with power controlled from a riding position that has been studied for use on the racetrack.  The excellent distribution of weight, with just 200 g between the front and rear axle, helps to make the bike so easy to handle, together with the limited weight (192 kg) and the reduced wheelbase (1450mm) The front 43 mm Öhlins forks can be adjusted to three positions.

Rear suspension is looked after by a 513mm swingarm in boxed aluminium and a vertical shock absorber just behind the engine.  Two 320mm discs op front and a single twin caliper 220mm disc look after braking.

The MGS-01 Corsa is an exclusive motorbike that is built with the care of craftsmen and intended for true motorbike enthusiasts.  This is why each model comes with a book with the rider’s personal details and the frame number.  The motorbike cover and the stand carry theMGS-01 Corsa logo and even the packaging used to ship the product to the new owner is personalized.  Whoever chooses a motorbike like this one deserves nothing less.

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