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Mitas Sport Force+ motorcycle tyres tested

Dale Schmidtchen and his Kwaka Mitas Sport Force+ tyres tested
Dale Schmidtchen and his Kwaka Mitas Sport Force+ tyres tested

Mitas is a well-known brand of motorcycle tyre among off-road riders, but is not so well known as a high-performance road tyre company. So when motorcycle industry veteran Dale Schmidtchen needed new tyres for his Kawasaki ZR-7, he was at first reticent about fitting Mitas Sport Force+ tyres to his bike. Here is his first-impression review with a long-term wrap to come later:

Mitas test

Dale Schmidtchen and his Kwaka Mitas Sport Force+ tyres tested
Dale Schmidtchen and his Kwaka with Mitas Sport Force+ tyres

After doing some research, I found the Mitas Sport Force+ tyre set was receiving great reviews overseas, but almost unheard of in Australia.

So I tracked down a set of Mitas Sport Force+ for through Oliver’s Motorcycles in Brisbane, who also provided expert fitting and balancing.

Mitas Sport Force+ are readily available from most motorcycle tyre dealers at the recommended retail price of $179.95 for the front and $229.95 rear, fitted.Mitas Sport Force+ tyres tested

First impressions of the single-compound tyre were that the tread pattern was extremely similar to the Metzeler ME3 set that had served the bike so well over the previous two owners of my Kwaka.Mitas Sport Force+ tyres tested

I opted for a 120/70 front and 160/60 rear. The previous front was a 120/60 but I find the little extra in the sidewall a bonus for our bumpy roads, my type of riding and myself as a rather corpulent, ageing rider.Mitas Sport Force+ tyres tested

Over two days, I put nearly 500 fine weather kilometres on the new tyres and once they were scrubbed in and the original surface broken up, I can only rave about the ride.

Ride improved

The ride is improved with a bit more sidewall providing a little extra cushion for bumps hit by the front tyre. Minimally so, but a small improvement.

It still steers fine, as the profile of the tyre is only a little “flatter” towards the edge which I have not yet discovered.Mitas Sport Force+ tyres tested

They were tested around town and also on a local motocross track called the Cunningham Highway, at overtaking speeds I won’t discuss here.

Grip or stability in the dry is not an issue. The tyres have received incredible reviews all over the world from a number of racers, as well as countless riders at track days.

All road tyre companies make a range of tyres with high-performance characteristics and the ZR rated Sport Force+ are certainly up to the job, but with one handy advantage. Wear.

I will report more on this as time and kilometres roll on, but the amount of reviews I have seen where riders have independently claimed up to 50% more tread life, compared to previous brands, under a track day scenario excites me that this may be a set I can expect to last for the next 18 months. (I ride about 800km a month)

Occasionally, you will find a tyre type that has a hard ride over bumps, or has increased road noise, or some little niggle but not with the Sport Force+.

In every respect, they have been a great choice with no real issue for complaint.

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