KTM 490 Adventure Is Coming

Official Docs Reveal the Twin-Cylinder Machine

KTM will build a 490 Adventure. In recent documents pointed out by ADVPulse, the Piere Mobility Group, which is the parent company of KTM passed around documents to investors that showed more than a dozen new bikes. One of them is a 500cc parallel-twin adventure bike from KTM. 

This information comes on the heels of KTM boss Stefan Pierer saying that the company would be developing a new 500cc parallel-twin engine. The new 490 Adventure will not replace the 390 Adventure. That single-cylinder motorcycle will stay in the KTM lineup and be the entry-level motorcycle in the Adventure range.

As far as what exactly the 490 adventure will look like, there’s not much to go on. The documents ADVPulse got its hands on were purposely blurred. These blurred sections kept the look of the bike obscured. However, we assume that the 490 will look like a beefed-up KTM 390 Adventure but with a more 790 Adventure-looking engine in it.

With the addition of this to the KTM lineup, the motorcycle company will have very good coverage of the adventure motorcycle range. Beating out most of the competition. According to ADVPulse, the company is already outselling BMW in unit sales. This addition of another motorcycle should only help the company sell more bikes.


  1. darren-p
    December 30, 2019

    490 supermoto is what I’m interested in
    just as long as it’s 150kg

  2. Onabimble
    June 3, 2020

    Let’s hope KTM make a better job of it that the ridiculous 390. 21/19 wheels and alloy! What were they thinking on a ADV bike. I’ve been a die hard KTM fan for years but Indian and Chinese ktms isn’t something I’ll even sign up for. 790 with cable clutch! Dirt bikes with crap suspension. Bring back the twin chamber forks please. They even stole the Vforce reeds out the bikes. Come on KTM, you were once a company that wanted to make the best bikes. Sadly now you just want to make the most money.

    • Onabimble
      June 3, 2020

      19/17 inch wheels above should read.

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