Kawasaki has a Four-Wheeled Motorcycle in the Works

Kawasaki four-wheeled motorcycle

Kawasaki’s Getting Weird

During a pretty typical interview with the Italian publication Motociclismo, Sergio Vicarelli, the sales and marketing director at Kawasaki, and Giavanni Poli, the technical director at Kawasaki, let slip some pretty big news about future projects Kawasaki is working on.

The first was more or less about a removable battery patent that the company filed. It was a quick aside to a larger question. However, when asked about three-wheeled bikes, Vicarelli answered with a very straight answer. He said, “We have a four-wheeler project. It will arrive on the market in a relatively short future.” 

That’s kind of a big bombshell to end an interview on. He didn’t give any other information. It could be something like the Qooder, but I wonder if Kawasaki has something truly special up its sleeve.

The publication MoreBikes points to a patent from 2018 that shows a unique front suspension and linkage system for what appears to be a three-wheeled machine, but if you had two wheels on the back that would make it a different kind of animal altogether. 

It’s unclear what kind of bike that Vicarelli was talking about, but it’s one that I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for. If it is anything like the Qooder, I sure hope Kawasaki picks a better name.


  1. TPB
    October 7, 2019


    Two wheels: motorcycle
    Three wheels: either a motorcycle with a sidecar or a trike
    Four wheels: NOT a motorcycle, even if it leans when turning.

    But I do love the sci-fi concept art.

  2. October 8, 2019

    Don’t worry, TPD, I’ll take it off your hands…
    The two back wheels would be considered one dually… Or as one fat wheel turning in unison….but able to tilt…I have a dually electric unicycle, has two wheels but one solid axil, it is still a unicycle…

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