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Lone resident threatens motorcyclist ban

Lone resident Joolie Green threatens motorcyclist ban Mt Tamborine

A lone resident of sleepy Beechmont on the Gold Coast hinterland has warned riders that residents are “forming protest groups” to ban them from public roads in the popular tourist region.

Local artist Joolie Green has emailed the Motorcycle Riders’ Association of Queensland asking them to alert riders about the ban threat.

While the MRAQ passed on her emails to members and followers, we couldn’t find any evidence to support a protest group threatening a ban.

Her email reads:

Lone resident Joolie Green threatens motorcyclist ban
Joolie Green

We live in Beechmont and moved here for the beauty and serenity. Our peace is absolutely ruined by inconsiderate and excessively noisy motorbikes using the Beechmont-Canungra circuit as a racetrack!!

How is this cool? Or even remotely enjoyable for residents?

Why is making ear-splitting backfiring noise even remotely desirable?

We are forming protest groups through political and law enforcement contacts and you will be banned from the mountain.

Advise your members.

Claims unsubstantiated

We contacted lone protestor, Joolie, by phone and email to confirm her claims about banning lawful road users from public roads, but she failed to reply.

Scenic Rim Regional Council Scenic Rim Mayor Greg Christensen says he is not aware of any proposed protest or a related meeting.

“However, I would observe that some motorcycle riders do their peers a great disservice by their behaviour and the excessive noise levels of their machines when in our communities,” he says.

“We welcome all visitors who come to enjoy the experience of our special region, however I ask them to treat us and our environment with respect.

Lone resident Joolie Green threatens motorcyclist ban
New Beechmont cafe as started to service riders and tourists

“We will maintain an active conversation with the police to deal with unacceptable behaviour, both in relation to noise and dangerous practices including speed.”

Div 1 councillor Nigel Waistell says he has not received any complaints about noisy motorcycles.

“I have no problem with bikes per se just the riders who love to make too much noise on purpose,” he says.

A Mt Tamborine Historic Motorcycle Club spokesperson also says they have not heard about a protest.

“I imagine that would be very hard to enforce and I’m sure local business love the revenue created from all visitors including bikes.”

We also contacted local community groups and local media to see if there was any veracity to Joolie’s claims of a protest group but they did not reply.

Tiger 1050 Sport on Beechmont Lone resident Joolie Green threatens motorcyclist ban Mt Tamborine
Stretching the Tiger’s legs on the Beechmont road

Lone protest

While Joolie appears to be a lone wolf protestor, maybe we shouldn’t be too dismissive of her complaints.

Previous resident complaints led to a police crackdown on motorcycle noise in the area and fines issued to several riders.

The Gold Coast hinterland isn’t the only motorcycle nirvana where residents have complained about noise and high-speed riding.

It occurs in many areas where riders congregate to ride scenic and challenging roads, spending their money at local restaurants, hotels and cafes which support the local economy.

In one incidence last year residents of Mt Mee rebelled against what they called hoon behaviour calling for concealed surveillance cameras, point-to-point speed cameras, more 60km/h zones, traffic claiming, fluorescent speed signs, TruCAM laser speed guns fitted in police patrol cars and for police to confiscate helmet cameras for evidence of hooning.

Mt Mee police blitz after residents complain downhill lone
Mt Mee police blitz last year after resident complaints

The result has been that Woodford Police continue to conduct ongoing patrols and crackdowns on the popular mountain road.

We can appreciate the concerns of residents angry about illegal activity. However, there is little sympathy for people who move to an area where riders are known to gather, then complain about riders’ legal activity because it annoys them.

However, if some riders don’t respect the peace of local residents, they will spoil it for the majority of responsible riders with an increase in police presence.

MRAQ replies

MRAQ president Chris Mearns replied to Joolie’s email saying they had passed on her concerns but pointed out that the roads were public.

“As far as we are currently aware motorcycle ownership and riding is still a legal practice in the wonderful state of Queensland so we will watch with interest your attempts to have it ‘banned from the mountain’,” he says n his reply.

“Please note that as a representative organisation for the hundreds of thousands of Queensland motorcyclists and their rights we would work actively to resist any attempt to ban the legal operation of this motor vehicle type in any part of the state.

“As requested, your email with included threat to attempt to have your area excluded from the same rights as the rest of the state will be passed onto all motorcyclists for their consideration.”

  1. I can see both sides of the argument here. I used to ride Beechmont fairly regularly, in a sedate manner on my HD (sans loud exhaust). Nowadays I just continue on through Numinbah Valley as there’s usually a congregation of wannabe Rossi’s & Marquez’s sitting at the bottom on superbikes, taking it in turns to do speed runs up and down the mountain. I’d hate it too if I lived up there, and most of these blokes aren’t anywhere near as good as they think, making them a danger to everyone including themselves. I’d like to see those guys take it to the track and get some proper times, instead of bullshitting their mates on Facebook about how fast they “did beechmont”. Meanwhile everyone else can go for a safe ride without annoying the locals.

  2. I agree, some bikes are just obnoxiously noisy, I sympathize. But this lady is dreaming if she thinks she can have a public road closed to a legal form of transportation, never happen.
    However the issue of excessively loud bikes needs to be addressed, in fact I fail to understand why it has not, there are clear limits legislated, it’s an enforcement matter. Bikes should not be able to be registered if they don’t meet requirements, same applies to other aspects of the machine, it ain’t brain surgery. As for those who believe in the myth that loud pipes save lives and the rest of the disproved blather, suck it up and do the right thing for the benefit of all of us, and maybe save yourself a few dollars in fines.

  3. Hi, this is Joolie,
    I think you are possibly more shocked that you would receive a ‘lone wolf’ comment. What an over-reaction!
    I received a variety of responses, some pathetic but many sympathetic, and in fact I did reply to Chris Mearns President of MRAQ, ending with “I hope you will discuss with your fellow riders to find a satisfactory solution”, meaning self regulation of noise emissions.
    Bikes are legal on the road of course, probably foolish to suggest otherwise. Extreme noise emissions and excessive speeds are not. I have the right to make this point.
    Thanks to a few idiots revving up & backfiring more than usual since my comments, annoying the local residents, I now rest my case and leave it to others to take action. They’re really mad, and they may take action.
    Ride safely and considerately on the roads boys & girls.
    Not much to ask.

  4. If you listen to a bike on the road the cruisers tend to have a deeper note and much like the sound of an exotic car, most people like the sound. The dirt bikes can be heard miles away and are annoying. But the boy racers who think that they are racing around a track are the problem ones. They rev the engines out to redline and the noise is loud and gets high pitched. And of course, they are the ones usually speeding. The poor older guy out with a couple of mates on his Harley is out there enjoying the ride, relaxing and in no hurry. You might hear the ‘rolling thunder’ and see them obey speed limits as they roll into town to enjoy a drink and feed.
    What I’m saying that all riders are not the same. And bikes aren’t cars. If a Hyundai drives down the road, then a Porsche then an idiot in a Commodore with half the exhaust missing, they are not all the same. Please don’t label all bike riders the same. And don’t expect bikes to be as quiet as cars. we are literally sitting on top of an engine with a short pipe out of the side and attached to 2 wheels. Target the idiots but make sure you don’t tar all riders with the same brush.

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