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The Last Motorcycle on Earth!

The Last Motorcycle on Earth! panic omitted
Scene from the fictional film The Last Motorcycle on Earth!

In the not-too-distant future motorcycles will be banned because they are the last dangerous vehicles in a world of electric automated cars, trucks and buses.

That’s the fear of many riders and it’s also the subject of a three-part series called The Last Motorcycle on Earth featuring Morgan Freeman that is being crowd-funded on Indiegogo.

Check out the trailer. It looks like a great, if disturbingly realistic, dystopian film.

Unfortunately, the three-part series may not materialise as the funding goal of $US145,000 is unlikely to be reached with just a few days to go and only 14% raised.

The independent filmmakers have pleaded with backers, saying the controversial film is not something that the corporate world would support.

They have completed the first hour-long episode, but it appears the last two incomplete episodes may never see the screen.

Life imitating art

The Last Motorcycle on Earth!
Scene from The Last Motorcycle on Earth

The shocking thing is that the series is not far from reality.

The safety nannies consistently and unfairly target motorcycles and riders. They want motorcycles off the road.

In fact, it’s already happening.

Paris wants to ban pre-2000 motorcycles, Singapore is banning pre-2003 motorcycles for pollution reasons and they have been banned in some Mid-East and Asian cites because they are the preferred vehicles of assassins and thieves.

Around the world police and politicians are seeking tougher laws on “bikies” and loud exhausts.

And in 2017, a group of American motorcycle industry luminaries, aptly called “Give a Shift”, released a report on the future of motorcycling saying bikes are in danger of being killed off by autonomous vehicles.

With the rise of allegedly safe, electric-powered automated vehicles, motorcycles will stand out as the last “dangerous” and polluting vehicle.

And then there are the

Let’s hope films like this spur riders to some sort of political action before it’s too late.

Last Motorcycle plotThe Last Motorcycle on Earth!

The Last Motorcycle on Earth is a dramatic series about a vintage motorcycle collector and bike builder, Conrad Mendel (played by co-producer Neil “Morto” Olson), as he grapples with a new world of technology that threatens to destroy his passion and way of life. 

After spending a lifetime collecting, racing, and building motorcycles, Conrad watches as the United States seems poised to turn away from a culture of individual freedom– the right and ability to travel anywhere, anytime– to one where passengers ride in robot vehicles, trusting in technology to safely carry them to a destination. 

After the Supreme Court decides that the Constitution does not guarantee the right to own private, petroleum-powered vehicles the clock starts ticking toward an outright ban on petrol-powered vehicles, starting with motorcycles.

  1. So perhaps for a start the idiots with the loud exhausts should get rid of them to make that part of the argument invalid. I can understand why society wants to ban motorcycles if their perception is of anti-social yobbos with their overweight motorcycles making noise that assaults the eardrums. The people who insist on making that sort of racket aren’t doing themselves or anyone else any favours.

    1. It’s a fair point HH, but geez my Aprilia Shiver used to sound good with those Akropovics. It was loud, although I believe within the law, and definitely not an assault to most eardrums. The sound of a high performance V-twin is a thing of beauty. Loud HDs on the other hand…

    2. I think it best that YOU were ‘POWERED DOWN’ …. Motorcyclists do NOT want your kind anywhere near US …

      frostbite (TGOBB)

      1. I’ve been a motorcyclist for nearly fifty years. I have great fun on my bikes, but I do it without annoying anyone else. Abusing others really doesn’t achieve a whole lot.

  2. Interesting plot. However in reality I would suspect the way to get Petrol powered vehicles off the road is by stealth, I.e. the high cost of petroleum.

