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Knights gather for round-table ride

Knights gather for round-table ride at Kryal Castle
Knights gather for round-table ride at Kryal Castle

SES volunteers, fire-fighters, police and medically trained riders will head to Kryal Castle, Ballarat, for the first Knights of the Round Table (KORT) conference this weekend.

The riders from all over Australia are members of various “Knights” motorcycle clubs.

The Orange Knights MC is for SES volunteers, Red Knights for fire-fighters who ride, Blue Knights MC are police motorcyclists and White Knights are emergency medical services riders.

These are the brave and dedicated men and women who look after motorcyclists if or when disaster strikes and we thank them for their efforts. In fact, many of us owe our lives to them.

First Aid for Motorcyclists course knights
Ambos arrive at a crash scene

The KORT conference on November 25-27 will be the first for all the emergency service clubs.

It is designed to focus on motorcycle road safety as members often attend road crashes.

The social event is also hoped to project a positive image of motorcycling to the community in a “family friendly, and fun event”.

It will also include a blessing of the bikes, a pack ride and a “tournament” consisting of games such as slow riding, tug of war, roadkill toss, biker balls and a “joust”!

The group also hold an annual National Ride Day. The third event is expected to be held in May 2017.

White Knights Alan "Colonel" Ray"
White Knights at their annual gathering