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Mike Hailwood Video

Mike Hailwood, Profile of a Legend
by: Duke Video
Available From:  Garage Company and other sources
VHS – $19.95
1 hour

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I’m of a mixed opinion about this video.  It’s part of the “Profile of a Legend” series, which includes biographies of Giacomo Agostini, Geoff Duke, Mick Doohan, Joey Dunlop, Kenny Roberts, Phil Read and more.

It’s a good historical look at the great Mike Hailwood’s career, whch included 9 World Championships between 1961 and 1967.  But to be honest, the production just isn’t very thrilling when compared to the action-packed, high-tech camera angle footage that is commonplace in the 21st Century.

Hailwood fans will probably like it as a memento of his incredible career, and there is some good racing footage.  It covers Hailwood’s outstanding 3 TT wins in 1961, up to his unbelieavable return to racing in 1978 to win the TT once again.  The footage and narration of that race is very interesting and is surely the highlight of the video.  It also covers his brief Formula 1 career.

Hailwood will always be remembered as the ultimate gentleman and all-around nice guy in addition to his great talent.  Mike was awarded the George Medal, Britain’s highest civilian honor for bravery, for one of the most heroic acts ever undertaken in any sport.

When Clay Regazzoni crashed in the 1973 South African Formula 1 Grand Prix race, he became trapped and unconscious in his burning car.  Hailwood jumped into the fire and tried to pull him free.  Mike caught fire, extinguished the flames that were burning him up, then went back into the fire for Clay.  It’s hard to believe that anyone in today’s selfish world would or could be so brave.

This video has interviews with his wife, with Agostini and others that helps the viewer to develop an in-depth understanding of “Mike the Bike”.  There are also several interviews with Hailwood at different times during his career.

Mike Hailwood will never be forgotten.  For those who don’t know, he’s considered to be probably the all-time greatest motorcycle legend, not only because of his racing skills, but also because he was an outstanding human being.  If you’re interested in learning about what real heros are like, check out this video.

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