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Kawasaki: Z1 50th Anniversary May Mean a new Z900RS SE

A side view of a Kawasaki Z900RS SE

Yesterday, Kawasaki punched out a little teaser video in commemoration of the Z1’s 50th anniversary (see above). 

While this seems like the standard sneak-peek to a new machine, RideApart argues that we may very well have something a little bit…bigger on our hands.

And bigger is always better, right?

The clue is in the stylized naked bike we see hovering over the “Z50th” label towards the end of the video. Young Machine – the source of Rideapart’s musings – thinks the new beastie headed our way may very well be a candy-brown Z900RS SE – an homage to the classic Z1, and a very pretty addition to the Team Green fleet. 

A view of the Z50th anniversary Kawasaki will be celebrating with the addition of a new bike for EICMA

Young Machine has more to support their case. Apparently, when the yellow-ball, EU-bound SE was unveiled, “the publication asked if it was meant as the 50th-anniversary bike. At that time, Kawasaki emphatically said that it was not.” 

Plus, when the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer revealed five new bikes at the beginning of October, they also posted another image on their social media platform, hinting at three more bikes to be revealed, with the date set as EICMA’s 2021 show, November 23rd

A side view of a Kawasaki Z900RS SE

Regardless, we’re thinking that RideApart is right – and if there is going to be a candy-brown Z900RS SE coming out of Kawi’s factory floors, we’ll likely see it at the EICMA (along with the other two beasties) by November 23rd. 

A view of the Kawasaki Z900RS SE

Time will tell what Team Green gets up to; in the meantime, stay tuned for updates, make sure to check out Kawi’s plans for ‘Concept J’, their three-wheeled track motorcycle, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.