  3. The golden age of motorcyles has long gone.The innovation and
    design of the 30’s and sheer number of manufacturers is gone
    The petrol engine was never going to last.We have got close to
    using reserves up in a mere hundred odd years. Personally i dont
    think too many kids will be able to get much out of that vintage
    bike collection they inherited..might as well have a collection of
    steam farm equipment. The manufacturers dont care ,In this
    global economy it is just another product But with 70% of its
    customers reaching the end of their riding lives. And they have
    done NOTHING to fight anti bike legislation.They have just sat back
    and taken the money

  4. Sorry I’m not following this “With the rise of allegedly safe, electric-powered automated vehicles, motorcycles will stand out as the last “dangerous” and polluting vehicle.” — so there are electric bikes already (although not that useful as far as riding long distances) — so is the ban on bikes or on petrol fuelled vehicles? If the push is to electric vehicles than why will bikes just disappear? As for the push to self drive electric vehicles, yeah well that’s a long way off (decades) as far as everyday common use; plus jury is still out on advantages of increased electricity demands to fuel electric vehicles.
    As for “Singapore is banning pre-2003” – yeah well they are banning all private vehicles basically, cars need to be less than 10 years old ( has been the case for many years) so now they are just bringing age of bikes in line with that of cars so it is not an attack on bikes as article implies.
    As for “Paris wants to ban pre-2000 motorcycles” – yep they are banning ALL pre-1997 vehicles actually, so bikes get a few more years. Again this is not an attack just on bikes.

  5. I think you have to look further than just a ban but of government over site that infringes on our personal freedoms. These freedom are not taken away over night but slowly chipped away over the years so people don’t become alarmed and proactive. Trump has been trying address this same situation with over regulating Americans lives by forcing every new regulation to have two regulations eliminated, Executive Order 13771.

  6. I really hope this comes true. I own 5 motorcycles but would love to see them, and all gas vehicles banned. We can’t let the nostalgia of a few old white guys who cannot adapt wreck the planet for the rest of us. I like it when the guns come out. Typical.

  7. They may want them banned in certain places, but have you been places like India? There are more bikes in some cities there than there are in countries in Europe. Many folks there have a single bike as their family transportation and put everybody, including Grandma and the baby, on there at the same time. Take away their bike and they have nothing to use to get around.

  8. Banning non autonomous vehicles including motorcycles will happen and it will be due to the safety aspects not fossil fuels. Motorcycles have the added disadvantage of being perceived as antisocial hence the overwhelming community support for initiatives such as not being able to obtain a motorcycle license without first holding a car license, police crackdowns on noise, speed and license checks on motorcycling roads. Enjoy motorcycling while you can, stop criticizing riders of different types of motorcycle and stop referring to each other as bikers or bikies. Remember the Honda campaign in the sixties “you meet the nicest people on a Honda” get political and push “you meet the nicest people on a motorcycle”
    Nuff said!

  9. TAKE. Action Do it ur self. Or at least get behind, financially or supportively of ur Local/Preferred lobby group. If we don’t take action. We don’t really CARE.

    Decisions like this r political decisions. Made on Greed & Need basis.
    Greed usually has lots of financial power backing (motorcycling is NOT an economic power house).
    Need has to be represented- under the noses : in the faces of decision makers and media representatives. Lobby groups put hundreds of voluntary hours to stir the pot.
    Good riding. Try a rally. There good.

  10. I’ve been riding 52 years with well over 330 thousand miles. Earlier years before cell phones, were much more fun, now people text while driving, passing other vehicles and even put thee makeup on. So one really has to be on there toes in today’s world of motorcycling.

  11. In spite of lower than hoped for funding we are moving forward with the Last Motorcycle On Earth project. Everyone involved in the effort has stepped up to make it happen. Stay tuned there will be a finished product.

    1. Thanks to you all who made this happen .
      I hate the noise the speed and the stupid bikes .
      You should contact Elon Musk I HEAR a whisper he wants to make driveless bikes, due to he ride a bike when child and had near miss with truck..

  12. Ok lets ban aeroplanes, helicopters, ships, construction machinery, army tanks, kerosine heaters, space exploration, sattelite launches, in fact anything that uses fossil fuels. Then we can go back to living in caves and eating raw food, due to the carbon footprint that fire leaves. I can’t wait till they settle other planets so I can get off this nanny globe. Oh yeah space exploration will be banned, well I guess that blows that

  13. The world is moving forward like the smoker of years gone by dont look cool anymore .

    Bikes kill .. they are to fast and they are way to loud…. when bikes are made they are not suppose to be tamperd with before the mot tests ..

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