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Mexico is a secret motorcycle nirvana

Mexico is motorcycle nirvana

If ever you needed any evidence that Mexico is motorcycling nirvana, the road from Toluca just outside of the capital to Zihuatanejo on the western coast is living proof.


The 400km thrill ride over the Sierra Madre ranges came on the second day of the inaugural Tacos ’n’ Tequila Tour with Ferris Wheels Motorcycle Safaris.

Route 134 should be on every motorcyclist’s bucket list as it’s one of the top 10 riding roads in the world.

And Denise Ferris promises that Mexico has many more just like it, although maybe not as long.

Mexico is motorcycle nirvana
Traditional fuel stop

Our ride starts in Toluca and pretty soon the road begins winding up into the ranges on smooth tarmac that curls up and around the ridges.

Traffic is thinner here than we have experienced so far in Mexico and passing is easy with wide lanes and drivers who move over to allow riders to pass, even when traffic is coming the other way.

As we wind down toward the plains around Morelia, there are patches of rough tar, earthquake cracks and some enormous potholes to avoid.

Mexico is motorcycle nirvana
Sierra Madre

And just to spice things up, as you enter villages there are massive speed bumps, some of which are invisible as the warning paint has worn off.

Hit these at anything more than walking pace and your bike will pogo dramatically. Pillions will certainly get a shock as the rear suspension rebounds.

Mike Ferris has been encouraging us to practise our emergency stops … and we can see why!

At one village we are also stopped by one of the many military squads you come across around Mexico searching vehicles for drugs and guns. And at the town of Altamarino we happen upon their annual mardis gras which turns the streets into chaotic walking-pace traffic in 36-degree heat.

Mexico is motorcycle nirvana
Road quality varies as we exit Altamarino

But it’s the second part of the range that winds down to the sea that is the real fun.

Most of the road is hot mix tar and there are hardly any vehicles to spoil your fun. In fact, in some places, the jungle is reclaiming the road, encroaching on both sides.

The road cuts into the sides of precipitous cliffs and rolls over craggy heavily-jungled ranges with breathtaking views on most corners.

Mexico is motorcycle nirvana
Beautiful people and beautiful views

However, there are some dangers that make this a real thrill, such as rock falls across the road and stray donkeys and other farm animals.

Mexico is motorcycle nirvana
Watch out for rock falls

The other danger is that after 400+km of this road, you will be very tired. Happy, but tired.thumb_DSC00217_1024

Next day we have a carefree and scenic romp along the beachfront to Acapulco which is like Surfers Paradise on steroids.

Beautiful coastal views
Beautiful coastal views

Some of the road is reminiscent of the Great Ocean Road, Captain Cook Highway or the north-west cost of New Zealand. Other parts are straight highways being updated, so there is a lot of roadworks.

Mexico is motorcycle nirvana
Mucho roadworks

Last stop on the Acapulco trip is the mandatory visit to the cliff divers who are fantastic to watch at night. And the ladies on the trip especially loved them.

Mexico is motorcycle nirvana
Denise, Mrs MBW, Kim and Kathy with an Acapulco diver

Dangerous stuff, but it’s nothing, compared with negotiating the traffic in downtown Acapulco

Mexico is motorcycle nirvana
Acapulco chaos

Mexico is motorcycle nirvana
A long day in the saddle takes its toll on “Junior”