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LED motorcycle helmet attracts attention

Shark Skwal LED helmet

The Shark Skwal helmet with LEDs on the back and front to attract the attention of motorists at night is now available for sale in Australia.

It features rechargeable battery-powered LED lights fitted to the front and rear of the helmet for improved visibility in low light conditions.

Shark Skwal LED helmet

They are distributed by Ficeda in Australia and cost $349.95 in plain colours and $379.95 for graphic. They come in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL 

The helmet weighs 1470g, comes with an integrated sun visor and is compatible with Shark’s Bluetooth system.

Shark Skwal LED helmet

It might sound like a twee gimmick, but surely it will attract some attention from other motorists which could make your ride safer.

The Skwal is the first commercially available helmet with LEDs to hit the market, although there are more with lights coming.

The LightMode full-face motorcycle helmet includes a electroluminescent (EL) element which wraps all the way around the helmet and lights up at the push of a button. It’s only available in North America at the moment, but you can buy the kits online from $US69.

LightMode motorcycle helmet
LightMode motorcycle helmet

There is also the Edison helmet which has built-in brake and indicator lights on the back that work in time with a connected BMW motorbike. The helmet will connect to the internet and has been in development since October and is not yet ready for road use yet.

Would you wear a helmet with lights and do you think it would make night riding safer?

Edison helmet
Edison computer helmet

  1. Apart from emergency services being able to easily
    locate your head after a really BAD accident at night.
    I really don’t see the point

    1. You don’t see the point of extra lighting mounted higher up…?
      Well I do and I think it’s a great idea now that it’s light weight enough to fit into the helmet

      1. A certain percentage of drivers seem to be totally blind
        to emergency vehicles with sirens going and lights flashing
        so exactly what difference a couple of pissy little green lights
        are going to have is beyond me. If you really want something to
        attract attention get one of those flashing red lights the pushbikes
        use, work better at probably a fraction of the cost.
        Or better still wrap yourself in the led christmas tree decorations you’ve
        got gathering dust in the shed. People may laugh ,But hell what do they

        1. I have to agree with Pete, here. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure the use of green LEDs are illegal for street use. I found these guys the other day, looks a lot more promising. Been thinking about buying one, its a good idea at least. Cheers.

  2. Have we checked with QLD Police to see what ‘offence’ they’ll think of when these helmets are on the market?

  3. The video gives a false representation of the effectiveness of these little lights, because in the real world they don’t leave lines. With the massive amount of lights of all different colours and sizes motorists have to contend with on city streets, will these just create confusion? We all know that car drivers don’t look properly, and they might think that these are big lights far away instead of tiny lights on a close motorcycle.

  4. I have that shark helmet with the green LED’s and its actually pretty bright. When my wife was driving behind me at night she said it actually really stood out. It has a solid on mode, as well as flashing.

  5. From where I can buy these helmets? Have we checked with QLD Police to see what ‘offence’ they’ll think of when these helmets are on the market?

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