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LANDSPEED BIKE Garage Built Bikes

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This bike is the result of a land-speed project undertaken by Matt Brown. Not real sure of the details I just dig the way the overall efect. This bike obviously has underwent some serious surgeries to change the whole riding position from in front to on top and relocate the gas tank and controls to suit. I can tell you the pics of the bike with the longer frame are the older ones but not sure about any of the other chronology.

Built In: U.S.A. Bike Style: Drag Racers

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Landspeed Bike Bike Specifications – Garage Built Bikes

Class Styling Drag Racers
Frame Custom One Off Frame
Gastank Custom One Off Gastank
Handlebars / Risers Clip Ons / Separates
Motor Brand Honda
Motor Config In-line 4
Motor Size (metric) 1000cc
Paint Color(s) BlackBare Metal
Seat Slab
Suspension Front Conventional – Standard
Suspension Rear Rigid / Hardtail
Tires Racing Slick
Wheels 5 SpokeCast Mags