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Kawasaki: New Range of Performance Oils Announced for 2022

A view of the performance oils in Kawi's 2022 oils

New KPO 4-Stroke Designed To Deliver

Team Green has just announced a new line of performance oils for the motorcycle community – and they’ve included a new number designed specifically for higher-revving bikes that run on the hot side. 

The report from RRW tells us that the new addition to the range – a KPO 4-stroke engine oil that caters to modern engines requiring “better oil due to tighter clearances, higher RPMs, and hotter running temperatures,” meets JASO and API standards and manages to reduce engine friction while also stepping up clutch friction, while still maintaining the cleanliness and durability of your machine’s ticker. 

A view of the performance oils in Kawi's 2022 oils

We’re also told that the new recipe “provides dual friction technology that offers low friction in the engine and three times the JASO MA2 clutch friction performance durability,” as well as “delivers maximum engine lubrication and protection over a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions, including high RPM, high temperatures, and extreme cold.”

Looking to get your hands on this number? We’re told by the report that the KPO 4-stroke variant will be hitting shelves by April, with this year’s range also catering to those desirous of fully synthetic, semi-synthetic, and other conventional recipes. 

With Kawasaki releasing a handful of electric bikes by next year (and a series of hybrids), we’re under no illusion that the company means business – and with new engine models being released every year, it’s only natural that Kawi stays on the cutting-edge of performance-level products that keep their newest and latest in tip-top shape – whether the focus is for the track, the road, or away from any sort of straight-and-narrow entirely. 

Stay tuned for further updates, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*All media courtesy of RRW*