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Macna Aytee jacket a technical wonder

Macna Aytee motorcycle jacket
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This Macna Aytee all-season touring and adventure jacket for men is simply the most technical and well designed jacket I have worn.

There are almost too many technical features to mention right down to the finest detail such as soft coverings for the ends of zips so they don’t dig into your skin.

You will be able to wear this waterproof jacket in all seasons, so the price of $449.95 is quite reasonable.

Layer upon layer

It features three layers that zip together in the wrists and around the back and shoulders.

The outside synthetic ripstop polyester shell has a rubberised, stretchy feel and is semi-water-resistant and highly breathable. It also features “Nighteye” technology which means it looks like a normal fabric in daylight, but reflects headlights for visibility at night.

Second layer is an ultra-thin and lightweight waterproof RAINTEX liner with fused seams and a soft felt collar and “wicking” inside so it doesn’t stick to your skin when you get hot.

The final layer is a warm thermal quilted material. It’s not a vest, but a full-length layer with sleeves.

The fine zips for all these layers run smoothly and don’t snag, but they are a little fiddly where they join in the sleeve cuffs.

I have now ridden with the jacket in single-digit temperatures and found it quite cool.

However, with the quilted lining in and the waterproof liner, I was able to conquer the Swiss and Italian Alps in comfort in summer.

Macna Aytee motorcycle jacket
In the Swiss Alps

With the two liners taken out I felt cool and comfortable on a 33-degree ride with high humidity.

I haven’t tested it in hotter temperatures, but it should be cool with its breathable material.

While the material is breathable all over, there are also two chest vents and a rear exhaust vent for extra cooling.

Firm fitMacna Aytee jacket

Fit is firm and slim, but the outer material is a bit stretchy so it should fit over moderate tummies.

Importantly this tight and stretchy fit means it moves with your body when you’re on the bike, whether sitting in an upright position on an adventure bike or crouched on a sportier machine.

It also means it doesn’t flap around when riding which can be tiring on a long trip.

The cuffs and waist have velcro fastenings which allows you to wear the jacket as loose or as tight as you like.

I’ve worn other jackets with hoodies like this, but they flap around and tend to pull at your back and neck.

This one has a clever clasp to hold the hoodie section in place so it doesn’t flap in the wind.

A hoodie is a great idea for when you stop and take off your helmet as it will keep your head warm and dry.

Pockets galore

The Macna Aytee jacket has six exterior pockets and one interior pocket.

There are two breast vents which you can also use as pockets, two lower hand pockets which are waterproof, a left sleeve waterproof pocket and a back exhaust vent that can also be used as a pocket to stuff the waterproof liner. The interior waterproof pocket is on the left just inside the main zipper so it is easily accessed for your wallet without having to unzip the waterproof layer.

I usually like more interior pockets, but there are so many alternatives here you shouldn’t need any more. There is also a small pouch in the quilted liner.

Macna use Safe Tech CE armour in all their apparel. This jacket has 420 shoulder armour, 530 elbow armour and a full-length rubber back protector.

The elbow and shoulder armour are fairly stiff, while the back protector is a softer and more comfortable material.

Macna gearMacna Aytee jacket

Macna gear is made in Europe and has been distributed in Australia by Link International since last year.

They have now launched a dedicated Australian website for Macna products that lists all of styles, colours and sizes. 

They have brought in the Aytee jacket in three colours (black and blue, black and grey and this light grey and orange) and men’s sizes S – 3XL. They also come with a free neck sock.

Macna Aytee jacket

  1. If this is the best jacket you’ve worn, you haven’t tried a Rukka Goretex jacket. The one on this page is quite a bit cheaper, but given that it is the same price as a DriRider or similar crappy jacket that is lucky to last a couple of years (my Rukka Armas is now seven years old and still like new), it’s hard to see that it could be built to last. It could be worth a look for someone who doesn’t ride often, or is a dry-weather only rider (like most Harley riders) and only uses a textile jacket occasionally.

  2. All these jackets have the same design flaw, they have the rain jacket inside the main coat. If you are out for a day ride is summer you know that you will be more comfortable without rain protection. But…. then when it rains you have to remove the jacket to add the waterproof from out of your luggage , bloody awkward in the pouring rain! This problem is even worse with the trousers where you end up on the side of the road in your unmentionables whist you struggle with the waterproof liner. Surely I’m not the only person to have suffered from this?

    1. Agree completely. The problem is a waterproof jacket simply doesn’t breathe enough when it gets really hot. There’s always a compromise. Only solution in my eyes, if you have/want one jacket, is to carry a waterproof over jacket. Put it over the top when you need to. Even the best goretex jacket doesn’t vent enough when the weather gets hot.

  3. This is at best a 3 season jacket. You northerners need to ride in Canberra in Winter (-7 Deg regularly). I find that bonded goretex works far better than an separate waterproof liner which mean you get a cold wet outer jacket. I have heated vest, grips plus a good Rev-it jacket which was a little dearer than $500 which is OK to about minus 9 or 10.

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