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Labor promotes motorcycle commuting and parking

Footpath parking threat bays plan centre strategy siege
Footpath parking in Melbourne

Labor infrastructure spokesman Anthony Albanese has called on councils to consider improved parking ­options for motorcycles and scooters to ­encourage their uptake and ­reduce congestion.

As Queensland and the Northern Territory today mark Labour Day, we can report that motorcycles seem to be on the agenda in the federal election on July 2, 2016.

While Labor has yet to respond to our calls for their motorcycle-specific policies, Anthony has told the National Press Club in Canberra he would promote motorcycling as an answer to traffic congestion.

It’s nothing new from Anthony who has been an advocate of two wheels as a solution, not a problem ever since he travelled through Europe and noticed the “cities are thronged with motorbikes and scooters as people take advantage of this low-cost, low-energy and space-efficient form of transport”.

Before the last federal election he advocated a unified helmet standards approach across all states – which is now a reality after South Australia was the last state to gazette European-approved UNECE22.05 helmet on Friday (April 28, 2016).

He also advocated lane filtering, which is now a elite in the eastern mainland states.

Labor infrastructure spokesman Anthony Albanese
Labor infrastructure spokesman Anthony Albanese

Back then he gave four policy announcements specific to motorcycles:

  1. Understand the importance of motorcycles in the transport system and maximise the benefits;
  2. Include two wheels in infrastructure planning;
  3. Include riders in road safety strategy discussions; and
  4. Continue to unify regulations across the country that affect motorcyclists.


  • Motorbike Writer does not endorse any one party or candidate.
  • We have contacted all the major and many of the minor parties asking them for their polices that affect the more than one million motorcycle riders in Australia.
  • We have asked for policies that reference motorcycles, riders, road safety, road rules and road infrastructure?
  • We have also asked whether any of their members or candidates are riders?
  • If or when we receive responses, we will publish them for our readers’ information.
  1. The SA Government as always is slow on the uptake of the benefits of promoting two wheeled transport, but at least we have some support from the Adelaide City Council who is trialing off-road parking on the north west corner of Victoria Square thanks to a prominent Councillor and motorcycle enthusiast.

    I still don’t think we’re anywhere near having the option to lane-filter legally as yet, as far as I can tell any questions on the matter are being referred backwards and forwards between the Transport Minister and the Motor Accident Commission.

  2. Far more has been given to cyclists than motorcyclists
    Why is there a special lane for cyclists that car drivers can park in but motorcycles can’t use when few if any cyclists use it?

  3. Lane filterimg is the best thing that happened to us in victoria
    Yes we still have our cowboys like we have our un regestered gun users but wake up goverments you want reduse congestion in citys well this is the go motor cycles use less space

  4. Lane filtering is the best idea for years, but needs to go further. Like filtering allowed in any speed zone , not just 90 and above on the left. Push bike lanes should be used (I do anyway) as its better than getting hit up the ying yang by some wanker texting

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